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30 Dec 2017 18:50:09
Stabilisation to the end of the season and pack your bags your negative let's not get beat in any game doesn't serve this club take your pay off and bye.

{Ed002's Note - Back to the usual way for the Everton fans it seems.}

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30 Dec 2017 18:56:49
Never wanted him don't like his style of play so I've not changed since he came here.

{Ed002's Note - It remains a pity for the club that they have people like you as fans.}

30 Dec 2017 18:58:03
ED02 you probably haven't watched 1 of our games as you too busy but it's not about moaning and complaining it's about our fans paying lots of money to watch the club we love and all we want to see is us trying to win a game but it's hard to watch when our only objective is to keep a clean sheet and hope that we can pinch a goal it hurts to watch.

{Ed002's Note - I explained before that the club needs to get stable and settled and then start looking forward. It is a club where the fans have gone out of their way to be as disruptive as possible - and that is why communication from the board down is now constrained. You will turn on whoever is in charge and whoever the players are. People see that - nobody wants to manage a club with toxic fans.}

30 Dec 2017 19:01:58
HMS Toffee sinking fast. Grand Admiral Morishi takes charge of the ship with promise of a new harbour in which to house his soon to be refurbished man of war. Makes Captain RM walk the plank and brings Captain RK in. Captain RK improves crew with strict discipline and finishes 7th with EL qualification. Bad summer transfer business by Chief of Staff’s Walsh and Kenwright, lead to a fair to poor start to the season including pre-season EL qualification. Endless chase for Gunner Sigurdsson and no recognized master of arms bought as requested by the Captain. Results go downhill as soft crew start to mutiny against tough discipline and lack of cannon balls. Grand Admiral Morishi and chiefs of staff panic with a kneejerk reaction as the seas start to get rough. Captain RK is forced to walk the plank. Grand Admiral Morishi now spends embarrassing amounts of time chasing new Captains who turn down the chance to take charge of the ailing ship which is now taking in water. Now desperate as the ship has no captain and 1st officer Unsworth no good. Captain Dyche meanwhile, sails on by and out of sight of the ailing ship and towards the CL horizon with a lesser, but well-disciplined crew. Grand Admiral Morishi and chiefs of staff can’t steer the ship themselves and reply to much on poor 1st officer Unsworth who the crew decide to take the mick out of. Pirate Sam and his band of thieves see a rudderless ship full of riches floundering in the ocean. They decide to board holding Grand Admiral Morishi and chiefs of staff to ransom with a promise of getting the ship, and its mutinous crew to a safer haven. The cat of nine tails is shown to the crew who amazingly drop their mutinous actions and put in a battle winning performance when they encounter a European ship. Meanwhile lesser ships with battle hardened crews start to pick off the ailing HMS Toffee with a crew who, whilst making moves towards a safer haven, find the journey is harder and longer than expected, but happy to have joined a pirate’s band. Why work hard when they can hold ships to ransom and keep them from sinking to the Championship ocean for riches beyond their imaginations? Clearly there are now too many crew below decks plugging holes, the crows nest is vacated so a clear way forward cannot be seen, Captain Sam and his band of thieves only have charts for home waters, and find charting new waters beyond them. Meanwhile the pantomime continues with all wondering if Grand Admiral Morishi will have the plank made ready for use in the new year…………………but who will it be for…………the Chiefs of Staff or Pirate Sam?

30 Dec 2017 19:18:40
Ed002 don't tar all of us with the same brush please.

{Ed002's Note - Try not to whine - it is embarrassing.}

30 Dec 2017 19:20:21
Agree ed2. Me and ed25 had some discussions this morning about similar topic. We don't pick the manager and we don't buy the players. We support the club. It's fine to give opinions but some people seem to change theirs with the wind.

Ok, it's poor football atm but how low would we be under koeman (we'll never know) but we need to be patient and give Sam a chance and a window to bring players in.

I will judge him in the summer or even this time next year before getting the noose ready. We may like to hoof it forward but if we get a player who can hold the ball up and bring other players in the game (a la big dunc) it may work for us.

We'd all love to play beautiful football and win games like city but the players either haven't settled (klassen and sandro) or are inexperienced (dcl, Kenny, Davies, etc) or just have lost form (Schneiderlin) so we have to play the cards we have been dealt.
If we are honest with ourselves, Sam is not going to be here long term, he's getting on in years and his health isn't great by all accounts. So we need to weather the storm and be prepared for a change possibly in the summer. (Moshiri wants simeone)

30 Dec 2017 19:26:36
Nick are you a sailor.

30 Dec 2017 19:32:48
Love it mate, bet you had that written the day Big Sam arrived, just waiting for a rainy day how sad.

30 Dec 2017 19:33:24
Ed002 I couldn't care what you think I pay a hell of a lot of money to bring my family over to at least 6 games a year this is my team and if I don't like the manager or his style of play that's my prerogative I'm not looking your approval nor do I ever ask you for your opinion or any information from you sir.

{Ed002's Note - I am sure that the club would be over the moon if you didn’t bother - they want people who support the club and the team. The don’t want people like you.}

30 Dec 2017 19:56:27
Hey I just wanted to inject some fun into today's banter after reading the usual doom and drab. I did not want SA myself but will support whoever the board in their wisdom put in place. Only at the end of the season will we know if it is a success. I hope it is as I would never ever want Everton to suffer just so I could see someone get sacked. I still think 6th / 7th place is possible if we have a good January transfer.

30 Dec 2017 20:03:52
Ed what I'm trying to say is its the minority that are moaning, I agree our football is not great to watch but Big Sam has only been in the job for eight games let's see wherever are at the end of the season.

{Ed002's Note - just stop trying to pick posts apart and then grizzling.}

30 Dec 2017 20:19:43
GB at a guess his/ her moniker has them born about 1957 so could well have been a Jack or Patrick O'Brien fan.

30 Dec 2017 20:48:41
BillyDean, you pay a lot of money, my Son pays a shed load for my season ticket LOL.

30 Dec 2017 20:46:19
so let me get this right we as fans who love our club are not allowed to moan when all we have done in the last 8 games is play 10 men behind the ball including having no shots at goal at home v Chelsea and today v Bournemouth who haven't won in 8 games yet their keepers first touch came in the 32nd minute I personally think we have a right to moan.

{Ed002's Note - you do more harm than good, have already driven a wedge between the board and the fans, and seem to celebrate the club going backwards.}

30 Dec 2017 22:45:53
It would seem that your definition of support is approval of what is served up regardless of quality.

{Ed002's Note - No, true supporters know what it means. Toxic supporters will just drag the club down.}



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