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12 Mar 2019 09:36:58
Benitez is 59 next month.
How old was Kendall when he first managed Everton, how old was Guardiola at Barcelona, Mourhino at Porto and Chelsea, Clough at Derby/ Notts Forest, Shankley at Liverpool, Ferguson at Utd, Wenger at Arsenal. The list goes on and on.
The point. If you want to build a dynasty employ a young, up and coming manager, and give them time.

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12 Mar 2019 10:40:33
I like your theory bw mate, but will Marco get much more time if the Team carry on loosing, I think he must be close.

12 Mar 2019 11:33:04
We should judge Silva at the end of the season not on a game by game basis we won't get relegated so there is no panic. I find it quite amusing at the moment, everyone knows what they want but everyone has a different way to get there. Some say get rid some say stay with what we have some say its the best we can hope for at this time. Roll on the 29th March, sorry 12th May, when this will all be over.

12 Mar 2019 12:21:08
I want Marco to carry on and get a fair crack of the whip, as you say he needs time and a few transfer windows to get all that was wrong with the team and put it right, unfortunately it will not be done in 5 mins, I will support him fully while he is here.

12 Mar 2019 12:54:12
I think Moshiri and Brands have already made the decision to give him time and can't see anything stopping him getting another season.
We have played some good stuff at times this season and the 1st half against Newcastle was some of the best I've seen since Martinezs 1st season.
Granted we have played some rubbish football too, and the manager and team have made some individual mistakes but this manager is young, the team is a relatively young team and we still need at least another 3 or 4 players.
Forget about the money that has been spent, that shouldn't be a marker to automatically finish 7th every season. Consider most of it wasted by the previous regime. And we really are starting again this season.
If Marco is going to turn into another Martinez then next season is what will tell us that, not this one.

There is a lot of work for Marco and Marcel to do. We need 2 more CBs a DM, AM, RB, RW and 2 strikers and a back up goalie.

Lets not underestimate the size of the task these guys were given 8 months ago.

12 Mar 2019 17:15:09
Hi Guernsey,
I don't think it is really a theory but simply a fact. the majority of great teams over the years were managed by 'young' managers. I agree Marco is struggling a bit at the moment but wasn't Kendall until it all turned around and I think Ferguson had the same experience.

If we do change yet again the danger is that we are seen as a sacking club. Even if any newcomer is successful they might not feel safe at Everton and choose to move on before they themselves are sacked. That's not to say that Silva hasn't to show us a lot more and soon, to take the pressure off him and, let's be honest all of us who have waited so long for something good for our club.

12 Mar 2019 17:24:47
I hear what you're saying, smit, but I don't think any manager can feel totally safe especially in this day and age, the prem is a cut throat business. I think the remaining games will dictate whether Silva stays or goes in the summer so it will be interesting to see if the team improves during that time. Personally, I'm sick of the managerial merry-go-round that we've had to put up with over the last few years, it doesn't help us to chop and change all the time.

I know some go on about Sam and his tenure and how we are no better off under Marco but, for me, at least we see the players play some good football at times now. Sam's brand of football bored me rigid and was the catalyst to give up my season ticket. Despite the play being a little easier on the eye now, at times, I'm still happy with that decision.

The board must decide whether the manager or players are at fault for all this upheaval and then act. If it's down to MS then he will be booted out, especially if results are poor, but if it's down to the players then they will attempt to show them the door. It's not easy being a blue but I wouldn't change it for the world!

12 Mar 2019 17:35:51
A young manager who has a track record of success in the prem or championship, not a failure as we have now.

12 Mar 2019 19:00:10
Hi bw yep have to agree mate many young managers go on to be great managers, there have been many.

12 Mar 2019 19:21:37
Who could we get DC? Maybe Howe?
I'm not convinced by Howe and he is similar to Silva.

Silva is in the top bracket of what we can attract.

{Ed025's Note - phillip cocu is a name put forward to moshiri by brands smit, but after his spell at fenerbache i have my doubts about him mate..

