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03 Jun 2020 00:15:16
Most of the posts go to the Everton Banter page

Also more posts are being added to the Everton Discussion Posts page

28 May 2020 15:33:13
Looking like season restarting 17th June for the 2 games outstanding. Full fixture list proposed for weekend of 19th - 21st June.
Seen in bbc website.

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28 May 2020 16:01:52
My personal view is it's still highly unlikely as it's so contagious I actually feel sorry for footballers being treated like this it's pathetic.

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29 May 2020 14:30:45
why? safest workplaces in the country right now the premier league clubs? the safety measures have been met and its been declared safe for the continuation? many businesses around the uk are now reopening with less safety measures and not labelled critical, why can't they? if it wasn;t safe i'd completely agree but its more than safe.

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29 May 2020 14:57:45
My cousin works in fazackerley hospital she messaged me that they are on stand by for the second wave shops are reopening because the government need us working class to pay taxes as they have no money left and as for safest job in the world behave buddy grabbing breathing tackling all over each other is not the safest job in the world footballers are still human beings they will still go out for walks they will still head the shops they will still come into contact with people you can test them 200 times a day it doesn't mean they won't catch it.

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30 May 2020 07:53:33
Totally agree brank I can see a second wave coming the way it's going, football along with other sports should not be starting but we all have a different view on the situation at the moment.

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30 May 2020 22:11:48
Surely if footballers are playing, and having to come into physical contact with other players they will be self isolating away from the pitch? They will also be regularly tested, very regularly. I don't feel sorry for them, they are employed, it's their job. Many 'non essential ' jobs are opening up again, without the structure that top flight professional footballers will have. Think of them. I've been working in my NHS role throughout seeing the well dying and dead, with a new born baby as well. If it's safe then they can play, yes 'play' football. If it's not then dont. Millions are more vulnerable than footballers.

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30 May 2020 22:37:12
Latest results from premier league players testing. Zero from 1130 tests, that is after 4rounds of tests.

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26 May 2020 13:48:16
alrite everyone and the eds aswell quick question for the eds everton have apperntly put 40 mil pound in for allan from napoli just wondered what you're views are on this transfer and also in my opinion i woudnt pay the 40 mil for one and also he is 29 and probly come with a hefty wage attached but that's just my opinion.

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of such an offer and I would doubt it would be acceptable to them. As you say he is no youngster and Everton are not in a great place financially and could use whatever money is available better.}

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26 May 2020 14:26:56
How as fans do we feel about spending £40 million on a player in the current climate?

I for one would love to see the team compete at top 6 level but that will require quality additions who will cost a fair bit.

I personally feel it’s not the time to be spending this sort of money particularly when so many people suffering financial hardship, losing jobs etc.

Think it’ll be interesting to see the reaction of fans to the first team that spends a decent amount on a player this window.

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26 May 2020 14:34:32
woudnt even spend anythink me not until we get rid of bang average players who are on high wages problem is we have got and ed 002 has said this on good few occasions moshiris advisors talk to much but just probly speculation with regards to this transfer rumour thanks for that ed 002.

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27 May 2020 07:06:52
Hey all, hope everyone is keeping safe and well.
It's interesting that once again we are linked with Allan seeing as though there was interest back in Jan. 40 mil is a hefty price though for a 29 y/ o, certainly no resale value in that transfer.
I could be way off the mark here and I'm sure Ed will correct me, but i think this transfer window would be good to start our business later. With the problems of C.V., i imagine it will have an impact on most clubs financially. We may see transfer fees actually lower because clubs need income, and after so many are completed it may create a new player valuation. They soared dramatically a couple of years ago after a couple of crazy money moves and it felt like every player became valued much higher than was typically expected. Maybe this could be the shift that brings valuations back down.
It's only my hypothetical situation of course but there has surely got to be some impact.

{Ed002's Note - In terms of transfer fees, we will still see a few very expensive transfers, you will see players having to stay where they are for another year, you will see efforts to reduce overall costs particularly agent fees - and across mainland Europe you will see even more horse trading than normal.

It should make clubs more responsible. The likes of Barcelona, Marseille, Everton, MIlan, Derby, Aston Villa, Sheffield Wednesday have serious problems already - others will be joining them. Clubs need to tighten their grip or you will have another Bury - clubs like Hartlepool are already on the edge and one Premier League side is now struggling with major financial issues. Clubs that have FFP problems should see a relaxation this year and should take the opportunity to clean up their act or all they are doing is delaying what could hit them very hard.}

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27 May 2020 09:59:47
Lets hope so anyway Ed002 its about time clubs took financial responsibility towards how they have let transfers and wages spiral out of control. The Top clubs need to look at how their behaviour has affected the lower tiers of football. It will also be interesting to see how many fans cancel their Sky and BT sports subscriptions during the Fan ban. If the PL games are anything like the Bundersliga behind closed doors then not having a crowd ruins the matches in my opinion. So if i can't see my beloved blues every match I'm certainly not going to pay to watch other teams in such a sterile environment.

{Ed002's Note - There is to be a discussion about moving to a "no debt" position - perhaps over 5 years. You are absolutelt right about the PL clubs making more money available but tehy are not all in agreement. I would not expect any crowds at the game this year - Thursday should see the issue of home stadium/alternate venues/mixture of home and alternate venues resolved.}

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27 May 2020 15:03:19
ed 002 can you see us spending silly money in the summer again i hope not time get good few players out the door first woudnt even know where to start me if am honest need new gk defence needs sorting midfield central aswell winger hope to god be buy sensible this summer and the club look at decent prospects instead of bang average players on a high wage that there clubs don't want cause there not good enough.

