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28 Feb 2024 10:15:00
Everton open to handing Deli Ali a new contract. Fake News, wind-up or what!

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28 Feb 2024 12:32:23
Would all depend on what the terms of the deal were.

There’s a player in there and he’s struggled with injuries since we signed him - would be good to see him play for us particularly after we’ve supported him through his troubles and injuries.

However would have to be at a much reduced wage to make it a viable option particularly if he remains injured.

28 Feb 2024 13:01:39
Why would we want to offer him a new contract if he remained injured GD?

Bonkers to think like that, he needs to warrant one and be hungry to earn one.

Wanted it to work for Dele but it hasn't nor seems likely, best to move on for both parties, we can't do sentiment in our current situation.

28 Feb 2024 13:52:22
Not for me the day he turned up in a Rolls Royce for training at Finch Farm said it all best we get rid.

28 Feb 2024 13:58:28
I’m with Mocker.

I think Moshiri and Bill saw him as a James sort of signing but he never lived up to the hype and robbed us of £100k a week for the pleasure. He’s still doing it until the contract runs out.

28 Feb 2024 14:53:53
Would like to see deli get giving a try but can't see it respect to the lad honestly but i think we would save wages if we let him go same goes for gomes holgate maupay keane.

28 Feb 2024 15:07:02
Get rid. He was a waste in Turkey. Remember the day he turned up looking like a hippy at Goodison!

28 Feb 2024 15:43:02
Get rid, but not because of a Rolls Royce.
He could drive a spaceship as long as he had an impact on the pitch. He represents everything that has been wrong with our club since Mosh came in. Overspending on underperforming players.

28 Feb 2024 16:31:52
Only contract we should even consider would be a pay as you play heavily incentivised deal.

{Ed025's Note - just get shut and have done with it for me Gibbo, total waste of space if you ask me mate..

28 Feb 2024 18:15:42
Need to end this home for the injured.

{Ed025's Note - im with you Woburn..

28 Feb 2024 18:52:55
Sorry mocker - meant that if he was still injured but nearing a return then the contract would have to reflect that like a pay as you play deal as Gibbo suggested.

28 Feb 2024 18:59:02
Even though he has struggled with injuries and has mental health issues, it's hard to have any sympathy for him.

The lad had talents that set him above most players but he has done his very best to blow them.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely WT..

29 Feb 2024 01:35:00
Saw this again on BBC transfer gossip for Thursday. If we offer him a contract given all the problems and issues we’ve got going on off the field concerning wages being too high, I’m done with this club. Seriously, he never plays and is one of the top earners at the club. Whoever dreamt up the initial deal needed their head to be given a wobble; whoever offers him another contract needs their head to go to the chop! Absolutely idiot decision making from the club if there is any truth in this.

29 Feb 2024 10:03:19
If there is any truth in this Ali new deal, who at the club would be responsible. Whoever it is wants a long think about what has he produced since he arrived and at what cost.
Maybe a deliberate leek from the club to sound out fans reactions to the idea.

{Ed002's Note - The club do not "leek" anything to get fans opinion. At the moment the club cannot afford to play him.}

29 Feb 2024 11:15:41
Surely in any walk of life you get a longer contract as a result of your performance at work. He is no longer PL level and needs to either move down 1-2 leagues or see if any takers abroad.
Only exception to that with Deli is if he has got over his mental health problems which as a result improve his standard and only club will know that.
Think we still have a duty of care as he appears to be quite vulnerable.

01 Mar 2024 07:43:00
On grass and training. The Club will see how he is doing. My question is not about his past but about his present and showing the coaching staff consistency. His injury problems are a concern. Ed says the Club cannot afford to play him. How much would they have to pay Spurs.

01 Mar 2024 10:12:48
At the moment it’s about 10m. That’s 10m we don’t have.



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