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23 Apr 2024 04:08:39
Whatever league we're in next season, a new manager HAS to be the number 1 priority. Would love Potter but doubt he'd come to us. Moyes returning, maybe. If Newcastle replace Howe, I'd try to get him here. going to stop now as my head hurts lol.

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23 Apr 2024 08:57:14
Cmon mate it will be the Premiership eh.

23 Apr 2024 10:17:49
Moyes has burnt his bridge.

23 Apr 2024 11:24:10
With finances as tight as they are don’t think a new manager will be an option - frustrating as we’re all bored of the drivel being currently served up even though we have a higher point tally than last season.

However with it looking like we need to sell players to achieve PSR compliance would fans be happy if we sold Onana, branthwaite and Pickford to achieve this and then pay off Dyche and spend money on recruiting a new manager if those sales afforded us to do that?

Or if we could achieve PSR compliance by only selling 2 of those players and have Dyche see out the year left in his contract and then recruiting a new manager be preferable?

23 Apr 2024 11:24:12
We burnt it for him, met him a few times since, nothing but good words for the Club and us. Called ambition, we all have it.

23 Apr 2024 11:51:50
Think its crucial that a rebuild structure has to start from the top we all know moshiri doesn't want part of this great club that has clearly been derailed since his ownership of the club 777 still no update on there stance if they do get giving the green light to take over do i want them personally no due to there reputation with other ownership of clubs abroad but is there anyone once actually interested who would consider buying everton if 777 don't and could we go into administration if no takeover is completed be interested get any of the eds thoughts on that situation but basically we need get are wages down so maupay alli gomes keane can go far am concerned would extend gana a 1 year contract if he wants to take pay cut dcl and pickford would consider for good price but can't see anyone interested in dcl due to his injuries braithwaite would love to keep but he will get poached by bigger club and tbh good luck to the lad onana aswell got potential imagine he will be sold but any money we do generate can we trust dyche an thelwell to identify targets am not so sure as for next manager for me i would take moyes yes we know the circumstances in why he left but you can't blame him man united came in for him safe pair of hands knows the club can set a team up to attack an defend in a 90 minute mate that would be my solution potter be good shout but can't see him joining us and my ouysider julien lopetagi fought he done good job at wolves like his set up and attacking philosophy but again would he be interested anyways hope everyone has a good day and hopefully can get a point tommorow against reds tommorow but not holding breath but you never know COYB.

23 Apr 2024 12:30:08
If we are stuck with Moyes until a takeover is complete or his contract expires.

Someone I would like and who could be available but I know would be out of reach for us ATM is Ten Haag, he is going to leave Man Utd but giving the right environment and backing with us think he could move us on as a club, I know not going to happen and his time at Man U not been great but given a stable well ran club with good youth and decent squad, all of which we ain't but kinda guy a club like us could do a lot worse than once the dust settles and a reset begins.

23 Apr 2024 12:36:18
* Think we are stuck with Dyche, that should have read.

23 Apr 2024 12:37:26
Never works when a manager goes back.

23 Apr 2024 15:07:28
Would be absolutely no point in changing the manager now (I mean he's just bought a track suit) . Wait until we have new owners and let them asses what is needed.
There's been a lot of talk about who is being sold, us having no money to buy bla bla bla. But until we know who our new owners are it's all up in the air.
Let's secure Premiership football for another season then see what comes along.

{Ed002's Note - I don't think you realise how serious the situation is and by mid May the club could be looking to Administration.}

23 Apr 2024 15:45:29
Ed002 if we do manage stay up and unfortunately do go into administration would we be looking at more points deducted at start of next season and also including the 3rd psr breach over the stadium spending breach aswell mate.

{Ed002's Note - Potentially, but much will depend on timing. Mid May will be critical.}

23 Apr 2024 16:28:40
All this dross about Dithering Dave Moyes. He may well settle the ship, but after that, spend the next 7-10 years as a nearly man again. The odd top 6 place and venture into Europe, the odd final if lucky. Time to let it rest now and look for a younger manager who wants to be successful and challenge on a regular basis.

23 Apr 2024 22:02:58
At this time the Stadium 'spending' breach is being challenged. I am not an accountant but my son is, understands the situation and has his own thoughts.

23 Apr 2024 17:21:30
No worries ed 002 thank you for feedback great information as always shame clubs been handled with idiots in charge of us.



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