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29 Mar 2017 11:24:21

Just read on sky, bolasie mouthing off about Lukaka and that Everton can\'t do anything to stop him leaving in summer. He should mind his own business and concentrate on getting back to full fitness. He\'s only here five minutes and what I seen before his injury he was poor enough. Can\'t believe the cheek of some players mouthing off about club that are paying his massive wages every week. 😖😖.

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29 Mar 2017 12:28:46

He was poor enough? Personally I think we miss him. Him and rom where forming a good little understanding (he created 4 goals for rom which is still one of the most productive partnerships in the league) . I haven\'t seen his interview so won\'t comment but he was far from poor.

29 Mar 2017 14:36:06

Once again players getting misquoted in the rags, and as usual some posters on here ready to knock our players, blah blah blah, wait and see and don\'t believe all you read in the rags, GuernseyBlue.

27 Mar 2017 17:06:14
One thing you can guarantee with Everton, when one of our better players get injured they are out long term, Bracewell, Southall, Oviedo, Coleman the list is endless.

We always say our dark side neighbours are blessed by the devil but how many times have they had a long term injury to the likes of Keegan, Souness, Clemence, Rush, Gerrard, they seem to bounce back after two weeks most out.

We certainly always get on the wrong end of justice, I am hoping when we leave Goodison, the gypsy curse remains at Goodson.

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26 Mar 2017 15:32:16
RE: Lukaku. As fans, would you be happy with £55m and Batshuayi on loan for a season with an option to make it permanent? I think with 18 months left the most you'll get for Lukaku in cash terms is £65m so personally I think it would be a good deal. Michy is a very good striker, has been very unlucky this season with Costa's form but has scored every time he has started and has a couple of assists too. Is very underrated.

{Ed002's Note - Everton has zero interest in the player.}

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26 Mar 2017 17:19:32
Why would we reduce lukaku price by 15mill just to loan a player?

27 Mar 2017 11:35:30
If he's a very good striker, why isn't he getting any games at cfc. They are using hazard as a central striker before batshuyi. Think it's a case of try and buy Rom and get a flop off our hands. Would rather have solanke or Abraham to be honest.

25 Mar 2017 19:13:17
The thing i am getting fed up with is people who say he is not that sort of player, he is that sort of player because he bloody done it should be punished properly. Get back soon Seamus speedy recovery.

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26 Mar 2017 14:30:25
Too right spikey74.

24 Mar 2017 23:45:42
I've just seen the slow motion of the tackle on Coleman on YouTube. Knocked me sick. Hope to God he makes a speedy recovery. It's really bad though.

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24 Mar 2017 18:40:55
McCarthy starts for Republic. No surprise there.

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24 Mar 2017 20:05:47
Last minute withdrawn.

24 Mar 2017 22:27:00
Ron must be pleased.

21 Mar 2017 12:23:53
I have said sometime ago that I would like Harry Maguire of Hull at Everton next season, anyone agree with me?

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18 Mar 2017 22:30:30
Credit to the fans today, spot on👍👍.

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17 Mar 2017 11:07:15

On another note. Can we all start praying United get knocked out of the Europa league please? If they win and we are seventh we don\'t get into Europe.

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17 Mar 2017 14:33:11

I thought the only scenario of 7th position (us) not getting Europa League now was Leicester winning the CL.

17 Mar 2017 15:26:58

Maybe someone could explain any way we cannot get into the Europa cup if we finish 7th and all the six teams above us now finish in the tip six? If Leicester win the Champions League they go into the Champions League as the fifth team so nothing changes. If Leicester win the Champions League and United win the Europa then both of those teams and the top three teams go into the Champions league since not more than five teams from the three countries of Spain, Germany and England can enter the Champions league in any one year. That means that the fourth league spot plus the fifth/ sixth and seventh spots get into the Europa providing United stay in any of the top six spots and one of the teams already qualified for Champions League or Europa win the FA cup.

If United win the Europa then they go into the Champions League as the fifth British team and the seventh place is still secure for the Europa League.

The only problem we will have is if United finish 8th or lower and I can\'t see that happening.

17 Mar 2017 18:26:26
I thought there were only 3 Europa league spots so if Leicester win CL 4th, 5th and 6th get Europa spots not 7th.

17 Mar 2017 18:30:34
Sorry and only 4 can get into the CL not 5.

18 Mar 2017 06:21:52
It is normally four but if an English club who does not qualify by way of being in the top four wins the Europa cup then it goes to five. So if United stay in sixth place and win the Europa then five teams will be in the Champions league next year. If Leicester win the Champions league and United win the Europa then those two and the top three teams in the league go into the Champions league making five. This five rule applies to Spain, Germany and England and for the last two years Spain had five teams playing in the Champions league since Sevilla won the Europa in both years. If you google "Europa League" you can see the rules.

18 Mar 2017 15:01:05
I see blue Mike. The result will still be the same because if 5 go into the CL, top 3 plus man u and Leicester then only 2 can go into the europa, England can have a maximum of 7 in Europe over the 2 competitions. That would mean 4th and 5th go into europa. that is if man u don't finish in the top 4, if they do then it would be 5th and 6th and not 7th.

20 Mar 2017 00:23:07
OK thanks Smit I did not realize that only two would go into the Europa league if we have five teams in the Champions League. Seems a little strange. Having said that discounting Leicester winning the Champion League and assuming United win the Europa then the top four teams plus United go into the Champions League next year and we have two places for the Europa. That's still seven spots and it we end up as 7th we should be in? As an example if Chelsea, Spurs, City and Arsenal are in the top four spots and United are fifth then they all go into the Champions League and Liverpool and Everton to into the Europa. If United end up in sixth place it would be the 5th and 7th places going into Europa which would still be Liverpool and us.

16 Mar 2017 10:57:01
rom wants trophys? it would help if he had scored simple penalty in semi final v united last season.

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17 Mar 2017 16:36:18
Ooh good point.


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