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30 Aug 2021 15:59:08
Please let's not turn towards man utd again! Havent we learned from the past? This club needs to step away from cast offs and keep finding gems like gray. Lingard would be a massive mistake. Hopefully we move in a different direction. Before anyone says gray was a cast off, I'm not sure what happened at Leicester but there were clubs looking to pay big money for him before they shipped him out to Germany. I was personally ecstatic we got him for 1.5m. The likes of lingard will never improve. He is what he is and that's inconsistent at best. Look at shnids!? Fantasitic on loan and then awful when he secured a contract. Stop repeating the same mistakes and we'll, eventually, move forward.


1.) 30 Aug 2021 16:56:15
Kanchelskis Howard neville Saha were pretty good cast offs from Man Utd. I’m struggling to think of a bad player we have taken from Utd - then I remembered schniderlin.

2.) 30 Aug 2021 17:25:18
One word Pauly. Kanchelskis.

3.) 30 Aug 2021 17:34:22
I would like Lingard for Everton excellent player would excel with Rafa.

4.) 30 Aug 2021 19:28:57
Wasn’t Gray a cast off? A player not needed isn’t always a bad player. We’ve had many players who’ve done really well that were surplus from other teams. Forget about where they come from and look at whether they can actually do a job in improving us.

I remember Rangers wanting rid of a 21 year old Duncan Ferguson in the 90’s. That one turned out well for us. Then there was Peter Beardsley, Arteta was no longer needed in Spain and Nigel Martin was a fine acquisition too.

There are some bad examples too but it’s not something to outrightly dismiss in my opinion.

5.) 30 Aug 2021 21:18:49
Lingard was one of the best performers in league since he went to West Ham.

6.) 30 Aug 2021 22:02:50
Rangers didn't want rid of dunc. Beardsley? C'mon how old r you? He was no cast off. Arteta? I'm sure it was nothing to do with potential. Nigel Martyn? Wasn't he just past his best in the eyes of Leeds? As for kanchelskis? He had major, major debts that needed big money to pay off and in fact he was in trouble with the Russian mafia. He wanted to leave for those reasons. Lingard is crap. Always has been crap and always will be crap. Same as blomquist, neville, o kane, Whiteside, Hughes,

7.) 30 Aug 2021 22:20:51
Don’t forget Gibson and Cleverly whilst your at it Pauly!

8.) 30 Aug 2021 22:29:47
Learned what from the past? Kanchelskis/ Neville/ Howard/ Saha were fantastic signings. Gibson was decent at times. Only really Schneiderlin was a total bust that I recall.

Lingard wouldn't be my first choice, but he would be a very decent signing if the price was right.



29 Aug 2021 15:55:28
I've got to say this. what was the point in the moise kean signing? I remember ed02 saying, at the time, that it was a stepping stone move and that he would eventually go back to juve. What has this all been about then? Money? A favour? Development? How on earth can everton allow themselves to get involved in such shady behaviour? Is this just the way football works? Why have we lost money on a player who was never meant to stay or who never wanted the move or was allowed to move purely for financial reasons? Can ed02 please explain how he knew this deal was dodgy from the start?


{Ed002's Note - Not so much dodgy but always planned to work out this way as I explained.}

1.) 29 Aug 2021 23:25:11
His move to us as ed002 told us previously was a stepping stone Pauly. Unfortunately looks like he fell in the river!

Whilst the club were hoping for him to do well and improve which would have enabled us to profit from his purchase and future sale unfortunately it never worked out that way.

I think it was a fair risk to take by the club as he was touted as being the next big thing etc. Just a shame he never showed it for us and I don’t think the C.V. has helped regarding us being able to sell him.

Quite interesting that PSG with all their money didn’t want to purchase him after he did well with them - that in itself suggests there could be some potential issues with him and maybe he’s not as great as everyone originally thought he would be.



17 Aug 2021 09:14:08
Hi eds. Insigne is apparently interested in a switch to Everton? Is this paper talk or does it have some substance?


