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26 Oct 2017 15:49:35
I have to admit to being a little worried about the prospect of David Unsworth becoming our next full time manager.

Last night we played a lot better in the second half than we did in the first, we also gave away an easy goal and our passing of the ball was average at best. For Unsworths first game after RK being sacked it was exceptional, we were a joy to watch especially after the last dozen games we have played. The problems I have mentioned can be worked on and Unsworth is more than capable in this aspect.

My main concern with Unsworth is that he just is not ready to move up into mainstream football management. His pedigree so far is a good one but it is by no means complete, Whilst his achievements with the under 23's are to be applauded, he has not yet been up against top flight managers on a regular basis and it is this that concerns me.

As much of an improvement we seen last night we were still only average, he is installing passion back into the squad and at this particular time I think he is in the right position as our interim manager, but he desperately needs to get some first team management experience under his belt, I feel he will best get this by being assistant to whomever is appointed next. Let him get 2 or 3 years under his belt then let him move up and become one of our great managers.

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26 Oct 2017 16:31:11
Grumpy he has had less than two Days to pick a team for the Chelsea game, how many games did Howard Kendall have when he became a Blackburn Rovers manager, he was still player manager, here you have a guy who has managed an under 23 team, Moyes, Koeman didn’t get results often against the big boys, if you do not give a guy a chance we will be forever stuck with top named managers at a club for a season or so max, why not let the likes of Dyche, Eddie How and Unsworth have a go instead of importing foreign managers who know jack rubbish about the club, until we gives these guys a go, we will never know, I would judge Unsworth after around 10 games.

I stand to be proved wrong but I honestly believe Unsworth will do a great job so I am nailing my sail to the mast and in the Unsworth for next manager corner.

26 Oct 2017 16:51:54
Why not unsworth?
Why do you think he's not good enough?
U23s are pretty much fringe players anyway and he's won the league.
Whos better than him right now?
What have they actually done to deserve the job?
Why have people got so much faith in their abilities and none whatsoever in unsworth?
He has the backing of most senior players and for me that puts him above any name mentioned right now.
1 training session and he already produced our best performance of the season.
Get behind him instead of throwing up the usual tripe of he's got no experience at this level.
Tuchel has NO prem experience and can't speak English either.
Dyche has no expectations in his current job either.
Koeman won virtually nothing as a manager and martinez was a disgrace based on his record yet they both got the job.
Give him a go before doubting him. ffs.

26 Oct 2017 17:23:44
Pauly try reading my post before saying get behind him and what's with the anger? .

How come you and others did not champion him before RK was appointed? Why has he suddenly become " Super manager"?

Both Koeman and Martinez had what Unsworth does not and that is EXPERIENCE in top flight football.

If the board said they were going to appoint a manager who has no experience in top flight football you and others quite rightly would not be happy. Unsworth lacks that experience, he needs in my opinion to spend 2 or 3 years as an assistant . wait a minute I've already said all of this

Having the backing of the most senior players does not make him the ideal candidate or have the players now taken control of the dressing room, in which case we don't need a manager.

We need a manager who is able to take us to the next level and one who can teach Unsworth what it's all about.

So read my post properly before doubting me.

26 Oct 2017 17:37:02
And they both failed. Unsworth deserves a shot at it. he's a blue through and through so gets my vote.

26 Oct 2017 17:38:45
Why all is experience so important Koeman had loads of that, Unsworth knows those players inside out, I've said before the player are what thay are and whatever Managers comes in he will find if difficult, the difference with Unsworth is that he also knows first hand how good the under 23 are and he will not be afraid to use them. I would seriously consider giving him the Job, I hope he gets it.

26 Oct 2017 17:49:25
Unsworth for me, don't want a dead beat manager that get's the sack and then moves on to another club and makes loads of money, with a bit of luck we could have won last night, but he has to sort Rooney out, looks like he can do anything he likes when playing?

{Ed025's Note - im with you stig, wayne seems to create more problems than he actually solves, hes an impact sub for me mate..

26 Oct 2017 18:06:32
Uran he can only use players that are named as being in the squad, If you guys are happy with us trying out an inexperienced manager as opposed to the same person being trained up, then who am I to argue.

I hope if he is appointed he does well, because of how temperamental the fan base you will very quickly demand he be thrown to the wolves if he does bad.

If we are a so called club with ambition why oh why appoint someone without the experience to move us on? If as everyone seems to hope for he gets the job I only hope he can attract good enough players to move us on, If you were a world class player or even a potential one would you sign up to a manager with no experience, It is highly unlikely.

26 Oct 2017 18:10:10
Anonblue in that case should we only appoint ex players as managers providing they support Everton? I'm a blue through and through I also have no experience of managing top flight teams, maybe I should get the job, Being a blue through and through I know I'd get your vote.

26 Oct 2017 18:21:21
Grumpy how do you know who i championed after martinez?
I knew koeman was the wrong choice and i also said RM was.
No anger either i'm just getting fed up with people writing unsworth off before he's had a chance.
Also if the players have a preference for a manager it doesn't mean player power rules it just signifies a willingness to work with him.
Maybe they prefer his ideas about how football should be played and maybe they respect his passion for the club.
Perhaps they see the potential in DU to be a great manager who can bring success.
Im hoping so.

