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26 Feb 2024 13:48:34
At last we know it's good to get 4 points back hopefully this will give the team a lift and dyche can get us playing pressing and attacking football again because it's been rubbish for a while now. No excuses now dyche pull your finger out and let the team play.

{Ed025's Note - im still not happy with that andy, they were wrong to give us any point deduction in my view and this is just a sweetener to appease the fan base and try to prove there is no agenda against us mate, it doesn,t wash with me..

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26 Feb 2024 14:06:08
Not what I hoped but better than expected. Atleast it lifts us up n hopefully it'll lift the team.

26 Feb 2024 14:06:08
Not what I hoped but better than expected. Atleast it lifts us up n hopefully it'll lift the team.

26 Feb 2024 14:15:38
Another 6 points to hit us then on the next charge I would think.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely GB, the precedent has been set now and i cant see anything bar another 6 point deduction coming our way mate..

26 Feb 2024 14:19:39
I’d expect us to get another 6 point deduction, but if that precedent has been set Forest should get a 6 point deduction as well. That would put us 1 point above Forest. Have to make sure we stay above them regardless.

26 Feb 2024 14:36:11
Would all depend on what was found with this charge to have punishment reduced - hoping that it has a positive impact on the second charge.

Interesting that some legal issues had been highlighted by our brief.

Seems ridiculous that can be punished twice for the same psr issue and from what I’ve read the second charge has come about because of what was found in the first one.

{Ed002's Note - That is not the situation with the second charge. And I suspect a different punishment for the next charge.}

26 Feb 2024 14:55:45
Will forest be expecting a 6 PT hit like us Ed, from what I've read their charge is more serious than our first.

Do you expect both charges to be concluded by the end of the season regardless?

{Ed002's Note - I think it unlikely they will get the same punishment. The Premier League expect the cases relating to Everton and Nottingham Forest to be closed out by the end of the season.}

26 Feb 2024 15:00:17
Apologies Ed, from what I’d read the year that caused our issue leading to the first punishment was also being included in the period for the second charge.

Are you able to shed any light on the second charge and what you suspect the different punishment may be?

Now there’s a precedent set it looks like a points deduction will be how these matters are dealt with going forward - I also imagine there’ll be some punishment for repeat offences.

Whilst it’s a relief to get some points back think there may be a bigger charge on the horizon.

{Ed002's Note - The period is a three year rolling window so Everton are being charged again, but for a different period. There is no presedent and charges are dealt with on their own merits. The situation with Nottingham Forest is very different to Everton. All options remain open in terms of punishment: slapped wrist, points deduction (if found guilty of the serious issues), transfer ban (which may help Everton control their spending - remember, the club is largely broke and having to borrow each month to page wages, and in theory relegation by expelling them from the Premier League).}

26 Feb 2024 15:13:49
Cheers Ed?.

26 Feb 2024 15:19:11
Hi Ed002, appreciate if you expanded on your point above regarding a 'different punishment'. Can I speculate by saying it may not necessarily be a further points deduction but some other sanction? Cheers Ed appreciate your insight.

{Ed002's Note - I would not be surprised if it were a transfer ban.}

26 Feb 2024 15:24:39
Thanks Edoo2. I know you won't be able to be specific with Everton's second punishment, but would you expect it to be more or less severe. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - I would not be surprised if it were a transfer ban.}

26 Feb 2024 15:43:29
Thanks for the insight Ed much appreciated.

Let’s just hope whatever the outcome of the second charge is it is done swiftly so we know what we are faced with - the sooner we know the sooner we can deal with it.

If points deduction we’ll know exactly what we need to do to stay up, if transfer ban then could start to look at whether to keep any of our players with contracts ending this season on as well as starting to blood some of our youngsters.

{Ed002's Note - The plan is before the end of the season.}

26 Feb 2024 16:10:50
Your wise words are often correct ed002. You've cheered my day. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Have a good one Nick.}

26 Feb 2024 16:20:04

If we were to get a transfer ban, would that include loans?

Presume so but unsure.

{Ed002's Note - Yes, it means the club cannot register new players.}



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