{Ed002's Note - Lorenzo Insigne (LW/F) Lazio were shocked to be told Insigne would cost €50M earlier in the summer - particularly given he is 30 and entering the last year of his contract so will not be making an offer. Napoli are open to selling or including him as part of a deal for players they are interested in and offered him to Chelsea in exchange for two players and to Spurs as part of a deal for another target. Neither club were interested in him, certainly not unless they halved their valuation. Napoli have now instructed his agent that an offer of €30M would be listened to. His agent has said he has spoken again with Chelsea and also with Liverpool - but it will go nowhere. Barcelona interest went when it was clear selling Griezmann would be an issue - and they were looking for a very cheap deal. There is a suggestion that Benitez would be interested in taking him to Everton to add to their Left Wing collection - it makes little sense although with the departure of Bernard and James Rodriguez perhaps Benitez sees something I don't - Lingard seems a better fit. Inter are interested in taking him but would want to include players in any deal or pay far less than the revised €30M asking price - and they have preferred targets. Atletico Madrid will offer a loan solution but that will not suit Napoli so Atletico will return to their Matheus Cunha solution.}

1.) 17 Aug 2021 10:28:37
Cheers Ed.

2.) 17 Aug 2021 11:34:43
Hi ed002 - you say with the departure of James Rodriguez- has a deal been agreed somewhere. I know the club has said he’s been made available but didn’t realise anyone had firmed up their interest in him? Cheers.

{Ed002's Note - His agent has agreement for him to move elsewhere.}

3.) 17 Aug 2021 11:58:12
Thanks for that Ed. Shame to see him go, but if it generates some income for the club and takes a large wage of the wage Bill can only be a positive with our current ffp issues.

4.) 17 Aug 2021 13:59:50
Great info as always ed002. I've heard a rumour that James has an agreement with Athletico Madrid, do you have any info on that or is that just a wild rumour?

{Ed002's Note - His agent has an agreement bbut there is a complication at the moment.}

5.) 17 Aug 2021 14:27:56
Hi ed002, great info as always. You mention Lingard seems a better fit than Insigne. Are we interested in Lingard?

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

6.) 17 Aug 2021 17:53:06
Thanks ed002.



15 Aug 2021 21:11:21
Any truth in the moriba rumours eds?


{Ed002's Note - Not involving Everton.}

1.) 15 Aug 2021 22:51:58
Thanks ed.



18 Jul 2021 21:22:03
Sorry for swearing eds but that is not acceptable. After all we've been through and that name gets thrown up. NO.


{Ed025's Note - i know how you feel pauly...im gutted mate..

1.) 18 Jul 2021 21:49:37
I don't see the issue with the deal given the circumstances tbh lads. C.V. is going to have an adverse effect on everyone's business and these types of deals will happen.

For me Townsend is a far better option than the likes of Iwobi or Bernard. He might not be the most flattering of players but he will work his bollocks off every game, so that already puts him above most of our players. His delivery is only bettered by James and Digne and he is a free. He seems like a good bloke off the pitch as well.

I get he isn't a star name who gets the juices flowing, but sensible business imo. Much in the mold of a Stevie Naismith. He got slagged to the hills initially but didn't turn out to badly.

2.) 18 Jul 2021 21:57:24
He puts the dros in Andros - he was hopeless 5-6yrs ago at toon.
However if we can get shot of Bernard and Iwobi to lower wage bill then we have Gordon able to come in forca Richarlison and Townssend able to come in for a new right winger.

3.) 18 Jul 2021 22:33:23
So get rid of two average players and bring in two average players. Well at least we would be consistent I suppose. 🤯.

4.) 19 Jul 2021 05:11:13
Just wondering who fans think we are. We are constrained by C.V. and ffp. We are not a top 6 side yet so attracting the best talent isn’t going to happen. Players like this are solid squad players that help you get where you need to be. Cheap and replaceable.

