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10 Mar 2024 10:02:49
Dyche saying he's going to work them hard on their little "holiday".
No practice crossing and finishing . Oh and a bit of pass and move might be good.
Don't want eleven Harrison's running around but producing nothing thanks.

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10 Mar 2024 11:18:53
I'll go with Linkers advice of "try a little calm and composure" over his rollerball tactic "you must hurt yourself to score" nonsense. Hope there's a pro striker coach wherever he's dragging them away to.

10 Mar 2024 12:31:30
Mate, the RS hired a special-ist throw-in coach surely there's a finishing coach out there. I wonder if the likes of Lineker, Shearer or Wright fancy popping in to finch farm a couple of times a week, or maybe Henry? what's Aguero upto these days? Maybe that's the role Sharpey should of had instead of a seat on the board?

10 Mar 2024 12:42:09
The whole Team are so wound up (not as much as us fans I hasten to add) everything they do is so frantic and there’s no composure at all it’s all done at 100 mph, no doubt all this negative stuff going on and on re points deduction must be having some effect on them, they have to cool it.

10 Mar 2024 14:58:17
Wouldn’t Rooney be the better call as a striker coach.
Should do it for free if he loves us that much.

10 Mar 2024 16:51:16
Sorry these guys are paid a lot of money to play football. Passing and shooting should be a given.

11 Mar 2024 17:34:43
Harley, I think Sean, Ian Woan and Steve Stone, despite playing the game, can’t see the wood for the trees.



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