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05 Apr 2024 07:37:31
I think the uncertainty of our situation is affecting everything. I know we all know these problems but can you imagine what it’s like with all this going through the players heads because it will be.

Will we get hit with another unfair points deduction
Will we not get any more points taken off us and we only need to beat those around us and we’ll stay up
Will we get new owners and will they be 777
Will 777 get rejected and we start again
Will there be money to spend
Will we get a different manager with new owners
Will we go into administration and get 9 points taken away
What happens if we get relegated due to points deduction.
Will I need to move clubs to keep my international status but my family are settled here
Will I get a new contract because I want to stay here
Do I get a new contact anywhere or is my time up
Plus all the other personal matters that are going on in the players lives .
Two decisions out of the clubs hands are the cause .

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05 Apr 2024 07:50:16
Realism BigC??.

05 Apr 2024 08:57:57
Mmm not sure todays footballers think about any of that to be honest.

05 Apr 2024 09:53:39
Money doesn't stop people worrying about their family and kids Woburn, BigC makes some valid points especially those about uprooting when started.

Ps further to Paterson link below in regards crossing etc and pushing on, like Kieran Tierney both were immense in Scotland, but completely different standard in premiership, less time on the ball and better positional defending meaning crosses that were deemed decent in a average league don't cut it at top top level, work very much needed but agree our coaching isn't working obviously.

05 Apr 2024 10:17:20
Mocker how many players stay at any club for more than three or four years? At the end of the day they’re contractors, so they won’t mind moving as long as the money is coming in.
As for Patterson well we will just have to agree to disagree on that one.

05 Apr 2024 14:33:29
There’s no loyalty to any club these days regardless of what money there on, and some of that is down to not being local lads.

06 Apr 2024 10:56:03
Seamus Coleman!
Pickford @lm staying
Onana I’m staying
Gana there is only one club I’d come back to
To name but a few
Granted there are some that don’t get it Van der Meyder for example
But we can’t keep on about “ once Everton has touched you etc. and then say there’s no loyalty
I believe that if we hadn’t been skint Richie wouldn’t have left and if we could afford him he’d come back/ home
So there is loyalty with players, and I don’t except that they’re just contractors also even contractors have personal problems, and have concerns that the contact there on might finish for one reason or another. Our reasons are out of their control and even out of the clubs it’s all in the hands of Masters and his buddies.

06 Apr 2024 14:39:34
Your rely naive if you think footballers are loyal to clubs. The fact that you can count on one hand how many stay for any length of time shows that. Kiss the badge and move on.

06 Apr 2024 17:04:16
Did the line
To name a few get missed? I could go on and on also not local lads all that seems to happen on here is the local lads get slaughtered?!?!



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