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11 Dec 2019 23:06:54
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11 Dec 2019 22:49:55
Moyes and Ferguson till the end of the of the season will do for me.

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11 Dec 2019 21:07:25
So Ancelotti is today's pick?
Whilst he has a good CV this has normally been achieved with better teams than ours. Perhaps if we had got him prior to Koeman then with investment we could possibly have been in a good place now.
I have two main concerns. One, his age has he got the energy needed to take this club forward? Two, what sort of transfer kitty would be available given the amount we have wasted.
Could be a massive decision this one.

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11 Dec 2019 21:40:38
uno Woburn, I might be the only one who doesn't want him. Yes he's won trophies almost everywhere he's been but to me he doesn't fit what we need. Call me old fashioned but we really need someone who gets the club and kind of has a point to prove.

For me it's Dyche, not a fashionable appointment but I honesty think with a bit of money he could do a real good job and get the lad playing for the shirt.

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11 Dec 2019 22:13:43
Ancelotti by all reports is a hands off type of manager but he obviously would be able to attract top players. So when you think about it a combination of Ancelloti and Ferguson as assistant would be a great combination. Of course it will not happen but it is nice to dream.

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11 Dec 2019 20:41:13
I mean if it is going to be Moyes they were never going to let Man u away be his first game were they?

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11 Dec 2019 18:08:38
SSN reporting dunc in charge for the Utd game.

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11 Dec 2019 19:34:09
Sensible decision. Give him a few more games, nothing lose really. Long shot, but I personally hope he does the bizzo. I’d love that to work out for us, him and the club.

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11 Dec 2019 20:39:55
Absolutely made up with this. I will be at the theatre of drab and was concerned I would be seeing Moyes back in his former home.

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11 Dec 2019 16:14:23
Another a Day, another Manager link, I am not sure if I put it down to myself being at the stage of what fits for Everton.

I can only go off last Saturdays game, what seems to fit is communicating with the players, keeping things simple, and working as a team.

We saw this under Catterick, Kendall, Royle and in parts Moyes.

Kendall was a player a Manager when we brought him in, no vast Managing experiance.

Ferguson has sorted in just one Day with the players, how to play the Everton way.

Personally If I was the board, I would take a close look at how this team has been reunited, the fans are on the same hymn sheet as the players, the Manager and the board.

Short term why not give the gig to a Dunc on a game by game basis.

We have had too many changes of Management, we seem to have found the right formular that has got the team playing again.

Ok it was only one game, but that one game must be worth sticking with Dunc, while taking our time and rushing our next Manager, who knows, that next manager may turn out to be Dunc, every Manager has to start somewhere.

Personally I am more than happy for Dunc to take one game at a time, rather than a coach who comes in and brings in over complicated tactics and a big salary.

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11 Dec 2019 17:06:38
Game to game basis and temper expectations. For instance Utd are up for it at the moment so realistically if the effort and honesty is there from our lads that is all we can ask. Make sure the foundation is solid first and build from there.

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See You Next Thursday Part 2

11 Dec 2019 15:18:28
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, See You Next Thursday Part 2

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11 Dec 2019 13:44:25
Quick one for eds. Who else went with Silva did any backroom staff go with him like boe morte . or was it just Silva.

{Ed002's Note - Luis Boa Morte remains Assistant Manager but Everton have yet to formally tell the PL of the departures.}

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11 Dec 2019 17:41:18
Thanks ed 👍.

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11 Dec 2019 13:39:55
New Manager alert. Riquelme spotted at John Lennon, apparently the pilot was so amazed it was him he overshot the runway.

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