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01 Feb 2024 20:05:43
Let's hope Robin Rabinowski KC is a half decent lawyer and get our points deduction thrown out, hearing will be concluded tomorrow.


1.) 01 Feb 2024 22:33:12
We should be paying for expensive accountants not lawyers.

2.) 02 Feb 2024 12:36:12
We needed them 5/ 6 years ago TA, now we need the lawyers and a slice of luck (which is long overdue)

3.) 02 Feb 2024 14:05:01
Accountants can't manipulate facts or laws as well as lawyers. We need this guy to give an oscar winning performance now.

4.) 02 Feb 2024 16:29:56
For sure accountants are no the answer at this stage.

5.) 02 Feb 2024 17:19:16
It is/ was an uphill battle. If they give points back then where does that put the second charge.

{Ed025's Note - very much in play i would imagine Capone..

6.) 02 Feb 2024 17:55:53
Lawyers to put out fires. Accountants to stop them from lighting in the first place. I get your points All, about what we need right now and I agree. But we’re doing this the wrong way and need to look at the cause to stop the effect.

7.) 02 Feb 2024 18:36:54
Well the causes have gone TA, either in death, resigned, or one in particular, washed his hands of us. I guess at best, we fans can only learn from what happened and, hope we can influence the next lot in to do different. Do you think it's all too late?

8.) 02 Feb 2024 19:16:55
I’d rather they fixed the effect for now.

9.) 02 Feb 2024 19:40:14
Isn't Moshri an accountant.

{Ed025's Note - i think your getting confused with idiot mate.. :)

10.) 02 Feb 2024 20:03:51
Ha ha good one ed and spot on.

11.) 01 Feb 2024 20:15:16
Laurence mate.

12.) 03 Feb 2024 06:56:58
Not at all Nick. I’m not too optimistic tbh but never too late.

13.) 03 Feb 2024 20:11:21
Same here TA. Even if defeat stares me in the face I still have hope something will happen. It defines being an Evertonians.

14.) 05 Feb 2024 19:11:03
Robin Rabinowiski Lol! Laurence Rabinowitz and he is a KC not a lawyer. Hope he is as good as they say he is!



28 Jan 2024 18:06:16
Would Benrahma be any good for us, I see he is being linked.


1.) 28 Jan 2024 22:24:13
Well he can pass a ball.

2.) 29 Jan 2024 09:32:27
He's perfect for us. Fits the bill to a T. Not playing for his club hardly, surplus to requirements as his club have eyed up an exciting young player from elsewhere, yet still better than some of our players. But is he prepared to sit on the bench til the 89th minute and then be told to make a difference when he comes on for injury time?

{Ed002's Note - Said Benrahma (W) Lyon want a loan to buy on the condition they avoid relegation. Marseille offer an option of an initial loan and an option to buy but they are far apart in price from West Ham and the lady from Marseille says that they will likely step away. Everton may ask for a loan. West Ham will speak to Emanalo as they already have a replacement lined up.}

3.) 29 Jan 2024 11:19:52
How would we get him in on loan?
Thought we’d used all our loan allocations?

{Ed002's Note - Danjuma will depart and make way.}

4.) 29 Jan 2024 16:37:51
Thanks Ed that clears that up.

Danjuma has been a strange one for us, previously about to sign then at last minute joined spurs - didn’t do amazing there.
Then next window we signed him and he’s struggled for minutes and when given a chance not really taken it.

Hopefully if he does leave we then use that loan spot for a decent player that wants to join us and help in the relegation battle rather than just pick up a pay cheque ?.

{Ed002's Note - Arnaut Danjuma (W) His agent and Villareal want him out of his loan at Everton early with Lyon talking to his club. Player is very unhappy being a bit part player only.}

5.) 29 Jan 2024 17:14:37
Nothing strange. He's far from good enough and the warning signs were always there and his loan has proven to be unremarkable as is his ability. Only thing strange was we went back in for him.

6.) 29 Jan 2024 22:38:30
Spot on FBS.

7.) 31 Jan 2024 08:13:42
If he got injured last night it looks as if we will be stuck with him and no replacement loan. He had a good chance to shine last night and did nothing.



