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25 Feb 2024 23:27:55
Another rumour going around is that the owner of the New York Yankees ( Hal Steinbrenner) is also ready to step in and buy Moshiri out. Figure of £1 billion to buy shares clear debt, loans etc and squad investment.
He has a part share in AC Milan so football investment wouldn’t be a new deal.
Who knows what’s going to happen it’s all a big mess at the moment and either something is very wrong with 777’s investment or the premier league are being obstructive.

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26 Feb 2024 01:11:32
If you think I hate the Red Sox and the Fenway group, the Yankees are a whole other level of vitriol from my part.

All said, I’ll accept Steinbrenner and is money and organization. Any links to that rumor?

26 Feb 2024 08:01:10
It was a RossAftbl on X, number of them seen a BMD ?‍♂️ not sure on strength but thought I’d pass it on.

26 Feb 2024 16:05:58
If true, our skies could be blue again Big C.

26 Feb 2024 20:36:38
Nothing wrong with the Yankees, the most successful baseball team, well run and make a lot of money. Can't see it happening unfortunately but if it did they would turn this club around to be well run, successful and most importantly much more pleasurable to watch.

26 Feb 2024 21:12:26
I would take that, would also take Arabs but not Saudi's, mind you it didn't bother Masters.

28 Feb 2024 10:37:14
Nought wrong with baseball. Once pulled a hammy playing rounders.

28 Feb 2024 14:03:54
Very popular sport around my wat HK, local sports shops are always sold out of bets, plenty of balls in stock though?.

31 Mar 2024 09:57:58
Big C if you maybe had got yanks in years ago your club would be on a solid footing instead you took a man who had no idea of running a football club and spent his or someone elses money hand over fist 777 are yanks but have investers from around the world and owe money to a number of people and the teams they are involved with complain they take money out of club but put nothing back . FSG have made mistakes but on the whole they have been a god send to Liverpool fc.



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