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03 Apr 2024 14:19:44
Luck had nothing to do with our point last night it was well earned second half after some good subs, Gomes for me was our star player whilst Young who got us the penalty also did well, I know we moan about him but he showed his experience in the box for that pen he knew what he was doing when he went down, I think we were unlucky not to take all three points after Garner came so close, it all bodes well for Sat so bring it on 3 points would be massive to at last get away from the bottom three,

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03 Apr 2024 15:21:19
Luck had an awful lot to do with us getting a point. Luck, Pickford and Newcastle’s inability to finish.

03 Apr 2024 15:35:24
So when we don’t finish chances were awful and when other teams don’t finish chances they’re unlucky?

03 Apr 2024 15:37:19
What about ours mate Garner late in the second half, what goes round comes round same for all Teams.

03 Apr 2024 16:12:58
I agree JB credit is given where credit is due we played far better when Gomes Seamus and DCL came on, we could all carry on about luck what about the bad kind just how many times have other Teams been lucky because VAR wrongly gave them penalties against us and we end up losing,

03 Apr 2024 17:42:21
One thing is certain if we survive we simply must not retain Dyche. Nobody wanted him and we can see why now.

03 Apr 2024 17:45:46
No JB we’re just awful and I didn’t see anything last night to change my mind.

03 Apr 2024 18:43:17
So when Everton players dive, it's good. What a weird bunch.

04 Apr 2024 00:29:15
Luck plays a part for every team in every game, that's football! It's about time we got a bit of it, we've not had much luck this season at all.

04 Apr 2024 05:42:29
Rudder, says a red who comes on to a blue site to try and wind people up. Maybe you should try harder? Your 'banter' has always been questionable whenever you've found your way to our site and that last offering was weak as, lad.
Mad how your lot are challenging for the title but you would rather come on here, bit obsessed aren't you?

04 Apr 2024 07:22:58
I’m not saying we’re good Woburn, but we have some on here who’ll slag the team whatever we do. A good point against Newcastle, if we had any luck, it was well overdue, we’ve played well in games this season and lost so I’ll take a point when we’re off form.

04 Apr 2024 13:48:48
He's just a divvy bluepotato. I just clicked on him and his last two posts on here. one in 2019 saying "would a Liverpool fan have Rafa back, no chance". then the next one in 2021 saying "just appreciate Rafa whilst you have him" ?.

05 Apr 2024 04:56:42
He really needs to work on his banter skills, TD! Honestly, why would you even come on this site when your team is flying high in the league? Absolute bell that one mate.



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