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29 Mar 2024 06:50:23
As much as we need to keep our better players, the reality is that we need to sell.

Seems that Man U, Man City and Newcastle are very interested in Braithwaite. We need to encourage a bidding war to maximise the price. what would be a good price for him?

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29 Mar 2024 08:35:56
I would value Branthwaite at £100m. I base this on the fact didn’t Arsenal pay £100m for Rice, also John Stones wasn’t he sold for £50 years ago. So he’s got to be in the £100m valuation. Young and recently in the England squad, he is Everton’s most valuable playing asset. Certainly wouldn’t sell below £90m.

I would put valuation of £60m on Pickford and Onana and would sell either or both of these before Branthwaite. But we are not in ideal situations and £ signs flash before forward thinking.

29 Mar 2024 10:13:31
The issue with Branthwaite being sold is there is no one to replace him. Keane, Holgate, Godfrey, that’s terrifying. At least with Pickford and Onana there are good enough players waiting to take their place.

29 Mar 2024 10:29:22
Newcastle? Aren’t they potentially having to sell a few players to avoid psr issues? Therefore not sure they’d be able to afford the alleged £70m+ figure that’s been mentioned.

Would also be rather disappointed if branthwaite went to Newcastle as you’d hope he’d be aiming higher, the guy is one of the best centrebacks around and could play at any top club.

29 Mar 2024 11:09:01
No way 100m but it will be a big fee. Reckon close to 70m with a sell on clause and all kinds of win bonus may push it higher. I'd imagine we'd demand full payment and that may mean a small deduction on what could have been possible. Then if see us being given a budget of up to £10m find another lower league future star and possibly a loan. I'd not be surprised if we go after someone like Evans on a 12 month. The one area we can afford to weaken slightly is defence. Considering we have a top 5 performing defence when we only need a top 17 performing one for next season. This summer has to be all about getting in a unit of ugly guarantee scorers for cheap. We need to add 20 goals to this team somehow.

29 Mar 2024 11:27:54
What we need to reduce our liabilities. It is the wage bill that needs to come down and Braithwaite is on little.

29 Mar 2024 13:56:16
Agree, but if you want to keep him then you will have to pay him a lot.



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