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01 Jul 2024 12:29:02
Now the end of the month has passed, how long will it take before we will no if we have breached any rules or no, will this be a lengthy process or not . Just hope we don't get half way threw the season with it hanging over our heads again, just ruins the season.

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01 Jul 2024 13:20:23
Good question Bp am not sure meself tbh mate are we actually out of it or still in the ruff stuff be interesting if anyone does know or the eds know any inside knowledge on the current psr.

01 Jul 2024 15:52:07
I would liked to have known how much we were over, just hope that saga has finally finished mate.

01 Jul 2024 16:51:17
They have to submit their accounts to the Premier league by 31st December at the latest.
June 30th is just the end of the accounting year for Everton.
The published accounts don't show the final PSR figure as such.
Then the Premier league will decide whether it accepts Evertons PSR figure or what's been accounted towards/ against it.

02 Jul 2024 09:05:05
Still the debate over interest payments on the stadium to resolve. Prem say one thing and we say another.

Let us try to ignore the financial side for now and enjoy the feeling of positivity.

I for one am sick of trying to figure it all out.



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