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13 Nov 2023 16:07:41
Rumours today, Branthwaight to Newcastle. The boy has only resently signed a new four year contract, he's playing well, has seemed happy, the person making the claim, says he is very keen, but why would he be keen to join a club, who have won bugger all since Adam was a lad .
The blues, (FFP INVESTIGATION NOT WITHSTANDING) seem to be heading in the right direction, new stadium, new owners, squad investment, and income from new ground, and at least every prospect of being once again one of the major clubs.

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13 Nov 2023 17:53:50
It's coming up silly season again. Richest club in world poaching players from club who need money. It's a reporters dream.

13 Nov 2023 20:02:55
As always, I believe it when I see them holding the shirt at a press conference. Newcastle have a desperately thin squad for a club in Europe so they’ll be linked with every man and his dog. Michael Keane’s available.

13 Nov 2023 21:12:05
Itb are u really excited about these new owners, I'm absolutely dreading them.

13 Nov 2023 22:22:15
Squad investment? Intheblue genuinely can’t see that happening if 777 take over. They’re keen to get the club to be self sufficient so that would mean selling players to buy players rather than them pumping money in to the club for transfers.

14 Nov 2023 06:54:14
If jarred keeps playing the way he is only be a matter of time before the likes of city will be monitoring him lads got great potential has anybody heard about the outcome on this ffp charge yet it has went rather quiet over laat few weeks.

14 Nov 2023 08:58:27
Before you believe any of these stories check out the author. Just some nobody desperate to make a name for themselves, so come up with some half arsed story.
Honestly you or I could do the same, if we could be arsed that is.

14 Nov 2023 12:21:48
all guess work, may as well listen to a guy in the pub.

14 Nov 2023 13:22:39
Probably because nothing happening so they throw random stories out there, but, he'll leave within the next 2 years if he maintains his form, just hope we bang out a mega high price with add ons!

14 Nov 2023 13:42:14
For the record, I am far from happy at the prospect of 777 partners taking over the club, but, providing we don't get shafted by the FFP Investigation, I think we will be able to attack and alternative buy out offer.
Better owners, with real money, not trying to buy the club with borrowed money, and putting us in further debt.

15 Nov 2023 11:14:28
Personally, I am with the ''plenty of reservations'' camp as far as 777 is concerned.

15 Nov 2023 17:16:58
Sh9t for cret9ns. I've long stopped using any of these online sites. I find it frustrating when 90% of it ends up being discussed on here. The very definition of wasted time.

15 Nov 2023 23:33:50
FBS once again I find myself agreeing.



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