18 Jan 2024 17:43:44
The Mail now saying we could be hit with a third offence, not good news at all.


{Ed025's Note - we seem to have more offences against us than the post office GB.. :)

1.) 18 Jan 2024 17:56:14
This is weird. I have not believed in witch hunts or conspiracy but if true just wtf is going on. A thought are the Prem (CEO) trying to influence the appeal outcome. Also if so perhaps it may be time to follow ED25's (tongue in cheek) 'down tools'.

{Ed025's Note - dont get me wrong HK we did deserve punishment as a club, well as a club run by knob heads, but its going beyond a joke now mate, not only do they want us to suffer the death of a thousand cuts...they want to rub us in salt as well, next game we should just wave white flags and have done with it..

2.) 18 Jan 2024 18:29:50
Baffles me Ed mate how do the rags get hold of this stuff before anyone else, someone out there definitely doesn’t like us.

{Ed025's Note - its probably a guess i would think GB based on sensationalism, but it would not surprise me mate..

3.) 18 Jan 2024 20:41:05
Time to call in the Secret Squirrel Squad then.

4.) 18 Jan 2024 20:58:01
Think it was the Talk Sport pundits pre kick off last night debating the issues. One said that the way the rules are we could end up being clobbered year after year here for as many as 6 years! As well as losing best players every window. Not helpful being unable to remember more of the context but it was something along the lines of this ffp PSR whatever being a royal shambles and that it does everything but help protect clubs, it does just the opposite in the main. An example they used was if they wanted to buy Peterborough and turn them into a CL team with a unlimited Billionaires cash injection. They couldn't ever achieve it. They made the point that countless sides would benefit financially from transfers and the money being thrown around unlike the current system that is clearly only beneficial to the really big giants. And as silly as that example was it just goes to show how unfair this system is and that if the term "rigged" for the top sides is wrong. Well it seems that way doesn't it? As they said, it needs to be a aggregate % of a clubs turn over to be fair not a same sum for all.

5.) 19 Jan 2024 08:59:19
GB You breach the PSR over three years so it may well be the case we get another breach next year. If they change the PRS I would imagine this will be looked at so I'm not worried.

6.) 19 Jan 2024 09:11:49
The report said £85 million for the 2022/ 23, way over my head mate.

{Ed002's Note - I have explained this repeatedly. I am not sure why some of you seem surprised by it.}

7.) 19 Jan 2024 10:04:01
Hi Ed002 do you know if the submitted club PSR accounts for the period to 2023 to the PL are in the public domain?

{Ed002's Note - None of the accounts submitted for the purposes of FFP are in the public domain.}

8.) 19 Jan 2024 12:11:38
Ex CEO now saying we could get the point’s deduction wiped off, all just lazy journalism I reckon.

9.) 19 Jan 2024 15:29:52
So if the reports are to be believed then the reported must have seen the PSR accounts? If as ed002 says the reports are not in the public domain and I have no reason to doubt this, then we can assume the reports are rubbish.

{Ed002's Note - No, it is reasonably easy to determine that is possible. You need to move on from discussing matters that are not undrstood.}

10.) 19 Jan 2024 18:54:45
So how can they easily determine that EFC have spent £85M between the period of the last recorded accounts and the accounting information that the sent to the PL if the accounts are not in the public domain.

11.) 19 Jan 2024 21:25:47
The Club continue to outlay 90 percent of income (I assume including loans) on wages and apparently 22/ 23 as well. Add in leaks and whispers which unless you are genuinely a secret squirrel (GB) always happens to suit.

12.) 19 Jan 2024 23:12:57
So the accounts that are submitted are not in the public domain. I take it your not public person.

13.) 20 Jan 2024 10:31:38
The Mail revel in having a pop. They are very good at putting two and two together and getting whatever number they think sells a story.

14.) 20 Jan 2024 21:57:50
In the same season!

15.) 20 Jan 2024 22:37:03
If they are continuing to spend 90 percent of income *I presume Club income includimg loans* then yeah that could be a good assumption. Plus unless it is a genuine 'secret squirrel organisation' (Guernsey Blue) , there are always leaks and whispers.



