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03 Mar 2024 18:18:28
In my opinion our season comes down to any point deduction on the 2nd charge, lose points and fear for us, think without another point loss we survive again this season (just) .

On Dyche, can't be blamed for the amount of chances we miss, yes can be blamed for refusing to change it in game or freshing things up, believe he will go regardless once the takeover is sorted and I think we will end up with Eddie Howe as see the barcodes getting rid this summer. Really wouldn't want Rodgers and think Potter maybe out of our reach

Like most again the weekend has been ruined and peed off but hey-hoo we keep going, we have become a club without meaning in the top flight I don't blame Dyche for this nor tho can I be arsed to defend him. The clubs toxic and needs a total reset even if means relegation. Much more to life chaps!

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03 Mar 2024 18:48:02
& slightly off EFC but think it is mad then Moyes is getting so much stick from the West Ham fans, 7th in League in European spot and won a European trophy last season.

Not sure what they are wanting as seem unhappy with style of play but what we would give to have that hey oh and a stadium paid for by the taxpayer!

04 Mar 2024 16:13:04
I’d have Moyes back compared to the set up we have now.

04 Mar 2024 16:25:55
Sorry but we need to look at better than Moyes if we change manager again.

03 Mar 2024 11:05:19
The club will not get rid of Dyche at this point in the season, and so this is what we have to watch until then.
Whether we like it or not we are going to be relying on other teams losing, other than us winning. Yesterday's results being a prime example.
Would imagine it's now between us, Forest and Luton as to who takes that last place. however, baring in mind both us and Forest face a points penalty, then it could end up just us and them.
Am I happy with this scenario? of course not. But I have now reached a point where I really don't care one way or the other.
This is no longer the football club I supported for the last sixty years. It's lost its identity, and when I really think about it this has been coming for a good few years now.
Nothing but the best has gone. Our motto now should be anything will do.
Can see us becoming another Sunderland, a once great club who nobody really cares about anymore. So so sad.

{Ed025's Note - good post that Brass mate..

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03 Mar 2024 15:37:25
Agree BB, after 56 yrs support this club has sucked out whatever feeling I had. In fact I go as far as saying that they should'nt be allowed to use the name Everton. What has been done to our once proud club. it's fans and community is verging on criminal.

03 Mar 2024 16:00:20
Might be daft to ask, but who is actually running our club and making major decisions?

03 Mar 2024 08:38:00
Wyness now saying we can get our second charge dropped to just 2 points by arguing Double Jeopardy, can this be true.

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03 Mar 2024 09:20:43
It's a different period because it is rolling GB. But it includes the last two years of the last (I think) . 22 chances yesterday mate they just have a losing mentality. Doesn't matter about deductions returns if this lot continue in this fashion.

03 Mar 2024 07:40:42
The club has probably spent a million getting a massive four points deduction from the Premier League and yesterday at the flash of a wand we just give them 3 back, we must be a laughing stock.

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02 Mar 2024 22:48:58
My friend lives between the two grounds, works for LFC and, forever winds me up with photos of her in the players dressing room, trophy room, or wherever. Today she overstepped the mark by saying, "imagine LFC winning the quadruple and EFC going down". You can go off people sometimes.

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02 Mar 2024 22:05:38
Dyche has lost the fanbase in my opinion.

His position has become untenable and he needs to be relieved, I would go for potter but failing that I'd have Rogers or a punt on carrick.

{Ed025's Note - potter i would have ant, but the other 2 no thanks, in fact i could not think of 2 worse candidates mate..

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02 Mar 2024 22:42:53
I know many don't like Rodgers due to his links across the park, but I think he would be a safe pair of hands, capable of using a tight budget and, get a top six finish. Well that's my view anyway.

03 Mar 2024 09:43:54
I'd have Potter. Fella from Ipswich is decent too. I think we will stick with Dyche. We had 22 shots and 11 on target yet scored 1 goal. It's obvious the players just can't put it in the net. I honestly think we are doomed. I can't see where our next win is coming from. PL could of gave us 10 points back and we'd of still pissed em up against a wall.

03 Mar 2024 13:03:24
We may of had so many shots but it doesn't tell the story, the play is non existent, we cannot string a number of passes together. We have zero pace, no tricks, no creativity.

Garner just isn't a play maker so needs dropping for me, got to be honest in there if fit.

02 Mar 2024 21:13:59
SD has lost the fans after todays game, even though I walked out before the end of the first half again as I couldn't watch that tripe, everyone around me and everyone I know who is a blue wants him gone, wouldn't surprise me if he has lost the dressing room as well, I just can't see anyway back for him,

{Ed025's Note - i dont think hes going anywhere any time soon Skylark, i must admit the football has been underwhelming to say the least mate, but he was brought in to do a job (which is what he is doing) and although we may not like it i suspect the powers that be at the club will be content if he keeps us up..

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02 Mar 2024 21:25:38
He won't keep us up, we won't win another game while he is our manager, not won in ten games now and the fans have once again turned on the manager mostly because the football we play is unwatchable, I know he doesn't have much at his disposal but his tactics and substitutions are pathetic, we are doomed.

{Ed025's Note - im not happy with the performances either Skylark but who do we get at this stage of the season who will transform this bunch of players into goal scoring entertainers mate?..

02 Mar 2024 21:46:06
Jesus. He's the only one I can think to pull off some miracles lol.

02 Mar 2024 21:46:57
Don't know but other teams have done it, I think we are at the stick or twist situation.

02 Mar 2024 19:36:31
Lucas Digne you beauty.

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02 Mar 2024 17:46:50
Until the takeover by whoever takes place, I can't see Dyche going. Might as well keep him and get rid after the last kick of the season. It would be unfair to lump relegation on a new manager. Get a new man in early and get him working with the players we keep / have to his ways. Hopefully still on the Premiership, but, if it's in the Championship then it will be a long time before we come back up. I just hope whoever takes over has someone decent in mind with an attacking style.

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02 Mar 2024 18:25:57
Shocking. We have nobody that can put a foot on the ball. Our passing is atrocious and nobody can shoot! Nobody seems to be running the club at the moment. Its bound to have an effect on the players this takeover business also!

02 Mar 2024 17:45:34
On way home from the game I'm absolutely fuming I've held out of the dyche out camp but I'm sorry he is absolutely clueless doesn't change anything same long ball tactic and only ever replaces like for like in game tactics are abysmal aswell we will go down this season I'm afraid and it's nothing more than we deserve utter s***te
Oh and Harrison can go back to Leeds am all can't remember seeing him beat a full back this season or beat the first man on on cross.

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02 Mar 2024 17:35:52
Can’t see us surviving this year. Awful to dominate second half and lose 3-1.

I’m leaning towards the ‘Dyche Out’ group. Leave Beto on man - DCL has run cold for over a year. We used to say “wait until don’s back from injury” but now I understand that just bought him time.

Anyone see the blokes rearranging the deck chairs at Goodison? Think we are sinking and no one is really doing anything to stop it.

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02 Mar 2024 17:45:24
4 points back not enough. Paid a fortune prima donnas (they think).


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