5.) 19 Jul 2021 07:39:00
Well said Randa.
Agree their not amazing signings but for £1.5m for 2 attacking players that will add depth to our squad I genuinely don’t see the issue.
Loads of fans on here complained about Gomes and sigurdsson last season (myself included) with their backwards and side wards passing as well as lack of desire to get up the pitch, yet when we upgrade them to with these signings (yes these 2 are an upgrade on Gomes and sigurdsson) people moan!

6.) 19 Jul 2021 10:05:43
Agree 💯, % gingerdan no idea just which universe some of our fans are living in as ed02 has explained many times ffp is serious and we can not afford to fall foul of it this is not champi manager in this the real world let's see who else we get in and how it alls gels together before crying into our pints.

7.) 19 Jul 2021 10:30:26
So your comparing two midfielders with two wingers?

8.) 19 Jul 2021 11:06:16
Brassington I was comparing to 2 players the fans slated last season.

If you want to compare with wingers Townsend stats better than both Bernards and Iwobis from last season.

So Townsend clearly based on last seasons stats an upgrade on what we have in that position and therefore a good addition to the squad.

9.) 19 Jul 2021 12:24:48
GD, the two reportedly being brought in are wingers and so you can't compare them with AG and GS in any shape or form.
Whichever way you spin it, Townsend is not a good enough signing. How may goals. and assists did he produce last season? He's a poor man's Walcott at best. There must be a reason why Palace didn't sign him back up, it's not as if he has loads of clubs lining up to sign him.
He may be better than Iwobi but that isn't too hard is it? Even then, he's only slightly better. We can find better players than him or promote youth players before wasting a wage on someone who won't improve the squad a great deal. I really hope it's just paper talk, shocking signing if it happens.

10.) 19 Jul 2021 13:13:04
Bluepotato think you want to get in touch with the club and offer your services to them with regards to recruitment.

I’m sure we could all suggest players we’d like the club to sign but we have to be realistic on who we can actually recruit - who wants to join us, what ffp restrictions we risk etc.

If the club feel these 2 players are worth adding to the squad then get behind them and support them.

11.) 19 Jul 2021 14:06:20
GD, grow up mate . I'm sorry my opinion is different to yours but this is a site with varied opinions. No need to be a sarcastic bell because a view differs from yours.
You might be happy with a journey man who's best years are probably behind him but I'm not. Look at his stats from last season and then tell us all how that will be a big improvement on what we have. He was crap last year, so much so that Palace didn't even offer him a contract. What makes him good enough to play for us? Since you seem to have all the answers?

12.) 19 Jul 2021 14:47:20
Bluepotato I have no problem with people having differing opinions - that’s life and it should always happen otherwise we’d be in a poor state.

What I do have a problem with is so called fans of the club slating players before they’ve even kicked a ball for us.

If we sign him and it doesn’t work out then fine and I’ll probably criticise the recruitment myself.

But to criticise a player before we’ve even seen what he’s capable of in an Everton shirt is ridiculous. We’re supporters so support the team/ club/ players

We’d all love to go out and recruit the worlds best players but we are a mid table team at best currently and we will struggle to compete with signings with at least 8 teams in the premier league.

If the club think recruiting Townsend will bring something to the squad then i’m all for it and will support them as well as Townsend unlike yourself who appears to be throwing his toys out of the pram already and needs to grow up.

13.) 19 Jul 2021 14:56:27
GD, again I think it's you that needs to grow up. I stated my opinion on Townsend from what I've seen of him over the last 10 years or so. That is why I don't want him in an Everton shirt. That's a valid view, even if you think otherwise. I never said anything about not supporting him if he does come, my preference is to look elsewhere.
I can criticise anyone I like without you telling me I can or can't, sorry to break that to you mate.
So, based on his last 2 seasons, to be generous, please tell us why Townsend will be a great addition to the squad. Bear in mind the stats that wolf put up in reply to another of your holier than thou posts, tell us why you are so right to want him and why me and a few others are wrong to not want him?

