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04 Mar 2024 11:20:13
Really no point in repeating previous blogs but no team can continually carry two players and expect to get positive results.
Unfortunately Jack Harrison is totally ineffective, runs around a lot but has no idea how to close down, gets caught in possession far too often and rarely crosses a decent ball.
On the opposite wing Dwight McNeil is a one in six games performer who lacks pace and although I appreciate he is undergoing difficulties supporting his wife I believe he is a confidence player which affects his consistency.
Those issues then seriously affect the ability of the two remaining midfielders to effectively control the centre of the park and we are far too easy to play through as a result.
I still feel Idrissa Gueye is vital to a midfield that should include Onana and Garner with Dobbin given a run on the left.
Without being too critical of Godfrey, who hasn't played badly playing out of position, he doesn't offer a real flair in attacking and I feel Patterson/ Coleman should be our right back.
With Doucoure supporting DCL/ Beto and Chermiti given game time when an opportunity arrives.
We certainly need to change our approach and the coaching staff need to focus on the basics of retaining possession by moving the ball a lot quicker and ensuring passes find an Everton man with improved movement off the ball.

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02 Mar 2024 20:28:45
Can't believe Garner his two chances for that late corner and he doesn't clear the first defender twice and they score, he wasn't the only problem so many poor passes again, I thought when we came out second half we played better but the last 5 minutes were awful we won't stay up if we continue to play like that again, but once again results go our way COYB.

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02 Mar 2024 17:31:29
The fans have done their bit to keep the club up, when are the players and manager going to do their bit and earn their pay.?

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03 Mar 2024 12:05:39
I agree. Having gone to the game I can see that us supporters have had the life sucked out of us.
No atmosphere, we just looked it n passively and with trepidation.
It’s becoming so difficult to get up for any game.

02 Mar 2024 17:19:41
I've seen enough now, I don't like the idea of keep changing the manager but dyche is finished. Inept tactics and the players are clueless, spineless and an embarrassment to the shirt. They need to grow some we need wins not draws, like ed025 said we are everton not Wimbledon and if we are going to go down let's go down fighting.

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02 Mar 2024 17:43:56
He will never change Andy the man is out of his depth at this level.

02 Mar 2024 17:49:12
Don’t think anyone would wish for new managers all the time, but I agree, he can’t stay beyond the end of the season. We need someone with progressive, positive tactics and someone that wants to build a squad and a style of play.

02 Mar 2024 20:12:11
And this time owners and fans who will allow time to do it. Rome wasn't built in a day, not will we be rebuilt in a day. I often wonder where we would be if previous managers had been given time.

03 Mar 2024 12:16:57
To think we used to be upset when we didn’t get in the top four. Careful what you wish for ay?

02 Mar 2024 17:19:30
Well again that was bloody awful we don't deserve to stay up playing kamikaze stuff like that, so poor at the end two tries from Garner at his corner with a couple of mins to go and doesn't past the first defender they score, only good thing happened today Luton lost at the death, Man U up next heaven help us.

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02 Mar 2024 20:35:14
How did you know Luton lost at the death at 5.19pm GB when they didn't kick off til 5.30. That is some prediction I hope you had a bet ?.

02 Mar 2024 22:09:18
Think it was the Shiraz after watching us mate.

02 Mar 2024 17:10:09
I walked out before the end of the first half again, I can't watch this type of football we are shocking, I won't be returning until SD has gone, he will take this club down, I would rather we played without a manager than have him, I dislike him more than any other we have ever had.

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03 Mar 2024 12:38:31
It was a painful watch skylark I agree.
All that possession and clueless to know what to do with it.
West Ham didn’t look like scoring and we just couldn’t take advantage.
I’d have Leighton Bains for the remainder of the season if we had the money to pay SD off.

02 Mar 2024 17:09:20
Someone wake me up on Monday and tell me that dyche has gone. This man is tactically useless.

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02 Mar 2024 17:04:42
22 shots including a pen and we score once. No one in this team has the bollocks to stay calm and get goals.

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02 Mar 2024 17:01:48
Another game thrown away.
Negative tactics, lack of any killer instinct in front of goal and inexplicable individual errors.
Can't enjoy watching this team at the moment.

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02 Mar 2024 16:57:53
Utter crap! Good thing Liverpool won! ?.

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02 Mar 2024 15:44:06
This is a hard to watch I'd be amazed if we score today.

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