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03 Jul 2024 12:46:20
Latest rumour Tuchel to replace Sean, szzzzzzzzzz.

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03 Jul 2024 13:12:10
What a load of utter Bull! Why would he come to us? How can we afford him? Just turned Man Utd down publicly.

We have a top manager, jog on, just someone "believing Everton might attempt to approach Tuchel" the very definition of clickbait GB. Don't get sucked in.

03 Jul 2024 13:29:17
We can only dream.

03 Jul 2024 14:45:07
Sean is our best bet Mocker, he’s getting a few players in will take time but definitely the right way to go mate.

03 Jul 2024 15:06:59
Always said GB Sean deserves a fair go at this, I believe he is a very good manager and needs give him some backing and time to try turn us around, he is doing this and next season I'd hope he finds a style that attracts us fans and beds in some youth, mid table finish, no doom and gloom then get in the new stadium, maybe attract some decent next level players and go from there. Slow process but realistic aim.

03 Jul 2024 15:17:07
To be honest it wouldn’t surprise me if the manager is changed when the new owners get a chance. SD is the right manager to keep us up but there’ll be question marks on whether he’s the one to take us forward.

I suppose we will get an indication soon if we find out that they’re looking to renew his current contract. I’ve not heard or read anything about that which I would expect to have by now.

Personally I would describe his tactics as survival based and pragmatic. It must be said that he has done a fantastic job at this given the circumstances but the actual football is very underwhelming. Problem is I don’t see SD changing this and think the new owners will want to see more.

{Ed002's Note - The potential new owner has been taking advice on the matter.}

03 Jul 2024 15:20:27
Stability is slowly coming, a massive hill to climb, but at last we are going in the right direction mate.

03 Jul 2024 16:28:38
Havent we been down this road before.

03 Jul 2024 16:36:17
Expect SD to be given a chance. If things are not going well by Christmas and the takeover is complete, also expect a change.
Whatever we think as fans, SD is not a worldwide 'name' in football and does not attract the attention that a billionaire owner will seek for his new investment. He hired Mourinho at Roma, that should tell us something about the type of profile he'd seek long term.

03 Jul 2024 18:27:44
Tuchel is overrated for me and very arrogant with it. fairshout he won the French league with PSG which i could do. he did nothing at Chelsea and came 3rd with bayern. would cost a fortune when we came to sack him. give SD a chance for now COYB ?.

03 Jul 2024 19:18:58
As long as the new owner isn’t getting advice from the same clowns Moshiri used Ed02…

Strap in boys - it might get bumpy.

03 Jul 2024 19:47:32
Ive been critical of Dacha a lot at times last season, as I think we all have, and I even wanted him gone at one point, but in retrospect - he has done a decent job and i'd like to see him stay for another season. I think he brings much needed stability and has steadied a very very listless ship as well as bringing very calm leadership during a very turbulent season. Hopefully things will start to settle down now and the new owners will put us on a firmer financial footing.

03 Jul 2024 21:34:46
Seriously, and I have no problem with SD, but there is no way on earth that the new owners will be happy with the brand of football that has been used past 18 months going into the 25/ 26 season in BMD. They will want a show that befits the new stadium and will be planning in advance to provide that.

From Goodison to BMD is a huge keep of elevation. The Manager needs to elevate his style of football or be left behind.

{Ed025's Note - my take is that SD will be given the new talent and given until christmas to see how things go, if things improve results wise and entertainment wise then he may well be kept on, if not i fear he will be gone, its a tough call for the new owners and as grateful as we all are to Sean for keeping us up i think we all agree that the standard of football was really poor, new and better players may change that of course and thats why i think he may be given a shot, but the new owners have an investment to protect and getting to BMD unscathed will be a massive part of that with all the lucrative things that brings...its a massive call..

03 Jul 2024 22:28:42
We have the same take on it then, Ed.

05 Jul 2024 01:25:10
Ron Mac, Tuchel won the Champions League at Chelsea ??.



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