{Ed025's Note - listen guys we all have our opinions on players and there is no right or wrong with that, we are all in this together and like everyone we all want whats best for the club, to opine on whether a player is right or wrong for the club is fine but we must respect other peoples views even if we dont agree with them..

14.) 19 Jul 2021 15:46:48
No problem Ed025.

Bluepotato apologies if I’ve upset you.

My opinion is give him a crack, has slightly better stats than players we currently have in the squad in his position and will be a decent addition to the squad (never said great) .

I respect your opinion that you’d rather recruit someone else I’d tend to agree, I’d love a world class signing but I’m not sure whether we can afford one. If this is who the club thinks we need to recruit for whatever reason then I’m going to support it.

{Ed025's Note - and thats fair enough dan, cheers..

15.) 19 Jul 2021 16:43:04
Chill out lads it’s a game of options, you never know we could all be pleasantly surprised.

16.) 19 Jul 2021 17:51:49
Great bit of buisness imo . so its clear he now wants wingers to provide for DCL something we've lacked . townsend certainly puts himself about . don't know much about Grey tho.

{Ed025's Note - he played for Leicester mick, good young player who never seemed to get much playing time mate..

17.) 19 Jul 2021 18:37:00
I'm cool with these signings. Good squad players and Grey could turn out to be a very shrewd signing.

18.) 19 Jul 2021 19:41:00
GD, you never upset me mate but I was a bit surprised that you made it personal, you're normally level headed in your comments. I apologise if I p. ed you off in my replies.
I will get behind him if they bring him in but I think he peaked years ago. Not a signing I can get excited about but that's just me. I also think it will give a bit of ammunition to those that didn't want Rafa, there's been talk of this and that player then the club deliver Townsend! Can't see it going down too well in all honesty. Just got to be glad we won't be wasting 20m in fees on the lad!
Agree, ed025, and that's what I was trying to put across. Patience are always stretched in the heat mate and I'm sorry if I caused any aggro!

{Ed025's Note - we are all in this together BP, and even though i must admit im a bit underwhelmed we have to give the manager and whoever he brings in a fair crack of the whip mate..

19.) 20 Jul 2021 00:17:22
Better option on the bench than two goalkeepers like we often saw last season.

20.) 20 Jul 2021 05:51:22
Two very good signings and will definitely improve the squad, much much better than Bernard and Iwobi, Townsend is a very intelligent player with great control and pace, two great players too bring off the bench with 30 minutes to go, the bench players will be very important, to have game changers, last season all are players that came on from the bench were substandard and made little or no impact. People on this site need to open their eyes before making clueless comments, would you rather be facing Bernard or Townsend? No brainier! Or Iwobi or Gray?
Let Benitez do his job, he is adding better players to the squad with much more pace, it looks like he is sorting the bench players out first which will be an important part of his tactical planning unlike Carlo A.

21.) 20 Jul 2021 06:52:43
I don’t get the uproar. These are squad players. They’ll provide pace that our other guys can’t and feed balls to our forwards. They're meant to complement others not be the stars of the show. They’re underwhelming names but just the first in. Guys with no leverage are always going to be quick deals, and guys who have other suitors are always going to take longer to get their deals across. If the window closes and these guys are our big signings, then I’ll be right with you complaining. But, if we do get a few others iin, I think they’ll be useful players. UTFT.

22.) 20 Jul 2021 14:09:58
I personally don't mind Townsend and Gray as signings, as they probably can do a job for us on their day and as posters above have suggested, they make sense tactically and to provide squad depth, but I heard that one reason why Palace did not renew Townsends contract was they were not happy with the amount of punditry he was doing for Talksport etc which they felt was distracting him from his duties to the club. He does quite a bit considering he's not retired.

23.) 20 Jul 2021 10:12:18
Ed025, exactly mate and I never said I wouldn't support him if signed, just that I've seen nothing from him in the last 10 years to suggest he is a good enough player. He had 2 good years when he was younger and that's it for me.

