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See You Next Thursday 29

04 Sep 2021 15:20:08
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, See You Next Thursday 29

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04 Sep 2021 15:08:49
Edoo2 Says the director of football is not responsible for the current financial situation. So please, who is ?

{Ed002's Note - So you can find someone else to trash?

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04 Sep 2021 16:00:24
It's really not too hard to understand, we took a gamble on getting into the European competitions but we failed. If it had been successful, none of our fans would be questioning the finances or digging out members of the board, we'd all be happy that we had European football to enjoy.
At least the issue is being addressed rather than ignored.

04 Sep 2021 15:03:17
Don’t you just love the international break.

All of us sitting back and enjoying the 7pts from 3 games we’ve got, the progression to the next round of the cup and the much better performances we have seen in these 4 games and a manager who actually wants to be at the club and see it succeed.

But then this is Everton so clearly fans are not going to do the above and instead look at something to moan about 🤦‍♂️.

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04 Sep 2021 16:02:58
Well said, gingerdan. Why can't people be happy with a good start to the season rather than rip into certain people at the club?

04 Sep 2021 16:27:55
It’s what some Everton fans like to do mate, good post Gingerdan.

04 Sep 2021 16:46:40
It's the usual suspects out I force again. Just enjoy the ride.

04 Sep 2021 17:44:52
It's OK to question why we are in an ffp mess, just as its OK to be happy we have had a decent start to the season. I myself sit in both camps.

04 Sep 2021 19:11:34
True, efcone, but it's blatantly obvious as to why we're in a mess with ffp. At least we are attempting to right the wrongs.

05 Sep 2021 00:53:59
We are attempting to right the wrongs when we have no other choice. Why are you happy we didn't try and right them years ago as every other 'WELL RUN' club has?

Bravo for finally facing facts.

05 Sep 2021 08:09:56
All the so called top 6 teams owners take out large sums of money every year to line their pockets.
City and Leicester have managed to break into that 6 and good on them.
That is what Farhad is trying to do and good on him for trying. The more that can break the stronghold the more of a level playing field we will all have to play on.
The Premier league P/ S and FFP hasn't changed in years despite the costs of players, wages and inflation rocketing but it still remains 105 million. That can't be right can it?
Farhad is putting money into our club to make it successful and to try and win things and if that's what he wants to do then let him.

05 Sep 2021 11:33:12
BW, you assume wrong, mate. I've known the FACTS for a couple of seasons, the way we were spending wasn't sustainable. So, I'm happy now as it is being addressed rather than left. I would have been happy if the gamble had paid off, like most fans. No point in me repeating smits reply but he makes a good point over your 'well run' clubs.

04 Sep 2021 07:39:06
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 4th September 2021

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03 Sep 2021 23:50:34
IF, our club is in the financial situation that some pundits claim, than it seems to stand to reason that this has not happened over night. I'm not seeking to place the total responsibly just at one person's door, but Mr Bland must have been aware that this was the direction of travel, whilst no one could have foreseen the loss of match day income from C.V., others have suffered the same losses but are seemingly not in our situation.
Knowing what they rules about profit and Sustainability are, Mr Brands dealings in the transfer market should have reflected this, plus the grossly inflated contracts that he offered.
Mess up in any job you get fired, we awarded him a new three year contract . Seems, from the outside, as crazy.

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04 Sep 2021 02:42:26
The problem is JCW is that I don't believe anyone at Everton knows who is charge and who is responsible for the mess. Of course Brands must share some of the responsibility but I don't believe that most of the big signings were his decision or the wages offered were what he would pay. Mina 135 k per week, Allan 115 per week. Gomes 140k per week, James 200k per week, Delph 100k per week or Keane 100k per week. My own view is that these were Moshiri's, his managers or his advisors. Brands probably disagreed but was outvoted. Should he leave because he wasn't being listened too? - possibly as his reputation is tarnished because of it but he has a family to support and maybe he thinks he shouldn't pay for the mistakes of others
Look at Josh King as an example of our stupidity. We panic signed in last day of the window on what wages and then allowed CA to ignore him when it cam to pick the side. Where's the unity of thought/ purpose - how much did we waste

We need one - ONE leader who makes all the decisions and lives or dies by them - not a gang of 5,6,7 - each making signings with no thought for the future of the club.

04 Sep 2021 11:43:18
This right here is the problem. I'll be honest I have no idea how transparent other clubs are, as I don't follow them - but our club is as blurry as it gets.
As fans we are completely clueless as to who is making the decisions. Brands gets generally absolved of all blame as no one thinks he has any influence, which is staggering when you think about it.
Back when Moyes/ Martinez were in charge you knew exactly who was making the decisions. Now I have no idea, and all we do is make mostly ill informed guesses. We even throw about Salary details that we have absolutely no knowledge of like they were facts!

{Ed002's Note - The Director of Football is not responsible for the financial mess Everton are in.}

04 Sep 2021 12:11:03
Not sure how people want to blame Brands for our financial woes, especially when he has seemingly been addressing the enormous wage bill. Have we not seen players being shipped out? Have we been spending silly money on transfers this last window? No, so doesn't that suggest that he's actually doing his job?
I've said it before in this forum, why do we want to find someone to shoot down? One day it's Brands, the next James but at least Tom hasn't been getting any grief of late eh 🙄 why can't we all just be happy for one day and stop sniping for the sake of sniping?

