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16 Jun 2024 13:42:53
Player plus cash deals rarely happen but I would be testing the waters with Arsenal if their interest in Onana is legitimate.

Nketiah, Zinchenko, Nelson could all be deemed surplus to requirements and would all represent improvements on our squad.

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16 Jun 2024 14:35:52
And how do you propose we pay their 100k plus wages?

16 Jun 2024 23:20:25
Yeah agree with OD, wages would be a problem but I'd expect them to pursue European football rather than join a club in a bit of turmoil and that has been fighting relegation for the last few seasons.

16 Jun 2024 23:36:10
Gomes, Dele, Onana were/ are all on 100k plus a week.

2 are gone and if the above scenario played out, 3 would be. that's how I propose we would pay the wages :)

17 Jun 2024 14:59:47
All well and good, BN, but they have to be prepared to take well less than those you mentioned that have left. Can't see Zinchencho accepting anything less than 100k, he's reported to be on about 120k.
Nketiah is on around 77k, Nelson 88k. Can we afford, or should we be committing to, such high wages?
What do we all think is a decent wage for playing for us? Obviously, there are numerous factors that come into it but, considering how much we have wasted on player wages in recent times, what should we be paying without causing us more grief financially?

{Ed002's Note - Everton has no interest in these players.}

17 Jun 2024 18:10:56
I think I would be prepared to pay Nketiah’s wages as I think he is a 10/ 15 goal a season striker in the waiting. Not so much the other two though mate.

However, all redundant as Ed has already laid down the facts.

17 Jun 2024 20:02:21
I know ed002, just pointing out that they are on too much for us to have any interest and I don't believe we would interest them either.

BN, I wasn't very clear sorry mate. I meant what should be our top wage for incoming players in general, not the 3 that were mentioned in the above posts.

{Ed002's Note - Everton have spent the season working on looking to repace players to get themselves back in to shape. They have identified decent target and shold be well placed t get over the immediate problems.}

18 Jun 2024 06:12:48
Hopefully the club is heading in the right direction now, ed002.Getting rid of those surplus to requirements, where possible, and lowering the wage bill is a positive step I suppose. We've just got to buy right without spending silly amounts moving forward.

{Ed002's Note - I would agree. Let's hope everything is soon sorted out.}



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