02 Jan 2024 12:23:02
Jesse Lingard being linked again hmmmm.




30 Dec 2023 17:08:12
Benfica looking to sign Gomes.


1.) 30 Dec 2023 22:55:42
His deal ends in summer so they'll get a freebie.




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26 Feb 2024 15:30:12
So now we know 4 points back on this charge from 10 to 6 and most probably the same on the next charge of another 6 coming our way, still way over the top in my view but Everton at least know now what we have to do to stay up, it will be a mighty tall order and I wish Sean and the lads all the very best and hopefully the Club can show the World we can beat this.


1.) 26 Feb 2024 15:40:14
No open top bus ride or popping of champers yet GB.

2.) 26 Feb 2024 15:44:20
Spot on Guernsey the only thing we can do between now an this next charge is to pick up many points if possible need sort are home form out though mate we can do that pick few points away from home should be okay but its Everton ??.

3.) 26 Feb 2024 15:59:58
All games coming up will be tough but it’s in our hands, one good thing is our goal difference, but as you say mate we need points hopefully starting with 3 on Saturday against West Ham, dogs of war from now on eh.

4.) 26 Feb 2024 17:04:45
As we said all along the Commission was out of order. Hopefully the next charge (if it happens) , under a new Commission will show commonsense. I have a question. Evertons letter (on X) , states that this new charge includes two periods that were assessed in the appealed charge. If true, how can the Premier League Board do double jeopardy.

{Ed002's Note - I guess you don't understand how it works - I have explained repeatedly what the charges relate to. You need to move on from things that are way beyond you.}

5.) 26 Feb 2024 17:12:37
So Everton are wrong?

6.) 26 Feb 2024 17:23:56
Agree we will prob get another 6 point deduction as will forest so it’ll be between us and them who go down imo.

7.) 26 Feb 2024 17:24:52
ED, of course I don't understand, hence my question. Let me put it another way. The rolling 3 year second charge includes 2 seasons that were in the first charge is that correct? If not, the second charge is only in relation to 22/ 23 losses? If Evertons open letter is wrong, then they are being untruthful?

{Ed002's Note - It is a rolling three year period and there is every chance of another charge after this yearss' accounts are submitted. I have not seen any letter from Everton.}

8.) 26 Feb 2024 17:53:27
Dogs of bore.

9.) 26 Feb 2024 18:45:08
Letter I refered to:-

Everton Football Club acknowledges the Premier League’s decision to refer a breach of Profit and Sustainability rules (PSR) for the assessment period ending with the 2022/ 23 season to an independent Premier League commission.

"This relates to a period which covers seasons 2019/ 20, 2020/ 21, 2021/ 22 and 2022/ 23. It therefore includes financial periods (2019/ 20, 2020/ 21 and 2021/ 22) for which the club has already received a 10-point sanction. The club is currently appealing that sanction.

"The Premier League does not have guidelines which prevent a club being sanctioned for alleged breaches in financial periods which have already been subject to punishment, unlike other governing bodies, including the EFL.

"As a result - and because of the Premier League’s new commitment to deal with such matters “in-season” - the club is in a position where it has had no option but to submit a PSR calculation which remains subject to change, pending the outcome of the appeal, " they add.

"The club must now defend another Premier League complaint which includes the very same financial periods for which it has already been sanctioned, before that appeal has even been heard.

"The club takes the view that this results from a clear deficiency in the Premier League’s rules. Everton can assure its fans that it will continue to defend its position during the ongoing appeal and, should it be required to do so, at any future commission – and that the impact on supporters will be reflected as part of that process. "

10.) 26 Feb 2024 18:55:48
Actually I think I get it now. Even though it is a 3 year rolling period. The charge only relates to the 23 season accounts. I suspect Everton will mount the same defence albeit with a very accomplished lawyer.

{Ed025's Note - a hit man would be cheaper Capone.. :)

11.) 26 Feb 2024 19:23:27
I believe you are somewhat upset ED larrrrrrr! It is good that the appeal Commission (in polite terms) acknowledged the failings of the charge Commission. Hopefully the next one (should it get that far) will be handled properly. I certainly believe the Prem job is above Masters ability.



