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04 Apr 2024 21:47:10
Being retired and there being a fair amount of games on TV this week I have watched a lot of football. What is obvious to me is that players (even on teams lower down the table) seem to have a lot more energy than most of the Everton team. Now I can understand players having more talent and players having more speed but why do Everton players seem more lethargic than most? Do we have fitness coaches? Maybe it's because they are brain-dead or just disinterested in putting in the effort required.

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04 Apr 2024 23:44:47
I think they have been ran into the floor in training. It's not like they've had chance to sit a game or 2 out as we have no squad.

05 Apr 2024 08:58:34
Haven’t they just had a three week break?

05 Apr 2024 17:44:46
3 weeks of getting ran into the floor in Portugal probably.

05 Apr 2024 18:11:02
I am 3 weeks recover after major surgery (8 hrs I am told) discharged after 5 days with less inside than I started with LOL. Today my Grandaughter took me for a 3 mile walk. The point I make is these lads are professional athletes, they have nutritional experts, monitors and scientific approached training programs. I am a 74 year old man, my motivation is family. This lot lack motivation, you don't get that by slapping a lad round the back of the head or 'not interested in the journey' 'we need to change the story'. The bloke is a waffler.

05 Apr 2024 22:31:28
Spot on! They r mediocre players at a mediocre club ran less than mediocre so r just taking their millions and going through motions!
We all give a Sh1T if we go down as we r loyal for life! These guys kiss shirt one minute then move on when better offer comes along ( ie Onana will ) but does a loss spoil their week like it does ours I doubt it!
Apart from Seamus (maybe Beto who I feel cares but knows he’s giving his all but isn’t quite good enough for PL and us) can u name another player blues who really goes care?



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