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08 Apr 2018 16:39:55
Thought I would give some of my thoughts together whilst watching the Derby in Upper Bullens, early doors and for most parts of the game, I noticed one thing that is alarming, as soon as one of our players get the ball, they want to offload it right away, if a player even saw a player within 10 yards, they would hoof it upfield, no one seems to want to take a player on with the exception of Coleman.

Sam has rightly taken stick but cannot fault him hooking both Bolasie and Rooney off, both were very poor, I lost count the number of times Sam was screaming to the players move forward only to be ignored.

I then focused on Schnids and to be fair, he did put a decent shift in and was one of our better players.

The other thing that happened time and again, whenever we got going forward, we then turned round and played a ball to our defender, rather than keep attacking, the few times we did attack, it went the opposite side to Walcott, then we were playing triangle passes, right on the touch line, with no pitch left to take a player on, on the outside.

When Sam was on about a Psychological in the players heads, I do actually believe that, only a few seem to believe in their ability, others would rather pass or get rid of the ball, rather than the fear of making a mistake.

There is no doubt that there is definitely a mental fear factor in the players, is it a fear of being dropped, being booed by the fans, I just do not know.

What is the solution, change the squad and bring fringe players in, do you bring some of the kids through hoping they can cut it, or the youngsters play in a team, out of confidence and then get dragged into it, I really do not know the answer for the remaining games.

New manager in the Summer would be a start, but do I blame Sam for for this, in a large part yes, but the players themselves need to take some of the blame.

For all those wanting Sam out, me included, part of me is worried about whether some of these players will be any different, with a new manager.

Nothing to play for now, these remaining games, the players should have a go, if they make a mistake so be it, don't be
afraid to take a player on.

All I will say the players have these remaining games to step up and claim a spot for beyond this season.

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08 Apr 2018 17:52:06
It is a confidence in a system, a way of playing. Something we haven't had for a while.
It started at the start of the season with Koeman, got better with Unsworth, but disappeared with Allardyce.
Throw in a player or two playing out of position and one out of form and you get whatbwe are seeing. The whole plan falls apart.
Our team doesn't have any legs, or ball carriers, we all know that, so how do we get the ball up the pitch? Little give and goes with minimal movement, create space by passing round the opposition. These guys can pass and move but they aren't being told to.
As a manager you have to play and adapt to the strengths of your team. Something we don't do. Its not Sam's team but what does he want? Rather than going out and buying a whole new team in his mould he should be building a team around the decent players he has. This is what every manager has to do when he adopts a team. Sink or swim.

08 Apr 2018 18:55:03
2 great posts with interesting viewpoints.

08 Apr 2018 19:04:09
If players are out of form and confidence then they should be dropped and another player given a chance, this has not happened at all. Davies has been out of form for weeks and is not a number 10. When Sigs was injured that should have gave Klassen or Vlasic a chance in their preferred position, that has not happened and an out of form player is just getting their confidence shot even more, it happened with Schneids and now with Davies.

08 Apr 2018 19:37:30
I agree Bluegrey, now we have safety and those two big games out of the way, nothing left to play for, we should try and be more adventurous, give the likes of Klassen and Vlasic a run out.

I keep hearing Bolasie is still not up to fitness, do we drop him and go back to square one, when coming back, we allow him time to get back up to speed, or do we leave him in the team, to get him back up to speed for next season, bad as he has been, only gametime will get the guy up and running.

The camera will go onto Sam chewing his gum, what it does not seem to do is on numerous occasions Sam waving his arm in a forward attacking moment, to get the players to move forward, many will see the Sam chewing his gum and rightly assume he does not give a toss and is getting the players to play deep.

Can only go on the games I have been, but Saturday, his instructions were getting ignored, this coming from someone who cannot wait for Sam to leave, have to say for whatever reason, they lack self belief.

09 Apr 2018 10:22:23
Sorry Smit66 but I don't believe for one second SA hasn't asked his players to pass and move, run with the ball when appropriate, attack space and look for the early forward pass if possible. What they do on the pitch is down to them. Some are lazy some are short of confidence and some put a lot of effort in and try their hardest. You can only ask a player to follow instructions whether they do or not is entirely down to them.

09 Apr 2018 18:22:43
It's not about asking them SA. It's about drilling them in training, having an identity when they play.
Confidence comes from doing the same thing over and over again until it becomes the norm. Do you see that in our team? Because i dont. Our team don't even move or take up a shape to play little give and goes, they all stand 5 yards away from each other.

We have one of the biggest playing squads in the league yet only choose the same 15-18 every game. If they're not doing as they are told, why aren't they dropped?
The reason is SA, because they are playing as he wants.



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