{Ed002's Note - I think that the club need to sort out their problems first. Unless they make significant sales it is unlikely they will have the money.}

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27 May 2020 15:12:40
thats good enough for me ed 002 with ffp and that and players on high wages surly our objective for this summer is to sell these players rather then buy more.

{Ed002's Note - Clear the decks, add a couple and look at the youngsters.}

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27 May 2020 15:19:15
yeah mate coudnt agree more.

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27 May 2020 17:44:39
Is there any interest in Lorenzo Pellegrini ed? . Read a few things linking us to him and may be a swap possibility with Kean.

{Ed002's Note - Roma want Kean but have no interest in selling Lorenzo Pellegrini (who would be grabbed by Inter or Juventus if he were for sale. Under is a more viable option - or perhaps Justin Kluivert.}

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27 May 2020 19:21:45
Hoping kean is given a chance, if not which would be the preferred choice out of the two:
Under - predominantly right winger an area we need
Kluivert - left winger/ centre forward

I’ve no knowledge of either player.

Looking at it though - Under would probably make more sense but would kluivert be the easier deal as both him and kean have Raiola as an agent?

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27 May 2020 19:52:05
Thanks Ed. I think Kean has a lot of growing up to do Gingerdan, I’d like to think he’d realise his potential here but I smell another Balotelli at the moment. If DCL keeps on firing perhaps we should use it as an opportunity to strengthen in other areas with Under, we are drastically short at RW.

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28 May 2020 10:33:47
Who needs a RW we should just play our 5 LW every game 😂
Why else did we buy them? 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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25 May 2020 23:57:14
Hi Ed’s seeing varying reports linking us and a couple or other premier league sides to Mohammed Kudus, are there any rumours or interest you know of?

{Ed002's Note - My notes say: Mohammed Kudus (F) RBS are not convinced he is up to standar - described as "raw".}

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26 May 2020 10:37:19
Thanks Ed, who is RBS is that Red Bull Salzberg?

{Ed002's Note - Yes ST.}

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26 May 2020 15:26:47
Thanks Ed.

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25 May 2020 18:01:30
Hi ed, hope you and your family are keeping well. I've seen reports linking us to two players and was wondering if we hold any interest: Hwang Hee Shan and Thiago Silva? Cheers mate.

{Ed002's Note - (a) Hee-Chan Hwang (F) Wolves have shown an interest but could be priced out of a move with RBS inviting offers over €40M. I am not aware of any approach by Everton but an enquiry has been made by Leicester. The player might be seen as a replacement for Kean - so we will wait to see if an approach is made.
(b) Thiago Silva (CB) Milan approach rejected because of wage demands. Silva is happy to extend another year but he is soon to be 36 and PSG are undecided. I am not aware of any plans for Everton to sign the player.}

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24 May 2020 19:09:46
Any idea if Eduardo Camavinga is of any interest to any PL teams heading into the next window Ed?

Don't know how much he would cost but what a talent he looks. Would love him at Everton.

{Ed002's Note - He has been but won't be moving to England. Real Madrid will push, PSG may take a chance but I expect he will stay at Renne another year. He will certainly not be moving to Everton I am afraid.}

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21 May 2020 11:49:01
Any rumours on who the new shirt sponsor maybe?

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21 May 2020 12:54:01
I haven't a clue who we've been in talks with. As long as it's a good deal for the club that's all that matters.

I did see a fan created hummel kit with USM as the sponsor and Megafon on the sleeve.

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21 May 2020 15:13:47
I like the look of that.

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22 May 2020 20:50:34
yeah agree dentie looks nice that kit.

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24 May 2020 17:25:57
Nicest concept I’ve seen, would buy that in a heartbeat.

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24 May 2020 21:31:53
Never really got the obsession with what a kit looks like I couldn't care less, it's a football kit? Maybe it's because I'm one of those who don't wear one to watch the match.

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21 May 2020 09:55:54
Another wind up? Surely not going in for another LW? Any truth in this Eds? Admittedly I've never heard of or seen the player. Rumour below.

Everton are reportedly set to compete with Real Betis for the signing of Saint-Etienne winger Denis Bouanga who could be available for around £8 million.

Bouanga has scored 12 goals in 35 games for Saint-Etienne this season, despite the club’s struggles. He has also provided five assists, mostly from the left-wing.

{Ed002's Note - I don't know - my notes say: Denis Bouanga (LW) Lille have approached St Etienne regarding the transfer of Bouanga but were told he is not for sale. Rennes and Locomotive Moscow have also declared an interest in the player. Real Betis are open to replacing Christian Tello with Bouanga who contributes considerably more goals.}

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21 May 2020 10:53:52
Thanks for the info as always Ed002, much appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

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19 May 2020 12:51:01
Question for Ed,
We are linked with Rabiot, whether this has any grounds I don't know, but there is a lot mentioned of his bad attitude.
Surely if Ancellotti has worked with him and knows him personally, if he had a bad attitude he woukd not be interested.
Have you heard of any genuine interest from everton and have you ever heard if the bad attitude claim are justified or just paper talk.

{Ed002's Note - Carlo Ancelotti had Rabiot as a 17 year old for a year - that is it. There are advisors to the club who have significant influence on transfers.}

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19 May 2020 14:24:41
Hi Ed, any chance that we will ever get rid of these advisors to the club?
It appears they have their own agendas which may not be the same as marcel and Carlo - if this is the case then surely we’re doomed again as we’ll probably lose marcel and or Carlo when they’ve had enough of these advisors meddling.

{Ed002's Note - It is down to Mr Moshiri.}

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20 May 2020 22:59:45
Why do we have advisors on transfers when we have one of the best managers over last 15 years and a DOF who is held in high regard across Europe, surely we can trust those voices.

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