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04 May 2024 09:42:43
Wonder what barkley was talking to beto and pickford about after the match ? surely he can't be thinking of coming back? Think he got advised badly with how he left but he is a lot better than anyone we have in that position and has obviously matured now. he might have found his place in football and stay with Luton but i doubt it. Any opinions lads?

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04 May 2024 10:04:24
Not just about how he left.

04 May 2024 10:13:23
Barkley's problems were never on the pitch.

04 May 2024 11:12:56
Fairshout I just thought he was a d. k with how he left. I don't know what he was like off the pitch ? horrible person I'm gathering? And couldn't take the pressure of playing for the biggest and best team in the world COYB'S.

04 May 2024 11:32:53
He was a kid. We’ve all never made any mistakes ay? I’m sure he regrets how he left. He’d be one of our better players if he did join.

04 May 2024 12:09:11
I think both the two Luton forwards would improve us, not a Barkley fan myself too much baggage.

04 May 2024 12:10:07
As a player yes would take, no brainer as cheap, knows the club and has been excellent this season.

Downside is his off field antics and the fact he would be coming back into a city that by all accounts heade quite a few enemies and upset 1 or 2 people who let's say may hold a grudge still.

For the lads sake probably best he carries on his uprise in his career out of the city unless the darker side has been sorted and he can concentrate on his performances without the drama off it.

04 May 2024 12:36:04
Well I won't be sorry to see the back of Gomes and onana after there cameos lastnight they have definitely already checked out for me. feel sorry for harrison as he puts a shift in but to predictable going forward with no end product which is frustrating. And nowhere near the £30 million price tag i have heard Leeds want ????? idrissa young Coleman out of contract aswell proper small squad for SD to rebuild with bargains.

04 May 2024 12:31:48
He was mid 20s .
And yes I made many co9k. ups and sometimes still do but I never phooked about with notorious gangsters. It's a pointless question because as Mocks said. He ain't comimg back to Liverpool not even to visit his gran without personal security.

04 May 2024 12:49:59
24, loads of cash and and a lack of support. Harsh to hold a grudge, but that’s people for you isn’t it.
If not him, then certainly the type we’ll be looking at - free!

04 May 2024 13:03:48
Didn't know that about Barkley. and will definitely be rebuilding with free bee's JB.

04 May 2024 13:37:25
Told to get out the city with his kneecaps still intact apparently Ronmac.

That's the other side of a professional player we probably all don't appreciate JB, bags of cash and hanger ones and where there is money and glamour follows the darker side of life and a need to have ya wits about ya and not upset the wrong kind.

04 May 2024 14:25:27
And there was me thinking he was just a c. t and like you say money glamour gangsters.



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