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08 Apr 2024 07:38:54
Pure speculation with the charge against us to be delivered this week maybe today hopefully, but I reckon we will get a slapped wrist which would be brill we can then move on finally from this awful period.

{Ed025's Note - yeah that would be great GB...but dont hold your breath mate..

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08 Apr 2024 08:20:06
We can live in hope mate, we are duesome good news eh.

{Ed025's Note - this is Everton mate..

08 Apr 2024 08:45:37
Whats you're thoughts on the points deduction ed 025 can you see us maybe getting a slap on the wrist or you reckon it will be point deduction and if we do how many in you're opinion or even ed 002 would we likely to receive mate.

{Ed025's Note - im thinking...nay hoping..that its a small points deduction andy, maybe 2 points, that will at least still give us a fighting chance i would say mate, any more and i think our days will be numbered..

08 Apr 2024 08:47:33
Slap on the wrist would be good but I think we'll get 4 points like Forest, the more I think about it.

08 Apr 2024 09:10:21
Well if we get 4 points will we get 2 back for being helpful chaps.

08 Apr 2024 09:51:57
Love it Woburn mate.

08 Apr 2024 10:08:27
?? love it woburn.

08 Apr 2024 11:43:10
I'm hoping that someone has the sense to realise that no matter what our transgression, 2 points deductions in the same season is grossly unfair and we either get them deferred to next season or get a fine instead.

{Ed002's Note - It is far from unfair. And as I have explained, I expect there will be a third charge to deal with for next season.}

08 Apr 2024 12:34:21
Ed002 - What do you think would be a reasonable punishment for this second breach?

Wouldn’t be surprised if was another points deduction but seems very harsh to get 2 points deductions in the same season.

{Ed002's Note - Typically repeat offenders would get an increased punishment each time. I would expect a further points deduction (maybe four points reduced from six for not hindering matters) to be informed to the club - perhaps even today. There will be a further charge if the club cannot make significant sales by June 30 to offset further losses. If that were the case then a transfer ban may be put in place.}

08 Apr 2024 13:56:14
If, as reported, they change the rules to financial penalty from next season, would that prevent possible points deduction and/ or firesales?

{Ed025's Note - thats a good point TL..



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