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17 Jun 2024 07:49:14
At last it has been revealed we need to raise £25 million by the end of June for FFP, definatenly no need to sell JB then.

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17 Jun 2024 08:51:47
Has it GB? Can’t see this anywhere.

17 Jun 2024 09:00:21
It all sounds good, but this is the media and how would they even know, surely a statement on selling players and how much we need to raise would help everyone, also if we only need to raise 25 million do you think this puts us in a stronger position when it comes to selling players on the cheap, I read godfrey could be off so if we could get close to 10 for him then It reducesses it abit more, or are we still in a week position.

17 Jun 2024 09:00:46
If reports you have seen are accurate GB, did we not raise £20m last week with the new Castor deal? Is this included in the reported shortfall?

17 Jun 2024 09:12:11
It's in Daily Express/ Daily mirror and also on news now.

This nonsense Ed002? As try not believe the media and their guesswork nowadays.

17 Jun 2024 19:10:07
Thought it was closer to £200m. We are also paying for Beto so we will need to sell to pay for that.

17 Jun 2024 19:17:28
It's unlikely that anyone aside from the beam counters know our books.
The Castore deal is for the 24/ 25 season onwards so has no influence on this year's PSR.
We will breach again.

{Ed025's Note - i feel like breaking out into the old Vera Lynne song now smit "we,ll breach again dont know where dont know when".. :)

17 Jun 2024 19:44:48
Very good Ed?.

17 Jun 2024 22:44:53
Could be our new anthem Ed.
I think there could be a few who fall foul of PSR this season including us. Forest, villa maybe.
The iwobi and simms sales aren't going to save us I don't think.

{Ed025's Note - yeah Smit its getting ridiculous now mate, lots of clubs will be getting sanctioned while city will be sitting pretty with their lawyers tying the premier league in knots mate..

18 Jun 2024 06:36:58
With all the clubs said to be potentiallly breaching half the league could start on minus points.

{Ed025's Note - it does seem that way ST, the clubs with the biggest brown envelopes will survive and the unwashed and penniless will be in trouble mate..

18 Jun 2024 09:15:04
If all clubs all agreed to breach PSR, sod the PL and all absorb a points deduction, the PL would have to take action now ?

All start on minus 6 points, bosh!



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