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17 Mar 2018 22:23:00
I’m still on the fence about Allardyce. The way we set up against teams and the tactics aren’t entertaining but he’s still working with what he inherited.

As far as I can see. He’s made a couple of signings and those signings have been some of our best performers over the last few games.

Perhaps it’s also a combination of having Baines and Coleman back plus the addition of jags but Walcott and Tosun are looking lively in attack.

I would definitely leave SA in charge until the end of his contract.

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18 Mar 2018 06:06:52
I think I am with you JDE. especially re his signings. They are far better than Martinez/ Koeman signings other than a couple. Lukaku is one. Gana another. The league table does not lie and 12 months with 2 away wins. none under Koeman and now 2 under Allardyce. But it seems some are jusr hellbent on getting rid of him and were unhappy before he was appointed. A bit like my posts. they will never agree with them. that's just the way it is.

18 Mar 2018 06:57:46
Don't understand how you can pass judgment on Tosun and Walcott yet. Tosun is looking decidedly decent but most strikers do in a burst of scoring. See how he deals with the droughts that come along. I think he will be OK but let's see
Walcott is a different matter. His career has been a tale of long spells of anonymity interspersed with flashes of excellence. There is no doubt about his talent just his ability to show that talent on a regular basis. I have said before that may be he will thrive on not being a peripheral figure for Everton. I hope so but in his case I think it will be the middle of next season before we know one way or the other.

18 Mar 2018 08:00:30
Our DOF identifies players and the manager identifies what type of player he needs so to call them Allardyces and Koemans signings is not exactly correct.
We knew in September we needed a striker so Walsh will have been working on it long before Sam came in. Moshiri saw the guy tear Monaco apart in October so will have had some input into identifying or reccomending him.

Regards Tosun, let's not assume anything yet. Remember the lad who we were after that joined Southampton in the summer (gabbiadini) came in and scored 6 in 6 and I thought, WOW have we missed out. I don't think he's scored since. Remember Jelavic!

So let's not get too carried away just yet.

18 Mar 2018 08:27:12
You can judge a player over a couple of games and have a good idea of what they’re about. Then you’re either right or wrong.

Tosun said that he arrived in the Turkish winter break and he wasn’t at full fitness when he arrived. I still thought that he was decent against spurs although it was clear his legs were going towards the end of his appearance. But you could see what sort of player he was.

I’m not saying he’s a world beater but he’s been lively in attack and one of our better players over the games I’ve seen. He can finish, he’s holding the play up when he needs to and he also has an eye for a pass at the right time. Good foundation to work on.

Walcott I totally agree with you.

Let’s be honest with ourselves though. A prem player will have 5-10 really solid games a season. 5-10 off days where they’re as much use as a dry wet wipe, then they will have 20-25 games where they are in cruise control and not really affect the game in a position or negative way. Walcott is exactly this sort of player.

Any player that performs above average, home or away and affects the game in a positive way every single week is very rare, they are extremely expensive and not the sort of player that would want to play in snowy old Liverpool.

They are out there but they won’t be pulling an everton shirt on anytime soon.

18 Mar 2018 08:34:38
No ones getting carried away hahahah.

I said they’ve been our best performers over the last few games, which they have in my opinion.

I’m not saying that he’s going to score at a rate of 1.3 goals a game until the day he retires and if he doesn’t then he’s a flop. That’s very unlikely.

As Glennk said, when the goals are coming and you’re high on life then goals are easy to come by, let’s see how he performs when he’s been 4-5 games without a goal.

To be fair though, strikers need to score goals but we all love a Stracqualursi or AJ striker who works his nuts off for the team too. I think Tosun looks like he works hard and that's what needs to continue.

18 Mar 2018 08:38:02
You do good posts mate. a lot of them a debate openers but that's good as it means you are touching on the right topics. Above all, nobody truly knows what's gone wrong to the full extent and what paths to take moving forward so opinions will differ. Add the hard season with endured and things bubble over sometimes. Imagine how boring it would be on here if we all agreed?

