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20 Mar 2019 17:35:17
Must say I was surprised to read today that even Howard Kendall used Zonal Marking when he managed us, he got it right.

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20 Mar 2019 19:30:38
Most of the top 6 teams use it and it's been around for decades it's nothing new and all professional footballers should be able to work it out I don't see the problem.

20 Mar 2019 21:01:03
It’s new to our team.

20 Mar 2019 21:33:38
The only issue we had was with the midfield and forward players playing zonal. All defenders will have seen and played both systems consistently.
The key to zonal marking is practice and trust in your team mates and their roles/ zones. It is the reason it takes longer to train into the players, but once they get it it sticks.

21 Mar 2019 22:12:27
It not new to the players though Guernsey and it's not rocket science and it's being used by some as an excuse when we lose.

20 Mar 2019 07:16:46
That win against Chelsea was a massive 3 points and a massive confidence boost not just for the players but for all, the coaching staff, Physio's, kit men, big Duncan and Marco, really pleased for them. We all needed this result.
Against a team with world class players and in form.
Everyone in our team played well along with the substitutes.
The crowd were brilliant, proud day for all concerned.
Nice break for them now. Well deserved.

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20 Mar 2019 06:48:35
I personally didn't like the way our supports kept on Booing Ross Barkley every time he touched the ball.
He is still our players indirectly, even when he plays for Chelsea I wish him to score and play well, (not against us! ) the same will be when he plays for England. Shame.

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18 Mar 2019 11:50:14
I was vocally against Silva after the debacle of Newcastle last week but after reading his interview on Sky Sports and then the change from the first half to the second half yesterday in way of performance I've got to say that I'm back on the fence and maybe he is the right man after all. We need consistency in our performances and that is what's been lacking this season. We could of been 3 down yesterday after 15 minutes bar Pickford's saves and the post, but second half after a bollocking we took the game to Chelsea and took the 3 points. This season is a write off now so let's look towards next season and hopefully some new recruits and a decent preseason. The style of football is nice it just needs the correct cogs in place to make it successful.

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18 Mar 2019 08:04:02
Tim Cahill 💙💙💙💙.

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18 Mar 2019 08:01:48
Why are we waiting just to be scored against come on attack they aren't great.

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18 Mar 2019 02:17:19
It's going to be some rebuild in the summer. Especially if Gomez and Zouma are off.
Need right back - I'd like Bissaka from
Palace + Kenny (sell Coleman) . Centre half - Dunk from Brighton - also like to see Gibson come through.

Need centre mid - Possibly 2 if Ghana and Gomez go. Are Davies Besic Beni Doywell good enough - if not do they all go? Dacore and Gomez would be my pick but I doubt we will have either

Got too many wingers - Walcott, Bernard, Richarlison, vlacic, lookman.

Up front sigs has been woeful. DCL has been great i think and getting better.

Need to get Naisse, Toson and Sandro off our books

Sandro has not scored a single goal since 2017 for Malaga (been at 3 clubs since then) - Onrekuru on the other hand has 50 in last 5 years - currently scored 11 in 23.

Bisakka Dunk Keane Digne
Lookman Gomez Decore Richarlison
DCL Onrekuru.

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17 Mar 2019 20:40:56
And just wondering if Barkley got booded.

{Ed025's Note - every touch mate..

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17 Mar 2019 20:53:50
Shame . he wasn't my cup of tea and think he was overrated but it just makes our fans look like idiots.

17 Mar 2019 21:52:08
Soon the fans won't be able to show any emotion and the atmosphere will be lost for good. The snowflakes will not want any cheering, singing or booing.
We will all just sit there apathetic to any kind of stimulation from the team.

18 Mar 2019 06:24:07
I didn't say we can't boo. i was talking about booing Barkley, what do we do boo every player who leaves?, . I was not a fan of Barkley for football reasons but Everton sold him we don't know all the reasons behind the sale . You can carry on booing if ya like smitt 😤.

18 Mar 2019 17:51:41
Supporters pay their money and if they want to boo then I'm ok with that. Do I boo? No.
I don't think they are idiots because they boo, it is their way of showing their passion for the club.
As I said previously, there are far worse ways of showing discontent which are seen week in week out around the grounds.

{Ed025's Note - your right smit..

17 Mar 2019 20:38:45
Credit where it due well done to the lads today. could not make and not seen the game yet but we are definitely a jekyll and hyde club.

{Ed025's Note - in the same match today skylark, first half we were bloody awful mate..

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17 Mar 2019 20:20:07
So what happened there? Still trying to work out what changes were made at half time to make that happen.
My best guess is that Gomes is knackered due to lack of preseason training so was pacing himself first half and then went balls out for start of 2nd half knowing he'd be subbed.

{Ed025's Note - the difference was that we took the game to them bunny rather than sitting back on our heels, credit to silva for that i think mate..

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