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17 Apr 2024 13:05:41
Hello all,

I’ve waited for the dust to settle a bit on Monday’s car crash before saying anything.

I was in Cambridge that night watching Stewart Lee, which was so funny I nearly pee’d.

I then checked the score after the show and really had the p*ss taken out of me!

What’s strange is that I am actually hopeful that we will make amends for Monday by beating Forest at the weekend. In truth though its the hope that is killing me at the minute!

{Ed025's Note - im glad you never seen the comedy at the bridge on monday Benny, i dont know how anyone can be optimistic about the Forest game though mate, for me they are a lot better team than us..

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17 Apr 2024 13:16:54
Think the players owe us a performance ed 025 tbh mate us fans pay to travel home and away but seems to me that last 4 years between April and may we need to make an atmosphere at goodison to cross us over the line when its the players responsibility to go out and put in a performance not saying were going to win every week but the way team sets up and dyche am not to optimistic staying up am afraid.

{Ed025's Note - if anyone can drag us over the line Andy its the supporters like yourself mate, to be honest this club and set of players dont deserve you imo, but if the best most passionate fans in the land cant save us...maybe we dont deserve saving..

17 Apr 2024 14:02:47
Very true Ed, the core supporters are fantastic and a credit to the club, I also can't see how people think we beat Forest, Brentford or Luton with our set up and severe lack of mobility.

Easy to say but think the 1st Goal is critical, we don't get it we lose

Can't see anything other than defeats V Arsenal and the reds.

Hopefully but not confident on the Sheff Utd game.

Said for months this season has not felt the same for a lot of reasons, we severely lack energy and a spark on the pitch, not sure our great supporters can drag us over the line on this occasion and if not the club deserves everything that comes it's way, they have us themselves and us supporters down time and time again.

{Ed025's Note - very true Mocker, i would love to be wrong mate but as you say there is definite lack of energy and belief in this team, add to that the lack of leadership and direction it makes it a really difficult task to try and rescue this season...if not impossible..

17 Apr 2024 15:24:51
Of course still very much in our hands but the increased off field problems and pessimistic future view as sucked hope out of most of us.

Richy and Gordan had that zest and sparkle about them to at least get us up the pitch and close down whilst connecting with the fans especially at home. None of that this season, all very pedestrian.

Dyches biggest problem for me this season he just ain't freshened it up and not even give the fans something to grasp and cheer like a young lad chucked in, know it's hard but we need something to feed off.

At the point in last 2 seasons I was reasonably confident of 1 or 2 big performances keeping us up, don't get that vibe at all this.

Even IF we do stay up, going to be very much the same next couple seasons minimum, a reset is very much needed, I know relegation would cripple us but perhaps what could spark us as a club.

Something tho does say in back of my head the financial stuff will get sorted in a positive manner, not sure how or who and probably just blind hope and faith but all am hanging onto at the moment, hard to imagine and think football would allow a founding member to just crumble in this manner.

They is a lot going on in this world which far out weighs our importance but as so many fans of football is a way of taking yasen away from all the negativity, not good for you when it starts to make thinks worse.

We as a club will survive 1 way or another, wether that's in the top flight is another matter, we have dined at the top table before and we will again. ??. Keep the faith and ya sanity. Only a game as the missus keeps saying ?.

17 Apr 2024 18:18:58
I currently don’t see us as being better than anyone in the league and I include Sheffield in that.
Can’t see any points on the horizon unfortunately and that means we’re down.

17 Apr 2024 18:49:30
Keep the faith Chalkie we will stay up.



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