26 Feb 2024 13:40:40
4 points back then.




24 Feb 2024 14:04:24
Going for a 1-2 today DCL to get his scoring boots on at last, did I really say that sooooo need to win this COYB.


1.) 24 Feb 2024 15:34:02
Dom’s got no chance of scoring with the current set up unless it’s from a corner. On the very rare occasions that he touches the ball, he’s 30 yards away from goal with no one anywhere near him.



23 Feb 2024 08:40:52
Former Everton player Li Tie sentenced to life prison in China for corruption, he must have played for us around 2002 I think.


1.) 23 Feb 2024 12:41:14
Yeh pretty harsh, here he'd get 10 hours community service and suspended sentence.

2.) 23 Feb 2024 12:52:00
There's another 3 points to be deducted then ?.

3.) 23 Feb 2024 19:37:42
In this country, TT, he'd be part of the cabinet running the country.

{Ed025's Note - never a truer word said BP..

4.) 23 Feb 2024 22:03:44
Never mind the next lot will have their turn at the trough in 10 months time. I mean it couldn't get any worse could it?

5.) 26 Feb 2024 09:20:47
He had the option of life in prison or become a full blown evertonian and attend every game for the rest of his life. he chose prison.

{Ed025's Note - love it AB..



22 Feb 2024 07:49:10
Our neighbours did us a big favour last night.


1.) 22 Feb 2024 09:43:36
Every team has a streak of putting some wins together. We did it ourselves in December. let's hope Luton had theirs recently and they start dropping points again.

2.) 22 Feb 2024 12:19:18
Totally agree, sides in the bottom half all have ups and downs and Dyche probably has the toughest environment to work in of any manager in the prem. Personally I don't see him as our future but I would give him another season at least - we need to grow slowly and steadily.

3.) 22 Feb 2024 20:15:29
Well he would be the perfect manager for the Championship.

4.) 22 Feb 2024 21:50:49
Agree he would be. But he's also the best we can hope for now imo harlex. You name a better manager who is going to come in and manage us now and even if we could do you thinknwe can afford to sack yet another manager?
Dyche is a decent manager. He cannot help the hand he has been dealt.

5.) 23 Feb 2024 10:51:52
There is no point in changing the manager now. Decisions off the pitch will decide our fate.
People always roll out the name a better manager who would come to us blah blah. Fact is Dyche is a very average manager who is good at keeping teams up. Short term that’s fine, but if you’re looking to push on in the future and have aspirations to win things then that won’t happen with him in charge.




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25 Feb 2024 18:06:37
Would love that mate.




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02 Feb 2024 16:29:56
For sure accountants are no the answer at this stage.




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21 Jan 2024 12:18:26
Crazy Brass does not make any sense at all eh.




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20 Jan 2024 21:20:17
Game of opinion HK mate.




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20 Jan 2024 20:03:25
Not for me we are in dire straits, Keane yes and Onana but keep Jordan.





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04 Mar 2024 17:38:28
Said that also about Garner, two chances at that corner and he still cocks it up, just can’t keep making silly mistakes like that at this level eh.




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28 Feb 2024 13:52:22
Not for me the day he turned up in a Rolls Royce for training at Finch Farm said it all best we get rid.




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26 Feb 2024 15:59:58
All games coming up will be tough but it’s in our hands, one good thing is our goal difference, but as you say mate we need points hopefully starting with 3 on Saturday against West Ham, dogs of war from now on eh.




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26 Feb 2024 14:15:38
Another 6 points to hit us then on the next charge I would think.


{Ed025's Note - absolutely GB, the precedent has been set now and i cant see anything bar another 6 point deduction coming our way mate..



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24 Feb 2024 18:18:59
It’s as though Sean is playing for draws and waiting to get some points back from the appeal and then try to stay above Luton, we need wins but while our passing all through the game and finishing from that one shot of Beto’s carries on like today we have no hope of wins, like watching paint dry.




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