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10 Jul 2020 12:17:10
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10 Jul 2020 09:55:52
Can anyone name me 1 club in world football who can concede 3 goals in 3 games the way we have
Leicester-holgate hooks the ball away it hit inniacho in the chest rolls in
Spurs-spurs player has a shot its going wide hits Keane and rolls in the net
Southampton-armstrong has a shot its going that far wide it might of been a throw-in yet it rolls straight to Danny Ings who finishes it well.
Now onto yesterday's game well another terrible performance but a few things that stand out for me never a pen the player is going down before Gomes gets there then we have Gordan barged as he's on the edge of the box then Gordan barged inside the box nothing giving the Richarlison goes in hard but wins the ball booked Southampton player squares up to Lewin and Lewin gets booked then guess what Richarlison clean through gets took down and it's only a yellow now I watched the game with a kopite mate and even he was baffled I said this is the same every game which is why we constantly moan about the officials . I think Carlos is learning a lot about this team and we need a major overhaul as about 75% of that team are not interested in playing for Everton they are just happy picking up their wages.

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10 Jul 2020 10:52:10
I also think there is 1 rule for us and another for the rest going back years and years (or is it just paranoia)

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10 Jul 2020 11:09:36
Could agree with you anymore.

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10 Jul 2020 08:10:42
So they are raving about this Mason Greenwood being only the fourth player aged 18 or younger to score in three consecutive games not sure it bodes well when the other three are Francis Jeffers Danny Cadamarteri and Michael Owen 😳.

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10 Jul 2020 12:14:48
Greenwood looks brilliant and hopefully for England sake he continues to push on. Jeffers and Cadermarteri certainly didn't develop but Owen (injuries aside and being a red) was an excellent striker and won a fair few trophies and personal accolades (balloon d'or and World player of the year in 200) , wouldn't mind a striker of Owens calibre at Everton tight now.

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10 Jul 2020 00:33:50
We are so poor to watch at the minute. Every midfield dominates us. We never won any 2nd balls tonight and when we are in possession we look lost of ideas. Considering Gomes and soggy are supposed to be playmakers, they are just negative and predictable in their passing. We need more energy in the middle and not to be so one dimensional going forward.

Feel sorry for the front 2, they run their socks off all game, but they have the least service of any strikers in the league.

Defence is sound enough for next season, attack will do us too, but please sort out the midfield. More energy, more positivity, more hunger definitely needed badly.

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10 Jul 2020 02:10:19
How Baningime is not getting game time, even from the bench, god only knows, he would make a difference alongside Gordon, I would even try Digne further out wide left and slot Baines as left back or vice versa.

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10 Jul 2020 10:02:36
CA has his work cut out for him with the current squad
The whole team looked to be half a yard slower that Southampton. The lack of fans is one excuse but really it's the same for the other sides and if Goodison had been full the atmosphere might have been ugly watching players who didn't seem to care or be able to pass it to their own side
Defensively not too bad but too many mistakes in Mina and Pickford at the moment. We have to come up with long term solution at right back which is no criticism of Coleman and get one more in the centre
Midfield - where does CA start? None of them are deserving of a place next season. Siggy has lost it completely this season, Iwobi never had it, Davis out of his depth, Gomez - something is still wrong with him following his injury, Bernard not delivering consistently and Delph, Walcot and Gbamin injured. The only light has been the introduction of Gordon but it questions why CA hasn't tried out more from the U23's. Why can't Baninggime and Adenirons for instance get a run out with the dross playing instead of them?
Up front no problems with DCL and Ricky but Kean isn't doing it for me. Considering the hype when he signed he hasn't lived up to it - just like Ramires, Tosun, Niasse etc

As I said a lot for CA to do but it will be his first window, it will probably take more than one but he's the right person for it and we must keep the faith with him.

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10 Jul 2020 10:07:56
How can you say he would make a difference? He has never played regular for us, the manager must see what he is like in training. So with him not playing, or being used regular as a sub, then its quite obvious the manager doesn't fancy using him that much, i think you need to trust the manager, not your instincts on a player who doesn't play.

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09 Jul 2020 21:02:47
We are a difficult team to watch.

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09 Jul 2020 20:59:14
Absolutely awful, what I would give for a Tommy Graveson.

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09 Jul 2020 21:50:23
Or a Carsley, even a Neville.

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09 Jul 2020 22:46:01
or even a farelly.

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09 Jul 2020 20:11:36
Ancelloti out! Only kidding. At least he can see the mountain he needs to climb, Add FFP into the mix and it is some mountain.

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09 Jul 2020 20:22:31
I feel bad for the guy. I can't see how he's going to get us challenging for Europe in his 5 year stint here. We need 4 £50mil midfielders, doubt we can even afford one this summer. Next year is going to be a hard watch if we carry in like this.

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09 Jul 2020 21:07:53
FFP is not going to get in the way, I know people keep banging on about it but it’s not like we would go on a spending spree if it wasn’t an issue we will still bring it 2 or 3 players into this first team, Ancelotti has not been bought in to get mediocre players to try and get into Europe he will improve some of the players we have whilst bringing in better.

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09 Jul 2020 20:06:04
Lack of service from the midfield again. We literally have no prem quality midfielders. Bernard was irrelevant, Sig didn't look remotely interested. 2 subs at HT speak for themselves.

On the upside I thought Keane looked lively when he can on, I felt a bit sorry for him because the midfield couldn't get the ball to him.

I think we should 523 a go and try and keep as many the midfield out of the team as possible.



Holgate (if fit or otherwise just one of the ghosts)
Ghost number 2


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09 Jul 2020 20:37:50
No Gordon in your line up fatchris?

Have you not seen the boy play? He’s been head and shoulders above the rest of our midfield but this is the second line up you’ve put up today without him in it. Strange.

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10 Jul 2020 06:45:20
This is first line up I've put in for years. Not sure where you're getting my second line up from. And I wouldn't start him in the front 3. Maybe he could play in the midfield 2 but would probably be more of an impact as a sub. He's only played 2 or 3 games and yeah he's been good but he's not the answer to all our problems.

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10 Jul 2020 07:14:03
I like the idea of holgate in front of the defence but Ancelloti has a liking for 4 4 2 (been successful) , the bloke is a class act. Our fans are not known for patience but that is the very thing we need over the next couple of years.

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09 Jul 2020 19:58:06
Michael kean put another good performance in today.
Once Anthony Gordon off we hardly got the ball anywhere near there goal.

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09 Jul 2020 21:11:02
Keane is a clear example of what Ancelotti has done, Keane was probably not first choice for many 6 months ago but I think he has been the most consistent player since we started back up.

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10 Jul 2020 08:03:17
Totally agree regards Keane, I would’ve happily seen him sold under Silva, totally different player under “The Don”
Just shows how us supports know nothing 😂.

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