18 Mar 2018 09:18:12
ha ha our fans baffle me we win 2 games on the run one of those being away and now Sam is the man behave he should be shown the door asap he is a fraud and should never of got the job in the first place.

18 Mar 2018 12:55:42
Nah, its the fact he has been blamed for everything from scabies to Brexit and beyond. He has only been here a handful of games and people have very short memories. We were 3rd from bottom when he took over. We had lost 6 on the bounce then drew one and lost the next. that's 1 point from a possible 24. Ok Unsworth then got a decent win. and I would have been happy to see how Unsworth did, but at least Allardyce has some experience and with our very dodgy position I was ok about him coming in to do a job. His ability was not going to turn us into a top 4 side immediately. his target was to make us safe. He has clearly done that. Yes his football at first was not pretty. But hey 1 point from 24 just prior to that under Koeman and Unsy shows the capability of the squad we had. Yes he is fortunate to have Coleman and Baines back. Yes he has made 2 good signings in Walcott and Tosun. Yes he has been instrumental at getting us to 40 points. I honestly feel that the wheels had come off and we were destined for the Championship when he arrived. I will be forever grateful to him for securing our place in the Premiership and also for a couple of decent signings. I would hope our supporters would be dignified enough to accept him as manager. but unfortunately, I suspect the "toxic" nature of some will force yet another change on the club. I do know from my experience in football that too many changes can be disruptive and players don't know what is going on around them and little groups of players can form. mates slagging off other players who they think are not pulling their weight. It then can suddenly go sour. I hope this does not happen within our club just because some people are hell bent on getting rid of a manager who has managed to turn round what was a very precarious position.

18 Mar 2018 16:55:36
The thing is though mate it's 95% of the fans who want him gone. We need a new, young exciting manager to start a new 'project' again. Get the team playing a particular style and sign players to fit in. Koeman and Allerdyce don't play decent football very often.
Even when we finished 7th last season the football was often crap with Lukaku isolated. If it wasn't for Roms massive amount of goals we'd have had a season more like this one.
Let's get someone in with fresh ideas who knows how to play decent attacking football.

18 Mar 2018 16:59:37
We were 13th when Allardyce took over and had just beaten west ham 4-0 Degsy.
He hasn't only been here a handful of games and he hasn't been blamed for Brexit and Scabies. Talk about Hollywooding it up.

I appreciate you want him in charge Degsy but you do skew the facts in his favour somewhat. By all means back him, and mock our short memories but do it with facts that are actually correct.
And you call all who want him out and a better manager to take us forward as TOXIC?
Get off your high horse Degsy, you are a fan like us all, please don't patronize us for wanting better for our club, even if you are happy with what we have.

18 Mar 2018 18:15:24
End of the day his tactics are very negative and over the course of a full season we would lose/ draw more than we win with the sort of set up he goes with. Let's not get carried away over beating a poor Stoke side who had 10 men and the other away win at Newcastle was more down to luck than an Allardyce tactical masterstroke.
We need a new manager to take us forward and establish a new identity at the club, we need a manager who can harness the attacking players he has at his disposal and have us actually play with attacking intent.
You may think Allardyce has been our saviour Degsy, but in all honesty he has only won the games we were expected to win on paper and hasn't really won a game were we would not have expected to, so personally I think we would still be in the same position with either Koeman or Unsworth as he hasn't really changed anything tactically that they were both already doing.

19 Mar 2018 04:02:40
You do seem to be all over the place DEGSYP. In a previous post you agreed
No - he doesn't play good football
No - we won't win trophies with him in charge
No - we won't get into top 4 with him as manager
Yet you want him to remain and anyone who doesn't want him to remain are toxic ?
At the end of the day I just want the best for Everton. I want a manager who can improve us and get us challenging for trophies and getting into Europe. I want good football being played because you show me a team at the top that doesn't play it.
If that makes me toxic then bring it on NSNO.

19 Mar 2018 12:47:54
Bluey79 I agree with most of your posts.
Spot On! The swing of hysteria is deafening.
As in everyday life. This page and others like it are full of people that I find amazing they have figured out how to breath for themselves.



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