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05 Mar 2024 11:14:00
Doesn't matter what people's opinions are regarding 777, the facts are the deal was agreed in September with Moshiri and 6 months later we are still waiting for the Premier league to give approval. Man U agree a deal with Ratcliffe on 24th December and it was approved less than 2 months later. I know the process would take longer as to their apparent reputation but 3 times as long and counting.

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05 Mar 2024 13:49:14
Maybe the league should have told them no earlier but, for me, it just shows that 777 group is not the right fit for any Premier league team, not just us. If they had the finances in place they would have had an answer by now. They have missed deadlines, allegedly, for important paperwork to be submitted. If that is how they are acting before a takeover, how are they going to act if they get the nod? The Premier league might be doing us a favour by dragging it out. Anyone that doesn't see the red flags this group display needs their head reading! I really hope the rumours of other potential owners are true, I don't want 777 any where near this club.

05 Mar 2024 14:39:19
I agree mostly but to compare to the man Utd real is wrong. That's a part buyout of 25% not the same checks etc. The deal to compare it to is Newcastle.

05 Mar 2024 15:37:34
But 3 times linger and more delays to come, doesn't matter if its 777, 666 or 999 a decision should not take 6 months +.

{Ed002's Note - It hasn't taken 6 months to make the decision. It hasn't sat with the Premier League for six months. Due process.}

05 Mar 2024 16:59:39
They shouldn't be allowed near this club they are a shambles they are getting loans to give us loans they are fraudsters, turmoil at there other clubs, credit rating downgrades at there companies. I know we need a takeover but if the premier league give clearance for this an it goes tits up witch it will the buck has to stop with them, right now it's there responsibility.

{Ed025's Note - Certainly not my choice Shakey, but im not sure what other alternatives we have mate..

05 Mar 2024 17:36:15
Tim Cahill if only Ed.

05 Mar 2024 18:21:05
Would you really want the Qataris GB.

Not for me. Felt strongly against world cup being there not going to change my view just because involves EFC. We are better than that as a club I'd hope.

05 Mar 2024 18:55:38
OK then the "process" should not take 6 months from the time of both parties agreeing the transaction.

05 Mar 2024 20:28:56
It probably wasn’t true in the first place mate, I like everyone on here want all this uncertainty to be over and get back to proper footy.

05 Mar 2024 20:51:18
Yeah me too GB, but not at any cost of losing our principles and values.

05 Mar 2024 21:26:09
Hopefully we survive this season and a new buyer will then come forward.

05 Mar 2024 22:05:56
Think they went when the Russians took over Mocker.



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