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20 Jul 2018 10:46:30
Blimey Ed 025 being reported now that Bolassie is now only worth £15 million, so nowhere near to what we paid for him, is that due to the very poor recruitment drive of the last regime at Everton or due you reckon that we paid well over the odds for him mate cheers.

{Ed025's Note - we did pay well over the odds GB but with his dip in form i think £15m is about right mate..

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18 Jul 2018 07:26:36
Wikkipedia states Malcom as an Everton player already? He certainly has a left foot and bags of skill and pace, but from the short footy tube video of him, he seems to run into trouble and gets fouled an awful lot. His end product is often poor but guess we will see when he puts a Blue shirt on in the Premiership. I suspect he will be injury prone a little like Jack Wilshire. another player with bags of pace but invites tackles. Have a look if you disagree with me.

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20 Jul 2018 21:40:31
You could be talking about Bolassie.

14 Jul 2018 21:32:31
Not going well for Everton. Why do I say that! Beating a Team 22-0 that is why.

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11 Jul 2018 22:25:55
Well it was a decent run, but let's be honest we had the easiest run to the semis in World Cup history! . Feeling pretty depressed right about now : (. Bring on the season and let's get some signings in.

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11 Jul 2018 21:47:53
From being so dominant in the first half where Croatia looked shellshocked, England had a very poor second half imo. Ali looked unfit and should have been replaced at half time imo and Henderson played more balls backwards than he did forwards. England did okay to get this far, but as I said the other day, we hadn't really faced a team of any quality and it showed tonight when we backed off and let Croatia play.

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12 Jul 2018 13:46:26
Son in Law is a red never the less he is the one our Daughter chose so that's it. I have never rated Henderson from Middlesbrough to Liverpool, for me he just doesn't have it. What we saw last night from Henderson is the equivalent of what we watched for a great deal of last season from Schneiderlin. They lay the ball off quickly sideways, backwards in order to make themselves look good, whether that puts the receiving player in trouble or not. The Son in Law you will not be surprised reckons Henderson is playing the best he has ever seen from him. The mind boggles but as I say he is the Daughters choice and I love her.

{Ed001's Note - next time one of you tools uses RS I will delete and ban you. Tits like you are why Evertonians get called bitters. I am sick of this idiotic kind of thing and I won't edit it out any more I will just remove scum who think it is ok to call other 'shite'. It is disgusting and anyone who thinks it is ok is not welcome on this or any other of our sites.}

12 Jul 2018 18:28:49
I never mentioned the term 'RS' Ed001 so I trust you'll make it clear the 'idiotic scum' tag wasn't aimed in my direction.

{Ed001's Note - sorry mate, I thought it was clear my reply was aimed to the post it was attached to, not you.}

12 Jul 2018 21:00:29
NP. The confusion was obviously on my part. Cheers Ed.

{Ed001's Note - that's fine mate, don't worry.}

12 Jul 2018 21:10:24
Ed001: Can we refer the lot across the park as “the dark side”?

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, there is no problem with that. It is ok to have banter about it, but s***e steps over the line into pure hatred and is something I will not allow Liverpool fans to use in reference to Everton or any fans about others.}

12 Jul 2018 22:34:46
I’m blue through and through, but I think Henderson had a very good World Cup. Broke up play, pressed opposing midfield (aside from Croatia, but then none of our players did) and didn’t waste possession.

He’s not dynamic, splitting defences with his passing, but that’s not his job. I didn’t really rate him before the World Cup but he’s risen massively in my eyes, as have most of the rest of the England players.

18 Jul 2018 07:45:11
I am with you Windsor except I do rate Henderson for the job he does. Yes his passing ability is not the greatest and his figures of goals and assists reflect that. But he works his socks off and presses and presses and tackles and wins the ball so many times and then gives it to more creative players within the team. If he had a decent pass or shot, he would be some player. As yet, England do not have the complete midfielder. so Henderson does one job whilst other players supply the other bits needed.

11 Jul 2018 13:32:01
Just over 5 hours until the biggest England game in a generation. I know international football is always anticlimactic and an annoyance midway through a season but I hope all of you who generally aren't interested get behind our boys tonight, if only for the possibility of World Cup winner Pickford.
Put on a waistcoat, sing the national anthem and cheer until your lungs burst.

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11 Jul 2018 07:23:08
May I ask who now and in the future will be conducting transfer negotiations in and out for Everton Football Club.

{Ed025's Note - its a process ktf, the manager and DOF will draw up a list of candidates who they want then its up to moshiri and kenwright to sanction them and offers will then be made to their respective clubs..

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09 Jul 2018 11:37:59
Another day same old we have no players. Brands has established a great reputation in what he does, hence he was brought in.
I can't see him throwing that away because a few fans are crying for new players. My best guess is where going to have to adjust to the long play here, a methodical approach to our teams rebuild, forget.

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09 Jul 2018 11:22:44
If there are any more disbelievers out there it's now on the EFC official site Bruno Mendes has joined us.

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09 Jul 2018 18:59:55
It will be a joke pal we don't sign players early just panic when all the top players have been bought
Up the blues.

{Ed025's Note - thats very cynical of you mate if you dont mind me saying so..

10 Jul 2018 13:05:52
Mendes ain't a player tho Tbone.

08 Jul 2018 20:19:11
Watching England has been pleasantly upliflting for a change. There's something about this team that the Old Guard were lacking. Some good individual performances, not least of all our own Mr Pickford, but now the real test begins. We have had it fairly easy up to now and haven't really been tested. All 3 of the other teams left in can cause us problems. I'm not saying we don't have a chance, but we need to be on top from the first to last minute. Come On England!

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