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18 Oct 2023 00:31:13
I cannot back this up by saying from whom I heard this, but for what it's worth. Our owner has been informed from back channels that 777 are very unlikely to pass the owner and directors test, and that he should, with a degree of urgency, seek new investers.

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18 Oct 2023 07:45:41
Absolute rubbish! They own how many clubs already? If Saudi PIF can pass then anyone can!

18 Oct 2023 09:18:36
Let's hope we have no idea what is actually happening and that something far more stable and a lot less controversial is coming our way from a new bidder. can't really believe anything is set in stone until the hearing in the next couple of weeks is over. If it's a favourable outcome then I'd expect a lot more interest all of a sudden. Fingers and toes crossed as this 7x mob sound like a disaster.

18 Oct 2023 11:09:21
I would agree with that FBS. Feel 777 are trying to get in early before the result of the hearing. Taking a chance all will be good.
They probably realise that no serious investors would come in until they know what it is they’re buying. So are basically taking a gamble.
Hopefully things go well for us, and we see others coming in with bids.

18 Oct 2023 11:50:46
Pure speculation all this, wait and see we could be all happy shortly.

18 Oct 2023 13:36:49
There was an article flying around earlier that says they are having trouble getting the go ahead from a certain governing financial body, FCA or something similar. I suppose there will be plenty more speculation and twists and turns until they prove, either way, that they have the funds to take over the club.

18 Oct 2023 15:28:40
Supporters including myself are desperate for a new regime but considering how few warnings we had with FM and let's be brutally honest, he did spend spend spend very poor decisions but he did put his ( er? ) money in by the bucket load. Some are vocally happy for anything new regardless of warning after warning. It'd be so Everton to go with this 777 and ignore numerous warnings and end up the biggest joke yet again with a firm who've already said they won't be putting any money in and their plan is for the club to be "self sufficient" anyone expecting a winter war chest are deluded if this mob get us. Need the fit and proper checks to take the decision for us as we can't be trusted to make it ourselves.

18 Oct 2023 17:21:10
I’m sure whoever takes over will ensure our state of mediocrity continues for the next 10 years with the occasional flirting with relegation.

21 Oct 2023 03:32:36
Am not sure how they are would pass for several other clubs then fail now but is anyone really excited about them even if they do take control. They have been protested by clubs they already control because they don’t spend so it baffles me that we should expect anything being different with us.

I have to say since moyes left this club has been run awfully, not sure who’s making decisions but when I heard we recently signed castore to make our kits after numerous clubs including West Ham looking to cut ties because they are that badly made am starting to assume we have a team of idiots in charge.

24 Oct 2023 17:44:41
Let's be serious, all that needs to happen is the right envelope goes in the right pocket and everything will be sorted in due time.



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