26 Oct 2017 18:33:21
The thing is Pauly it was only 3 days ago you were saying that for the club to show any ambition there was only 2 choices they could make.
Dyche and Ancholetti, It is evident you no longer want Dyche and don't think he should have the job due to doing nothing. Now or should I say today you are behind DU

The problem with jumping on the bandwagon is old posts come back and bite you in the .

26 Oct 2017 19:12:57
Youve got me mistaken
I offered the 2 options being touted about
I then said ancelotti as i would rather see ambition than a dyche type
With unsworth being installed i then did what we all should do and decided to back him 100%
After his 1st game i am more rhan prepared to see him given full control for at least this season to see what he can do
I also ancelotti before i heard the players were behind Unsworth.

26 Oct 2017 19:13:59
Grumpy maybe you should read my olf posts properly.

26 Oct 2017 19:27:35
I would go for an experienced manager with a 3 year contract but put Unsworth under him for 2-3 years. That way both would benefit from each others experience and knowledge without swaying too far away from the Everton way. Just a thought.

26 Oct 2017 19:49:20
For whatever reason this thread has been slightly derailed.

I have never said I would not get behind DU but that I do not feel he is best suited at this stage in his career, to manage Everton. I don't know who is but I do know it's not him, due to the reasons I have stated.

I understand we don't want to appoint a rubbish manager who will leave us after a year or so but let me tell you all something, Neither Martinez nor Koeman were appointed for those reasons. Let us be realistic here, no matter who was in charge yesterday, would of got a better response from the team that RK did. I was overjoyed yesterday at how we played but don't see DU as the next messiah because of it.

Why not be fair on DU and allow him to learn in the top flight as an assistant manager? because IF he gets appointed and we do not get back into Europe by the end of next season you will all want him sacked. He deserves better than that so why not let him train?

I'm leaving this now as I have said enough and made my point.

26 Oct 2017 20:38:24
I hope we win every game forever which means whoever is currently in the dugout stays forever - go make it yours Unsy.

26 Oct 2017 21:01:12
Hasn’t big Dunc been coaching with first team? Why hasn’t he been appointed as interim manager. Am I missing something here? Unsworth has a great record and has the players playing for the short again but the doubt is can he step up with senior players. I can see what one of the posters means about Unsworth being an assistant to gain experience. That’s what Duncan has done and thought he would step up. Maybe the two should swap positions if the new manager is appointed if they not chosen.
Everyone is divided on who they want and don’t envy the boards decision. The likes of Dyche and Silva have their teams playing in form at the moment but Eddie Howe was flavour of the month last season when Bournemouth were playing good football and getting results. He hasn’t been mentioned much. My point is a lot of these good steady managers can get results but none stick out 100% and would be a gamble.
Koeman has a good pedigree but made mistakes with not replacing Lukaku and seemed to lose the dressing room. If he couldn’t get a striker in we should have been tight defensively and had 0-0, which we never did.
At this moment in time can we attract top calibre managers like Ancelotti probably not. Benitez would be my shout but he said previously that his loyalty is with Liverpool and don’t think he would come to us at this moment but maybe if we in top 6 and pushing top four and promised him money then it’s possible to persuade him but we have fallen behind now unfortunately.

26 Oct 2017 21:44:46
G. t. Why do you think that a high profile manager will bring sucesss to Everton? All mangers have n football have been failures but with a very few exceptions, the troubles is a bit like Koeman they all think that they can buy their way to success, Koeman was all about how much he could spend to make him successful not Everton, and he was certainly good at that, he never care about Everton only himself so he could go on and Manage Barcelona or Real or Paris but he is no different to them all, with Unsworth we must give him the chance to succeed because he is not for spending to create success, we at Everton love to see our youngsters come through and we need a Manager that will allow this to happen, USWORTH for me.

26 Oct 2017 23:03:24
Uran I have not nor will I ever say we need a high profile manager, only one with the relevant experience in top flight football and also be happy to take Unsworth under his wing. What part of that is so difficult to understand?

Starting to feel like I should never of started this thread as it has been taken out of context so many times it is turning farcical.

27 Oct 2017 00:00:33
Now now chaps.

At least you won the transfer window this season.

27 Oct 2017 07:59:38
Grumpy I understand your bread but there is only one person can be the Manager, if Unsworth were to take the number two role and 6months later the Manager gets the sack then he is also finished, so I am sure a person like Unsworth would refuse that position and
Carry on been the Manger of the Under 23, any Grumpy it was a very good thread but I still hope the job goes to Unsworth until the end of the season or at least a run of games maybe up to January.

27 Oct 2017 14:06:26
But why put an experiance manager in, have we not done that with Koeman, Walter Smith being the two big named managers, why should Unsworth need to be a number 2 for years before getting a job,

Unsworth knows the entire squad inside out, wants the job not for the money but to manage and bust a gut getting results for Everton Football club, he may fail but for Christ sake, let’s learn from our past mistakes and give the guy a go, before drafting in a so called big name who may go the same way as Koeman, De Boar and Martinez.



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