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16 Apr 2024 08:09:10
Embarrassing and inept, this team got ripped apart from the first whistle with one of the worst performances I have seen from an Everton team in a long time. I have supported our great club since 1967 and cannot remember a season when I felt so depressed about a team, when I constantly think where are our goals coming from, when will we get another point and more importantly when will we get rid of our manager who is totally out of his depth. We need to rip this team apart. I can see at least 6 who need to be sold and we need young players who wish to play for us, who can actually play football and of course we need a manager who has ideas and can implement them. I am sorry to say but I think we are going down this season, but it just might be the best for us. Rebuild and hopefully come back a better team who deserve to be in the PL.

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16 Apr 2024 08:55:05
Agree with most of what you say. But relegation is never a good thing, and definitely not best for the club.

16 Apr 2024 09:39:09
The reality is, if we had our points back we would more than likely be safe. Yes it's not pretty to watch! Hopefully if manage to beat the teams beneath us we will stay up! Its a big ask but it's in the players hands now. The performance last night was awful. It makes you wonder if the player's know more than we do? They weren't playing for the shirt last night. My biggest fear is that we will go into liquidation.

16 Apr 2024 11:17:12
Stop talking absolute nonsense. Going down will be the best thing for us are you nuts or something. Going down could be the end of us for ever. Going down will never ever ever be a good thing. We want to stay up move stadium get rid of this plonker and get a proper manager in who will steer us through the next few seasons then the sky is the limit. Everton has a lot going for them but relegation isn’t one of them. Can’t believe you think going down is good. How are we supposed to pay for anything if we go down. Stay up sack this twit and move on. Relegation means administration bankrupt no more Everton. Wise up its attitudes like this that’s causing the problems. Just get a manager who has an idea about football. Last 5 managers have been bad bad signings and the fans wanted them. Lampard Dyche and tbh some people on here are a joke yous cried to get Dyche in. Ed25 was his biggest cheer leader you reep what you sow guys.

16 Apr 2024 11:59:41
The task was survival and he who I can't name is doing that. As pointed out add the points back and we'd already be safe. However who wants to turn up tune in and blankly stand sit and stare at this game after game. We don't have a top 6 squad but we definitely have a top 12 one and with a much more pure form of football we'd at least have a dozen or so games a season where we can be half proud to be an Evertonian and have some matches where we actually deserve our points. SD has given us 1 game. Yes facts 1 game last season against Brighton. Everything else has been negative communist repression football. No. its not football. Last night post match he was banging on about "make a tackle" looked to me that some of our players were trying to hurt Chelsea players with some very bad tackles. This isn't why I like football and this isn't football anymore. We are a touch melancholy as a fanbase and we've always swung to "it's over were down" it's been the reason we as a fanbase got Koeman and Silva the sack prematurely. We have and always will be capable of beating the drop but not like this. It doesn't have to be this.



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