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18 Mar 2022 17:57:11
I see Everton are appealing the Red card given to Allan yesterday.

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18 Mar 2022 18:37:31
As normal for Everton its been rejected, was a poor challenge but didn't warrant a red. We also get rewarded with var ref attwell for the cup tie, who we get stitched upwith on var probably moss or Kavanagh.

18 Mar 2022 19:53:33
Being claimed reason for red was both feet were off the ground and contact was above the ankle.

{Ed0666's Note - the more I see the incident the redder it gets tbh

18 Mar 2022 20:33:36
Contact was on St Maximin’s foot, if the ref thinks it was above the ankle he’s either blind or needs a lesson in anatomy.

18 Mar 2022 20:27:24
Thanks for posting that Ed - had spoken to loads of folk including plenty of reds that thought it was laughable so it's good to have found a human being other than the officials that thought it was red!
Anyway, with the prem saying it was correct decision surely Pawson should sit out for a while? I know they're all rubbish, but the guy was literally 5 yards away and got a huge decision wrong in their opinion - he only changed his mind because his mate disagreed. He wasn't unsighted, and they don't think it was grey area (apparently VAR is for clear and obvious errors) so what is his explanation for the original decision?

{Ed0666's Note - honestly mate they all need to sit out for a while and take a course the FA is currently running called ‘refereeing for dummies’

18 Mar 2022 22:21:08
Well look again he barely touches his boot. Ridiculous decision, but hey let’s just add it to the rest and crack on.
Oh and look who’s refereeing the Palace game. You couldn’t make this crap up.

19 Mar 2022 01:03:34
Its so corrupt, the only decent refs have been pensioned off. Why dobt they use former refs as var refs and get shut of that prick mike riley, he was a crap ref and was so far up fergusons arse he was licking his tonsils. can't we have a vote of no confidence in the refs.

19 Mar 2022 01:19:18
It was literally 'touch' (the slightest of contacts) and 'go' (red card)

If the referee had given a red from the start and it went to VAR and the sending off wasn't overruled I doubt there would be many complaints as there wasn't an obvious error in giving something either way

The fact it was so close either way is the annoying thing because there was no obvious error whether it had been given or not. No obvious error should have been the call and therefore no red card

One of these days a ref is going to stick to his decision and tell VAR he didn't make an obvious error but not to the benefit of Everton.

19 Mar 2022 10:50:06
As much as I agree that the ref and his cronies in the bar room need their heads banging together, I think we should still be unhappy with Allan making such a tackle. Considering the magnitude of the game and our perilous league position, his tackle was plain stupid at best. He knew what he was doing and only has himself to blame. That could have cost us dearly, luckily for him Iwobi got him out of the crap.

19 Mar 2022 11:25:00
Var not bar ?.

19 Mar 2022 09:50:11
Ed the more I see you the ''redder' you get tbh ??????.

{Ed0666's Note - touché mate touché ?????

19 Mar 2022 17:16:55
I'm not sure about that bluepotato. They were hitting us on the break and the guy who destroyed us a few weeks ago had the ball. If Allan did nothing and they went and scored we'd have been fuming. It was the sort of cynical, nailed on yellow card, we see week in week out in the league!

19 Mar 2022 19:17:34
TD, think we still had men behind the ball as they broke. Both of his feet were off the floor and the tackle was cynical, dangerous and petulant. As a senior player, in a game of such importance, I'd expect better. Let's be honest, we all feared the worst as soon as the yellow was overturned!
Once the yellow had been given it should have stayed at that and not changed at the command of the bungling var officials. But I wouldn't have complained too much if it had been a straight red in the first place. Var screwed up but Allan let himself and the fans down imo mate.

20 Mar 2022 10:33:26
Sorry disagree, it was a professional foul, you see them in every game, and let’s face it anyone running at our defence has a chance of scoring.



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