04 Sep 2021 12:26:58
It is hard to know exactly who was behind which decision but from what I can see it looks lke Brands is actually doing his job really well but ultimately all signings need the approval of the manager and the owner. The more panic-buy type decisions on huge wages don't look like his work while the more sensible ones do and most of the silly money signings were before he was involved. Benitez has clearly had input for the most recent ones which look great but I think Brands would have been supportive and probably relieved at the way Benitez is going about things.

04 Sep 2021 14:41:01
I thinks Ed02's comment highlights it all "The Director of Football is not responsible for the financial mess Everton are in"

If it's not the Director of Football that's responsible then who was it? My money is on Moshiri and his advisors and trying to support managers who had the same ethos as some of our fans ' It's not our money so why should we care how much is wasted'

Which brings us back to where we are today cash strapped because of FFP regulations caused by our mismanagement.

03 Sep 2021 15:44:41
When I employed people I agreed the wage they would get and what they would deliver in return. If they then didn't deliver I binned them.
Now I know it's a little different in the crazy world of football. But surely if a guy is being paid 200k a week then he should at least be expected to give 100% effort for that money. Barring injuries of course.
So my point is, if James is not meeting the levels of fitness required, or is not bothering to push for a first team place. Then can the club terminate his contract?
Or is this not possible as the manager has stated he is not part of his plans. Therefore he could argue that he is not been given fair opportunity to produce the goods.
Think given the guys history the club walked blindly into this one. Pity really because there is a quality player in there, what a waste.

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03 Sep 2021 18:26:14
The manager has said he can move on if he wants.
Last season he scored half a dozen goals and half a dozen assists so he's good for the wages.
This season who's saying he isn't fit or not giving 100%? Are you just making this up or do you have insider knowledge? A spy at finch farm?
He wasn't in Rafas plans so was up for sale, now he's still here Rafa will have to suck it up and play him. If he doesn't then that is up to him but leaving our best player out of the squad is a dangerous thing to do and could backfire if results take a dip.

03 Sep 2021 18:50:12
He's been isolating for the same length of time as Godfrey so why are people only talking about James? It was the club who said he was surplus to requirements but there were no takers. He's back training now so it's up to him to get back in the squad and make himself useful until the next window.

03 Sep 2021 18:56:41
Read it again Smit before you try tearing it apart. I clearly said if he is not meeting the levels, at no point do I suggest he isn’t.

03 Sep 2021 19:03:42
Difficult one because at the end of the day we decided to pay him that amount. So would imagine if he is fit and ready to play then he's fulfilling his contract.
Would disagree though that six goals and six assists is worth 200k a week. Yes the guy is one of our best players, but if he only plays half the season then what's the point?

03 Sep 2021 20:12:02
Maybe the lad should take a look at how the young man at Utd conducts himself. 34 and fit as a fiddle. Trains, works hard and looks after himself, and fans at every club he has been at adore him.
Time for James to prove Rafa wrong and show him why he was once deemed world class. Then maybe, just maybe he would be adored by the blue masses once again.

03 Sep 2021 21:02:30
Six goals and six assists last season maybe he could get more if we are playing more attacking football this season, as he was the player who tried to always play forward.

03 Sep 2021 21:17:23
Carlo clearly tucked up Rodriguez as much as if not probably more than he tucked up everyone else associated with the club.

Let’s see how Rodriguez performs if he is given a chance in the team and then decide whether we should be complaining about him.

He clearly came to Everton for Carlo and played well for us last season and was our most creative midfielder last season. Carlo unfortunately left him high and dry by leaving and he now has a manager managing him who has had issues with him previously.

However both Rafa and Rodriguez need to sort those issues out for the benefit of the club - let’s judge both of them when we see how this situation develops or is resolved.

03 Sep 2021 21:38:34
And my point is. Why would you suggest that unless you have inside info, which is what I asked.
You say considering his history, what history? Do you know his agent? Him? His previous managers?
I'm assuming you're reading the papers and assuming they are correct.
What a waste? A waste of what? Because he gets injured?
You're questioning the integrity of a player who has done a decent job for us last season, our 3rd highest in goals and top 2 in assists.
Hes still the best player we have in terms of ability and on last seasons figures was more productive than all the rest apart from DCL and Ricky.
So let's not assume he isn't committed, fit or giving his all without some facts, after all he's played a part in all the pre season games hasn't he?

04 Sep 2021 05:38:48
Who says Rodrigues is the best player at our Club? The lad can pass a ball, he can score goals but other very important aspects are Teamwork, defence, workrate and fitness. Put him in the middle and he drifts wide where opposition then attack at will. Put him wide and then Dacoure is wasted having to spend most of his time covering our right side instead of playing his natural game. Benitez is no mug, he will have done his homework. Yes James is skillful but a luxury.

