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01 Apr 2024 11:22:50
So if the referee had given a penalty for the tackle on DCL then VAR would have supported his decision? Surely if it's a pen then it's a pen isn't it? Wasn't that why VAR was brought in?

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01 Apr 2024 12:16:34
It definitely was a pen mate all day long, but not for Everton eh.

01 Apr 2024 12:23:42
Clear and obvious.

01 Apr 2024 13:59:41
At this point var seems to be making it up as they go. How that wasn't given as a penalty is unbelievable but we're just bot getting the rub of the green this season. Sad.

01 Apr 2024 15:30:26
The amount of clear chances we have not taken this season is why are where we are, VAR is not to blame.

01 Apr 2024 16:02:32
That obviously comes into it, efcone, but some of the decisions made by var against us have been baffling. That at the weekend was a nailed on pen for me yet the ref missed it and var didn't even look at it.

01 Apr 2024 21:26:19
You take the legs from under the player in the box with no contact on the ball… it’s a penalty. Couldn’t believe it wasn’t given when I saw it.

VAR should have overturned the decision. What is the point in it if not to correct errors of the ref and lines people?

We would have gone on to lose anyway due to current tactics but would have been nice to have something go our way.

01 Apr 2024 22:02:30
Contact was minimal VAR.

02 Apr 2024 08:45:45
Contact on Gonacho by Tarkowski was minimal but it was still a pen hmm?



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