24.) 20 Jul 2021 10:17:43
We are crying out for width.
We are crying out for pace.
We are crying out for players off the bench who can bring these things.
Townsend and Gray are players who can do all these things.
Are they the big name signings we all want? No they are not. But look how far we have got with big name signings.
Benitez has worked with Townsend and knows exactly what he brings to the party.
It is about balancing the squad far more than just buying another ‘big player’ who totally disappoints.
So unless you know better than Benitez from the excerpts you have seen on MOTD then let’s get behind them eh.

Yes we want’bigger’ signings but to fill the gaps I mentioned at the start these two can do that at little cost.

25.) 21 Jul 2021 10:33:53
DaveW, read what's been said without resorting to sly comments mate, that's what caused the nark in the first place!
We all have players that we don't want to see at the club, Townsend was on my list that's all! No, none of us know better than rafa, he's been a manager for a long time after all. But, as a fan, I reserve the right to have an opinion which isn't based on MOTD, I've seen him play live numerous times and I've never been a fan. If you read the entire thread, and other comments, you will see I never said anything about not giving him support, just wasn't a signing that excites me in any shape or form. Tbf, he has spoken well in his interview with the press. Let's hope he is a man of his word!

26.) 22 Jul 2021 11:23:44
Blue potato
Just remember the word you have posted on this page, let’s see if we are right or you are right time will tell
You can note my comments with pleasure.

27.) 22 Jul 2021 13:55:53
Uran, remember what word? When did this become right versus wrong? You do realise that this is a forum that throws up differing opinions? All I've done is state mine, I didn't want a certain player after seeing him play numerous times over the years, what's wrong with that? I'm sure there will be players out there that you wouldn't want to see in a blue shirt, does that make you right or wrong?
At no point did I say that I wouldn't give him my backing, just that it wasn't a signing that excited me at all. I reserve the right to like or dislike which ever player I want, just the same as every other fan. Is that really too hard to understand?

28.) 22 Jul 2021 14:06:33
Blue potato
I did read the comments thanks - at least up to the point I posted.
Not sure what you mean re ‘sly comments’ as my post was not aimed at anyone in particular - but if the cap fits eh!
And for someone who has made the comments you did I think you got a nerve bud.

But as I say, to me they are decent signings who will give us depth and options.
But some people are never happy so,

29.) 22 Jul 2021 16:09:10
DaveW, by sly comments I meant
'So unless you know better than Benitez from the excerpts you have seen on MOTD then let’s get behind them eh'
It seemed you was replying to me which is why I replied back to you. I've only put an opinion across! For the record, it was only one player I wasn't happy with.
Apologies if I read the situation wrong, I just felt, since I was the only one really saying I didn't want Townsend in this post, that you were having a go.
Not sure what comments you're referring to when you say I've got a nerve? I've only defended myself when I've had to read replies basically having a pop at my opinion,




Pauly's banter posts with other poster's replies to Pauly's banter posts


10 Sep 2021 18:17:10
Get James on the pitch ?.


1.) 10 Sep 2021 23:34:38
No thanks.

2.) 11 Sep 2021 02:29:22
No, get him off the books, great talent, but his attitude stinks.



31 Aug 2021 21:35:36
Cheer up evertonians! At least we can have a season were we don't see incredibly expensive players flop and get shipped out by February 😁. Weve spent the premier league equivalent of 2 Bob on our new signings so we can't lose!


1.) 31 Aug 2021 22:57:08
Yes we can.



31 Aug 2021 12:09:48
Just seen riquelme at john lennon Airport. Sorry but someone had to put this up its tradition 😁.


1.) 31 Aug 2021 12:53:44
I was tempted Pauly 😅.