12 Mar 2019 19:41:19
There's no evidence to say he would be any better or worse than Silva so seems like a big risk.
I think if Moyes came back the fans would give him 10 games max.
Moshiri would be run out of the city if it didn't work out.

{Ed025's Note - and i will have my pitchfork at the ready if he does..

12 Mar 2019 20:10:57
You would not need a pitchfork ed. My boot would be firmly behind him :-)

{Ed025's Note - mine too nick..

13 Mar 2019 02:17:47
Taking DC's logic Man Utd shouldn't have signed Ferguson, Arsenal Wenger, Clough Derby, Mourhino should have been sugned by Chelsea, Guardiola at City. We shouldn't enen think about Cocu.

Listen, there are a lot of young managers that have failed, probably more than have succeeded, but i do believe it is the right way to go if we want to create long term success for our club.
Is Silva it? I honestly don't know but think it is far too early to judge. Give him and Brands the time to sort out what was a mess when they came and support the club through this difficult period.

13 Mar 2019 10:28:08
Lots on here want Rafa, some even want Allardyce or Moyes back.

Lets not forget Rafa couldn't manage to save Newcastle and got relegated with them, and Newcastle were in a far better position than Hull were when he took over. He had Liverpool finishing outside the top 6, he failed at Inter and has a history of falling out with clubs boards. So even he isn't the be all and end all.
With his ties to Liverpool if he didn't win his first 6 games the same people would

I think some on here think there is some mythical manager out there that is going to want to come to us, not want any money and solve all our issues.

13 Mar 2019 11:18:48
Sorry was typing my response on my phone with thick fingers. It should have read Mourhino shouldn't have been signed by Chelsea, Guardiola at City and we shouldn't even consider Cocu
I could add Liverpool shouldn't have signed Benitez if we take DC's logic.

Every manager is a gamble. Who hasn't been proved wrong in the past? I advocated for Martinez and Koeman. Look where that got us. I advocated that we dismiss both of them but they've both gone on to enjoy success with national sides so where we right or wrong?

Nobody, especially not me, has a crystal ball that can pick the right manager every time (even once) . We need the Footballing Gods to smile on us, whoever the manager is and until they do we need to give the current manager all the support we can.

13 Mar 2019 11:19:55
Same as that Smit mate I said more or less the same as your post above and got shot down in flames, we need to stick with what we have with Marco give him some time and Windows to get this team back up and running, there will be additions in the summer and hopefully a few outgoings, he has my support while he is our manager.

13 Mar 2019 20:20:41
It’s not a problem to fail, it’s how your deal with that failure how you learn from it and how you change things to improve
This was never going to be a season of smashing up the league, wholesale changes were needed.

13 Mar 2019 20:33:56
Maybe I misunderstand but I thought it was the DOF who highlights the players required with consultation with the manager. If that is so then why is everyone going on about it being Silvas fault? Surely there are others too to blame. I am all for giving Silva another transfer window and at least until midway through next season before bringing out the axe.

13 Mar 2019 21:12:40
Sensible reply Nick.
Almost all the Brands/ Silva signings have improved their positions.
Digne, Ricky, Bernard have improved the squad.
I posted on the other page the transfer budgets, and almost all the teams above us with the exception of Watford have spent more than us this season.
This season was always going to be a building season to get our new signings used to the premiership.
The money spent/ wasted before Silva came on board has to be forgotten about, it's gone.
We have dramatically reduced the average age of our first team squad and with youth comes inconsistency.

We need to give Silva a season to dramatically change this team and let's be more critical in the 2nd season after we've given him a chance.

If we are not moving forward in the 2nd season then the decision will have to be made if he stays or goes, but some fans were calling for his head 4 months in. We as Evertonians are better than that.
Let's not let the money turn us into a sacking club like palace, Leicester, west ham or Watford.

13 Mar 2019 22:14:16
Totally agree there Smit. Things could look so different next season. Hopefully with more brighter skies and less dark clouds lol.



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