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10 Sep 2021 16:14:48
Rafa now saying he expects Seamus to be fit to play on Monday. That's good news.

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10 Sep 2021 13:11:46
Apart from Seamus and maybe DCL most of our first Team look like they will be available for Mondays game, hopefully we can keep to our winning ways in the next few matches and keep our excellent start to the campaign going, we also have James and Rondon Godfrey and Mina available, COYB.

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10 Sep 2021 10:55:39
All games in September are winnable - Burnley, villa, QPR, Norwich.

Hopefully get a bit of rotation an i'd be happy to see Rondon, Godfrey, Gomes, Davies, James etc get a bit more game time to keep squad fresh.
We have had a brilliant start and hopefully still saying this at end of the month.
I feel we have a strong squad - debating whether we should play James or not is a luxury I never thought would happen at EFC.
Couldn't knock that manager or any players so far this season - I think Keane had had a bad start but I feel he is a confidence player and will come good

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10 Sep 2021 15:34:01
I've got to disagree about the strength of the squad, Sobs. In my opinion we've got no real cover in either fullback position, 1 excellent centre back who, to some extent, is still learning his trade and 3 that (charitably speaking) split opinion, a question mark at no. 10 (an unfavoured James? A repurposed Townsend? ) , and a back up striker who hasn't played top level football in a few years.

I also think it will be a miracle if Richy doesn't end up having some significant time out, somewhere in the season, given how much football he's played in the last 15 months.

Whilst I agree that we're playing well at the moment, it seems to me we're only a 2 or 3 injuries away from being in very difficult position, line up wise.

10 Sep 2021 17:20:59
Totally agree Sobs. Compared to last season we have better strength in the attacking areas and got rid of the players that weren't playing or not good enough have gone. Plus the main attacking players are all interchangeable.

I would have liked another right back but there is Kenny, Godfrey and Holgate that can all play there as second fiddle.

As for the CB's they again are all very capable and there is 4 or 5 we can choose from. I'm happy with what we've got.

10 Sep 2021 10:50:45
Hey Ed do you know if DCL is fit for the game on Monday mate.

{Ed001's Note - he is probably going to be ok, they are rating him at a 75% chance of being able to play.}

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10 Sep 2021 12:53:56
Thanks mate.

10 Sep 2021 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 10th September 2021

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See You Next Thursday 30

10 Sep 2021 01:32:21
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, See You Next Thursday 30

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09 Sep 2021 20:28:53
Godfrey and Rodriguez back in training.

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09 Sep 2021 22:45:32
Good. Now get them playing.

10 Sep 2021 07:56:13
Would you really play Rodriguez? Where would you play him in the current set up?

For me if he plays we can't be moving other players around just to accommodate him. He needs to adapt, not his strong suit.

10 Sep 2021 09:52:14
You are right we should not move players about to accommodate him but he could be that difference late in a game
If he shows the wrong attitude he can be subbed straight of like Ferguson on Kean style!

10 Sep 2021 10:07:03
Rodriguez, Iwobi who would you rather have coming off the bench?

10 Sep 2021 12:06:51
One of the great weaknesses of the English game historically has been to dwell on what players can't do. This has often meant that players with decent all round ability are preferred to those who have an exceptional strength to their game. I think that if (I concede that is a mighty big if) he could be got fit and playing near his best, then the club would have someone worth building a team around.

10 Sep 2021 12:19:17
Sorry Glenn, not quite sure if you’re suggesting if Rodriguez gets fit and plays well we should build a team around him?
Why would you want to do that? He’s only here till end of season (can’t see the option being taken up to extend) . You’d then have to set the team up differently when he goes.

We need to be getting players to fit the style the manager and team play not setting team up to suit certain players as if they leave it’s upheaval again.

10 Sep 2021 12:43:05
Not suggesting that at this stage. I was very careful to say someone worth building a team around. Lots of other bridges to be crossed before you would actually start building.

Ed1 on Youtube Live Now

09 Sep 2021 20:15:35
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, Ed1 on Youtube Live Now

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