29 Aug 2021 10:56:00
I've got to say we look a team who has direction and more than just a plan a. At last we have an attack minded manager. Look at the difference in doucoure! he's now in the opposition area having shots. Same with Allan. Its so refreshing to see the first pass go forward. Gray is outstanding! They look focused, fitter and clinical. I love it. My only criticism is richy and his attitude. That was disgusting yesterday. I know people have said he just wants to score but he put unnecessary pressure on dom to score the penalty. That goal was needed to settle the game and he also threw a strop when doucore went through on goal and didn't pass. He needs to realise its a team effort that wins games and if he carrys on like that then he's going to isolate himself and split the dressing room. He should take note of when mirallas did the same to baines. Apart from that the team looks so balanced and free flowing. Seriously this manager needs to be backed as much as he wants or needs because the players are responding in fantastic fashion.


1.) 29 Aug 2021 11:17:11
Normally I am a staunch defender of Richy. I accept his moody appearance on the basis he talks on the pitch. Puts in more effort than pretty much anyone in our squad on a consistent basis.

Yesterday however he went too far, it became about him, and not the team. Tells me he is frustrated with the club and is beginning to think he is bigger than us - which he has never in my opinion proven. He is one of our best players yes but not good enough that we should accept that from him.

2.) 29 Aug 2021 11:25:31
Totally efcone.
I think his head has been turned by his mate Neymar. Maybe he should look at the psg graveyard and think is it realky the best move for his career?

{Ed025's Note - he was bang out of order pauly, hes a very good player but he needs to respect the team ethic and his teammates..

3.) 29 Aug 2021 11:35:39
I would grab 80 m for him, he only went to Olympics to get in the shop window, he has got talent, but I can't stand him.

4.) 29 Aug 2021 11:55:56
I’m all for strikers being selfish and upset when they don’t score. I tend to agree with you all though - step too far yesterday. It did feel like a strop from a player who thinks he’s now too good for the club. Prove it lad - score 20 goals this season. If anything, Dom is the player the top clubs should be looking at, but he gets his head down, works hard and says all the right things to the press.
That aside, great result, and a refreshing style of play.

5.) 29 Aug 2021 11:59:19
I wonder if it was the incident with Bissouma that kicked him off. He looked wound up after that and think he wanted a bit of revenge. I don't condone it at all though and he needs to think of the team rather than himself.

On the other hand he could be totally not arsed with all the speculation and do a Kane and not bother with training or coming in to work.

Fingers crossed he still wants to take penalties and score goals if DCL is not on the pitch and we need someone to stand up.

6.) 29 Aug 2021 12:33:22
Yes out of order but I simply cannot understand negative comments to one of Everton's best players! He will have be told by the Manager to respect the order for pen takers, but he is a striker and wants to score, still young and immature at times.

7.) 29 Aug 2021 12:45:07
Agree with wakka on this. The lad has made a mistake in attempting to take the peno, but it's hardly the crime of the century. If he's apologised to the other players, Dom in particular, then that should be the end of it. Don't see how some can see the same incident and declare he wants out or that he's too big for the club? He wanted to take a penalty, wrongly I may add, to score a goal. Strikers thrive on goals don't they?
As a fan base, we like to dwell on the negative points no matter how well we're doing on the pitch. If this turns into a major dressing room rift then those calling him out have a point. Until it reaches those levels then it's just a spat, albeit played out in front of the fans. Let's concentrate on how well Rafa has got them playing and enjoy a good start to the season.

8.) 29 Aug 2021 13:09:17
There’s been plenty of dwelling on positives too I think.
Maybe we do read too much into one incident - likely because there’s speculation around the player.
Whatever your opinion, he did put additional pressure on Dom which was not welcome.

9.) 29 Aug 2021 13:12:18
Spot on BP.

10.) 29 Aug 2021 13:51:26
I agree that it wasn't necessary, JB, just seems to be some are reading more into it than they should. We've got more serious things going on at the club with adhering to financial fair play and a certain suspended player. Richarlison was stupid to do what he did but I feel it's more to do with him wanting to score than it is to cause a rift and engineer a move away. For me, it was dealt with on the day and it would be silly to drag such a non-event out even further. Just my opinion on it mate.

