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04 Mar 2024 16:15:15
Their second goal Godfrey makes no attempt to bloke the cross and Micky is slow to get out to block the shot.
Third goal all Garner has to do is beat the first man with the corner. Then when it comes back to him play a simple pass back. Can't manage either.
These are basic things you would expect players at this level to be able to do. Not attempting to block a cross being the one that pi##es me off the most.

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04 Mar 2024 17:38:28
Said that also about Garner, two chances at that corner and he still cocks it up, just can’t keep making silly mistakes like that at this level eh.

04 Mar 2024 22:29:12
Garner is frustrating. Clearly has ability, but is wasteful quite often. The corners were painful to watch. Without his excellent cross we wouldn’t have scored a goal though.

05 Mar 2024 10:01:14
Got one cross right out of how many goes?

05 Mar 2024 13:53:00
He put a couple of decent balls over but only one of his crosses was attacked properly. The lad isn't a winger but still managed to cross more than Mcneil! His corners at the end were disappointing though, especially considering that he came with a reputation as someone decent with set pieces.

05 Mar 2024 16:39:40
Doesn’t need to be a winger to be able to make a decent cross, or even a simple pass.

06 Mar 2024 08:44:35
Obviously, harlex, they should all be able to pass and cross. I was just making the point that he actually made more than our recognised wingers and that he's not the only one. McNeil and Harrison, more so the latter, don't do it enough.



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