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30 Dec 2016 23:26:26
Last week someone suggested why Davies needs to be eased into the team.

Svenny, below is the perfect example of why these young players of ours will suffer. Too much expectation and a poor performance which personally I don't think Davies had, and certain fans want to throw them away.

The KID is 18 years old and he gets this kind of gratitude when trying his best in an unfamiliar team in many respects. Beggars belief.

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31 Dec 2016 00:09:30
Couldn't agree more mate. Some of these so called fans need to get a grip of themselves, they are an absolute joke. Davis had maybe one stray pass and he is labelled as not good enough? Crazy talk.

31 Dec 2016 00:19:11
Thought he brought Barkley into the game myself.

31 Dec 2016 00:38:30
Utter nonsense, I'm lowering expectations. He's just a plodder. Not saying he's worse than Barry but he's not someone to build a team around. I'm saying leave him alone he'll be a great pro football player if left alone.

31 Dec 2016 00:43:16
He made a difference and played a great ball through which nearly ended in a goal, next season he will be a star .

31 Dec 2016 08:40:20
I probably have no right for the following comment but do those such as Svenny really know anything about the game. I do know that sometimes I see games differently than our Management and coaching staff but trust that because they have been employed that just perhaps they know more than me. Unsworth sees these lads every day and has a very high opinion of those such as Davies, just look how they played on the last game of last season when introduced. We have some really good young players coming through and we need to trust in our current coaching staff. We all know the problems caused through stubbornness over the last 3 seasons and we all know Koemans statement of needing (at least) 2 years to get us back on the right track. May I finish by wishing everyone at this great Club a wonderful 2017. (After my impending Gym session shortly, the rest of the day and night will become very messy, I doubt very much I shall be capable of cohesive thought) .

31 Dec 2016 09:49:29
I know we will never win a title if Tom Davies is "our future"
People are misinterpreting my point. Davies does look good and I'm sure he'll have a great future and career, I just think the love in is unfair firstly on him and secondly because it's purely based on his age.
I see it as we have all accepted mediocracy for so long that when I dare to dream of more I'm shut down as a non fan who just slags them off. I don't I support but quite frankly outside of about 4 players in our entire 23 man squad not a single club positioned above us in the league would take our players, including Davies. That's the gulf in class.

31 Dec 2016 11:10:55
Plodder and bang average has no misinterpreration and you never win a title with just one player.

I don't think anyone has said he is a Rooney or a Barkley but in the role he does he has shown that the lad has talent. You can't expect every player that is young to be a player full of tricks you also need the grafters.

I understand you want better players at our club and the team is not a team to challenge but ripping apart an 18 year old whos played a handful of games is spiteful.

You'll get your wish and so will we of better players and a more competitive team over the coming years. Hopefully though some of our young talent will break through as well. In spite of some fans wanting them gone before they've even had a chance.



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