11.) 29 Aug 2021 14:05:56
The way I see it is Ricky wants to score goals, nicked the ball to see if he could get away with taking it. Didn't get away with it and we all move on. Can't see it being a massive issue and will be forgotten until we get another penalty which knowing Everton will be next season.

12.) 29 Aug 2021 14:07:07
Agree with all the comments and the Cliche around no one Is ever bigger than the club etc… Tbh though it wasn’t that big of a deal was it?
The way I always look at it is …. If my Son played for Brazil as a no 9 (regularly) would I be happy with him being at a team that did not showcase CL football never mind Europa League? I don’t think I would ‘unless’ and I stress the unless … it was his boyhood club or I believed that the club could match his ambitions.

13.) 29 Aug 2021 14:13:53
It was a Miralles moment.

14.) 29 Aug 2021 14:34:46
Nearly, ST, but common sense prevailed and Richarlison never got to take it and miss!

15.) 29 Aug 2021 14:41:32
Sorry to disagree with some comments but they way he reacted was diabolical. It took three of them to get the ball off him. No way can that be defended. He looked ridiculous and completely out of context with the rest of the team. The lad isn't good enough, consistently, to start believing the neymar hype. He needs to grow up. he's been doing this since he came here. Gets right on my nerves!

16.) 29 Aug 2021 16:29:36
And he's already explained his reasoning for grabbing the ball. I for one can't fault him for his reasoning.

17.) 29 Aug 2021 17:08:39
I disagree 100% with this cliche witch hunt for Richy. I think 30 years of us fans clinging to crumbs has made us deluded and soft.
I half expect Rafa has encouraged his "winning mentality" To compare it to Kev M ia delusions of grandeur, its showing zero understanding of the game or the 2 players.

I loved it if I'm honest. A flicker of a winner and we need to get more of it frankly. Sure it put DCL under pressure but if we are to climb out of our 30 odd year rut, we need plenty more players putting their teamates under the spotlight.

If you watched the Olympics he single handedly won Brazil a gold.
He was getting slated last season yet nobody praised his tracking back (which is amongst the best and most selfless of any winger in the leagues across Europe: facts) he got crap because he fails to smile? Shake your heads.
We need to stop all this loser attitude of "team" that's a Joe Royal dogs of War and Moyes attitude to paper over the cracks press release nonsense. A losers attitude.
The lad hasn't made any noise to leave. The press do what the press do and 90% of you wet your knickers at every word. Pathetic.
He hasn't had a break in years and is still out best player by a mile.
He owes you and me nothing.
The world of football is skint. Other than Chelsea who have just had a massive transfer ban and City and PSG who have far bigger revenues etc than us, no club is spending.
Next summer once a few bank managers have smiles again from gate receipts etc, Rikkie can go for £100mil with all my love.
Leave Rikky alone leave Brands alone and stop whingeing.

18.) 30 Aug 2021 07:50:17
Yes he grabbed the ball wanting to take the Pen, don't agree out of order, see it as a striker (and a good one) wanting to score. Never the less the lad ran over to DCL (with the others) , as is right. Forget his countenance, many of us have the same, (married 46 years, swimbo still asks me regularly, what's up) . The lad along with Decoure and DCL give constant effort every game. For me he is one of the first on the team sheet.

19.) 30 Aug 2021 09:52:31
The difference between the Mirrallas situation was that the experience on the pitch showed we have leaders who stood up to explain to Richy.
I believe the reason was a misunderstanding thinking he takes the 2nd penalty as we had one the week before which DCL had taken and they alternate. Rafa has cleared it up now that in a single game DCL takes first and Richy takes 2nd which is not a bad thing.



08 Aug 2021 09:18:58
Sorry pressed send to soon.
Part 2 of 2.
We can't be thinking we were told to play it like a league game. It was a pre season game that we used for benitez to further assess his squad. I think we should give it a rest until the league starts and then have a look at how we play when we are told to win a game. He has a lot of work to do so don't expect massive changes overnight. he's about 4/ 5 pre season games in and surely we can't expect to see anything more than the disjointed team we have become used to seeing? Good luck for the season blues and I mean both the team/ management and fans.