04 Sep 2021 08:36:52
Who would you say is a better player Bill?
I'm intrigued.

04 Sep 2021 10:07:03
When he played we were weak down his side and teams exploited that. He is not the player you are making him out to be Smit, as great players put 100% in every game and he doesn’t. It is clear we function better as a unit without him. Think Rafa knows this, and that is the reason he doesn’t fancy him.

04 Sep 2021 10:46:19
Very talented on the ball with a superb left foot. In my opinion though there are a number of things that make you a top player and the only one he possesses is ability on the ball.
Smit you say "let's not assume he's not committed or giving his all" - we don't need to assume do we because anyone that watched any of his games last season could see he wasn't committed or giving his all.

04 Sep 2021 11:35:58
james was good last season he's the one on the ball who can flick that pass to dlc or ricky for chance to score don't understand why he has to track back he's an attacking threat i said when he joined he's not a winger his best postion is behind the striker hope rafa can get him back in the team cause at times he can cause teams problems when on the ball.

04 Sep 2021 11:38:32
He had a role in the team last season and it wasn't to track back. In the 1st half of the season he registered the most sprints in the team, hardly a stat of someone not trying.
Yes he has injury problems and the manager knew that and played him accordingly. If he didn't have injury problems do you think he'd join a mid table team?
Look at the best players in the world. Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero, Neymar they don't track back because they aren't asked to. The same as Colman can't get forward as much due to his age and injuries.
For natural and technical ability he is miles ahead of anyone we have, still scores goals and still creates in one of the toughest leagues in the world was our 3rd highest scorer and 2nd highest creator despite his injuries. The lads won everything twice at club level and has played for the best teams in Europe.
Ability wise he's street's ahead of anyone we have.
I'm not sure which games you were watching towards the end of last season but we were awful towards the end, played dire football and James was nowhere near the team. Let's not rewrite the season we were 4th in February and finished 10th. James was injured from around that time so I'm not buying it we function better as a unit without him.

We function better this season with a different manager and players but without seeing James in the team we could be worse or better, who knows?

04 Sep 2021 12:43:28
It's mad that a load of posts on here of late are lauding Iwobi this season yet are questioning James? Comical really. Iwobi has played well for 3 games and the fan base now wants to give him a chance! The club have told James he is surplus to requirements and the fan base quickly try and make out that James isn't good enough, he wants out, he doesn't try etc etc. Fans are extremely fickle.

04 Sep 2021 15:55:34
Smit better all round player (s) Richarlison, Decoure, Alan. Played in their correct positions. Rodrigues would be a good 10, but the lad has no discipline, he will wander, leaving someone else to fill the gaps. Already said he is a very good skillful player, but a Team needs more than that.

04 Sep 2021 16:55:03
Bill. Alan doesn't score goals, and before you say that's not what he is in the team for then isn't that the same as asking James to track back?
James last season made some passes that our lads could only dream of, he scored goals that our forward players will probably never be able to score and he's done the same for every team all his career. That's why he's played for the teams he has and won what he has.
The pundits, managers and players all call him world class and that is what his career has been. People questioning his tracking back, not giving 100% is ludicrous. You don't get to where he has and win what he has by not giving 100%.
Guaranteed if he hadn't got injured in January when we were top 4 we would have got the extra 4 points for European football. Maybe more.

05 Sep 2021 10:14:45
I wouldn't personally be putting him in a bracket with Messi and Ronaldo Smit but game of opinions so fair play to you for seeing it that way.

In one of your posts you mention other people trying to rewrite history. In your latest post you stated that last season James scored goals that our forward players will never be able to score - obviously that's fact because you wouldn't be rewriting history, but they've slipped my mind. Which ones is it you're talking about?

05 Sep 2021 19:28:57
TD the one against united for me was the best but Leicester was also a pearler.
Brilliant individual skill and goals.
All our last season seemed to be prodded in from inside the box. No Digne screamers that we're used to.

03 Sep 2021 14:48:23
Hey Ed 025 do you know anything about ex Jim from Sky
suggesting James should just rip up his contract as Willian did mate, seems strange.

{Ed002's Note - Why would he do that?}

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03 Sep 2021 15:46:08
Presumably the all powerful Jim White thinks James will be influenced by his monumentally stupid suggestion.

03 Sep 2021 15:47:40
It was on the radio mate, and Simon Jordan said just what Ed said. Why would he do that? I wouldn’t, would you?

{Ed002's Note - He can't join another club.}

03 Sep 2021 22:31:30
They were talking about James, Barkley, William and Aurier like just because 2 of them had then the others should.
Both these players were given contracts, neither have under performed compared to how they were previously. So why should they? If the club gives them a contract on their ability and their ability is similar to when they signed then why is it the players fault?
It's the clubs risk and if they had any doubts then the term or salary should reflect that.

03 Sep 2021 09:37:19
Just read the echo piece about Rondons attitude and Mantra not verbatim but as I remember it
“I don’t care if you miss or score an own goal, just put your foot in or you’ll fight me in the dressing room”
Might get that on a t shirt.

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03 Sep 2021 15:49:52
He would just get done for bullying😂.
Imagine the first time he meets Tom D and the lads standing there in his pyjamas and purple shoes😂😂.


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