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29 Mar 2018 07:05:29
I've just read that we're still paying 90% of Koeman's wages. Please tell me that doesn't mean we're doing something similar for Martinez? If we punt Sam in the summer then we'll be paying the wages of one manager at the club in his replacement, two international managers and a retired pensioner.

{Ed025's Note - i dont know how it works windsor, i just know we seem to be getting ripped off mate..

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29 Mar 2018 07:37:43
The board and Moshiri are all adults! They must have agreed the contracts. this is one of my points about hiring and firing a succession of managers. What if the next one struggles? I tend to agree with Ed002 that Unsworth seemed to have turned things around and a lot was to do with the return of Baines and Coleman. We have looked a different team since.

29 Mar 2018 09:42:23
Agree with that. Unsworth knows the setup inside out. That first win (with Sam in the stands) was Unsworths, we could quite easily have gone on the same run and achieved relative safety. Our return since that run has been near relegation status.

29 Mar 2018 10:04:33
That's what contracts are for, the board know the situation if they are to terminate one early, its what goes on everywhere another sign of the rising amount of money in the game and how easily it is abused!
On another point I do not believe Unsworth had turned things around Degsy he was out of his depth in the job and it showed. Baines and Coleman did not return until a while after Sam started.
This is why as Ed002 says, the board need to take good advice before the next appointment is made, until then Allardyce will continue, and he may get the next pay off!

29 Mar 2018 10:28:32
Respect your opinion wakka57. Both comments Degs and mine didn't say Unsworth had turned the Squad around. Degs said appeared to have done and mine said who is to say Unsy would not have gone on the same run as Sam after that first win (Unsworths) . If you look at Sam's run since that initial burst, it has been equivalent to Koeman's prior to his sacking. It is only since Coleman and Baines have come back that we have looked a Team again and that likely would have happened under Unsworth.

29 Mar 2018 11:06:44
I understand what you are saying dfs, it was my personal opinion that I didn't think even as an old club player he could, I think he needs to learn the job first perhaps in the lower leagues, which is not easy as stubsy has found out.
These days it is not an easy fix when things are broken, Everton FC need some stability and to get on a run of good results which breeds confidence no matter who the Manager is.

29 Mar 2018 12:32:39
I would be very surprised if we are indeed paying as high as 90%, I would suggest we are making his wages up to what he was on whilst at Everton.

Until a settlement fee is actually agreed upon then I would say we would be obliged to make sure he does not lose out financially, so if he gained employment that paid half of hiw wage then it would be up to us to pay the other 50% until it went to arbitration or court.

Paying out a compensation package is not as easy as just paying him his wages up until the end of his contract, because if he then got a job does he pay back the extra that we have paid him. He may well have a clause in his contract that states should he be sacked before the ending of his second season, then we pay him his full wages, or a percentage. The fact that he now has another job will be to our benefit in the long run as we can now say his reputation has not been that badly damaged due to the fact he is a manager of a national side.

29 Mar 2018 12:54:08
I would take a good look at Unsworths games in charge, first three were away fixtures, others in an almost dead rubber Europa league, after exciting Europe, we had a decent fixture run the first being a good home win, then he was axed before the following fixtures and Sam got those winnable games, too many listened to the pe teacher comments, I have no doubt, had we left Unsworth in charge for those fixtures, we would have got the same results or better, you cannot knock Unsworth for mixing youth with experiance in those later Europa games, one of our few successes this season for me was unsworths inclusion of Beningame, ow nowhere to be seen, so yes for a short while Unsworth was out of his death with the squad he had all out of confidence, and his unlucky timing of the fixtures he had to come into.

29 Mar 2018 13:08:16
My original point was about how we negotiate managerial contracts. I work in a sales environment which is target orientated. If I don’t hit expected performance levels over a certain period without signs of improvement I lost my job - no payoff, no ongoing payments. That includes the performance of the ttwo and I recruit, train and manage. I cannot understand how managerial contracts in football are any different. Surely performance expectations are set when the contract is signed and if they are not met you have breached your contract. If via a performance management programme over a pre-defined period does not rectify that performance then surely you just lose your job?

29 Mar 2018 13:19:02
I thought this thread was about paying RK.

Just my luck to be wrong.

As I have excluded myself from SA posts I shall step away from this one.

29 Mar 2018 14:01:53
Calm down Grumpy people are just having a conversation.

And WIndsor, I think the main difference between your sales job and a prem manager is with respect, there are probably a hundred other people in your area that are capable and willing to do your job.

When we look for a new manager if we tried to include performance related targets they would just refuse. And we would be stuck looking for someone else. There are not a lot of managers out there that we want and even less who would want to come here. The managers know this and have us by the balls.

29 Mar 2018 14:09:11
It is about ronnies contract, Sam was brought in due to the fact we could be paying a similar payout, should we relieve Sam in the Summer and ties in with a payout, part of the Unsworth was brought in, in regards to the payout Sam will get and if we could have saved on this, had we been a bit more patient with Unsworth before bringing someone in, in the Summer.

I know where you are coming from Grumpy, but with a similar payout expected with Sam, it ties in with payouts we have made with our last three full time managers.

29 Mar 2018 14:16:07
Windsor, I get what you’re saying but I’m sure if you had a very good representative negotiating your employment terms then less would be expected of you with more in return. It’s the agents that are in charge here not the employers.

29 Mar 2018 18:40:41
Forget about the money guys. Koeman getting us into Europe probably paid for his 3 years wages anyway.
The powers that be will have included the funds for every eventuality.
Big Sam's unexpected wages are on a par with the LB we didn't sign.



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