1.) 08 Aug 2021 10:29:03
Agree mate, but you don't play united in a pre-season game a week before prem starts, with a new manager? Idiots are running our club.

2.) 08 Aug 2021 13:44:59
Would we all rather play teams that we will walk through? Remember the friendly the other season when we beat a team 21 nil or something stupid like that? That game gave us no indication of how we would fare in the league either. Maybe it had more to do with C.V. and not wanting to travel too far so close to the prem kick off?
If we had a senior forward to select then the score might have been different. At the end of the day, these games are about fitness.
If the reactions of us fans are anything to go by after a preseason defeat, then it's going to be a long season!

{Ed025's Note - absolutely BP, rafa has won 2 of his first 3 matches but we lost to utd playing basically a second string 11, come on guys give the fella a chance and dont abuse him...if he jumps ship we will be in an even worse mess..

3.) 08 Aug 2021 14:26:32
I agree Ed, I actually think he could be the right manager, he is totally blame free for yesterday. The players have got to start taking some responsibility for the lack of quality in their performances, to many hide and allow managers to take the blame, a lot of these players underperformed for Koeman, Sam, Silva amd Carlo, and very little looks to have changed.

{Ed025's Note - yeah DGold they need to step up or ship out mate, i hope rafa gets a grip of the shirkers and do what he does best..




Pauly's rumour replies


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30 Aug 2021 22:02:50
Rangers didn't want rid of dunc. Beardsley? C'mon how old r you? He was no cast off. Arteta? I'm sure it was nothing to do with potential. Nigel Martyn? Wasn't he just past his best in the eyes of Leeds? As for kanchelskis? He had major, major debts that needed big money to pay off and in fact he was in trouble with the Russian mafia. He wanted to leave for those reasons. Lingard is crap. Always has been crap and always will be crap. Same as blomquist, neville, o kane, Whiteside, Hughes,




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17 Aug 2021 10:28:37
Cheers Ed.




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15 Aug 2021 22:51:58
Thanks ed.




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08 Jun 2021 20:03:43
Cheers ed.




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03 Jun 2021 07:29:08
Thats a very assuming point of view swan. he's actually highly rated within the club and has a good grasp of tactics apparently. Its not our choice and none of us really know for sure whod be a success. Time will tell eh?





Pauly's banter replies


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29 Aug 2021 14:41:32
Sorry to disagree with some comments but they way he reacted was diabolical. It took three of them to get the ball off him. No way can that be defended. He looked ridiculous and completely out of context with the rest of the team. The lad isn't good enough, consistently, to start believing the neymar hype. He needs to grow up. he's been doing this since he came here. Gets right on my nerves!




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29 Aug 2021 11:25:31
Totally efcone.
I think his head has been turned by his mate Neymar. Maybe he should look at the psg graveyard and think is it realky the best move for his career?


{Ed025's Note - he was bang out of order pauly, hes a very good player but he needs to respect the team ethic and his teammates..



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31 Jul 2021 14:09:44
I think he is using gray as the number 10 at the minute. Maybe that's his plan for the team. He looked good in that role from what I've seen.




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27 Jul 2021 13:56:28
Isn't it common knowledge ancelotti asked him to give us one more season? Benitez now asking him the same? That's why i said he doesn't want to be here. Also "he tracks back" that's the sign of a great player now? Sorry but he's massively, massively overated. If we get more than we paid for him then let him go. Also 35m will get you Danny ings.




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24 Jul 2021 13:53:01
Ed 025 they remind me of Sharp and heath. I see the 2 of them play and all I see is if we paired them up it would be 1985 all over again for me.
They are perfect for each others game and I know his injuries are concerning but if we can get 2 good seasons out of him we would be in Europe for sure.