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15 Mar 2024 18:28:19
I know we all moan and groan about the type of footy our lads have been dishing out recently but not even a week gone by and boy do I miss it, oh to be looking forward to all the banter on match day on the forum, so have a good weekend all and catch up in a fortnight or so, ps maybe the other teams around us will continue to make sure we stay up they are doing their best after all.

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15 Mar 2024 20:48:21
You know GB I have been watching Everton since I was 6, 78 years ago. Until recently I was as enthusiastic as anyone. For many years I went to most home games and some away games and then when I was transferred to the US in 1978 I continued to watch every game which was on TV. I was at Wembley in 1995 when we won the cup. Since then we have been on a decline, we had Kenwright who would not give up his train-set and that led to Moshiri and a financial disaster. I find it very hard to be as fanatical as I used to be, the game has changed, the money men and TV money has taken over and we are no longer the "People's Club". Every Saturday I play golf and record the game, sometimes after reading the reviews I am reluctant to watch the replay. We can only hope that next season brings us more joy and we can get beyond the financial problems and start rebuilding and enjoy watching the games.

15 Mar 2024 21:19:05
Would much rather our lot did it all themselves, they cracked it once with seemingly appeal not needed. Failing that though would welcome 3 worse sides with the nearest 6 or 7 pts adrift.

15 Mar 2024 21:42:19
Really good comment BlueMike. Ditto FA Cup and many others. We should have run a mile from Moshri but the dollar signs were in our eyes. I suspect if we go down we will be down for a while. All down to very poor financial Management.

15 Mar 2024 23:45:56
Yes DFS I have been lucky to have been to two cup finals, 1966 and 1995 and been at Goodison when we won the league and paraded the trophy around the ground. Obviously expectations have been reduced since those lofty days but I do hope that we can resurrect ourselves to being a well run club with good recruiting and one that plays attractive football. If that happens we will not have to worry about relegation every year nor having points deducted.

16 Mar 2024 11:16:13
If we had enough points on the board and actually won some games then maybe we could take the hit if we went into administration.



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