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13 Dec 2016 23:28:54
Great performance and the lads battled all over the field.
One thing i noticed at the end was Rom walking off alone whilst all the other lads celebrated at the other end.
He showed some fight today Rom and won a few headers but the celebrations at the end to me showed unity and clear team spirit to which he was not involved in or even interested in.

Sorry to come across negative lads after a great win but just thought that with a few of us mentioning that maybe something wasnt right behind the scenes with our recent run of results, that the ego could be causing the unrest.

Not for the first time this season he was arguing with Seamus after Seamus tried to take a quick throw that he wasnt alert to.
Yes he scores goals and that we will miss when he goes but i for one won't miss the standing in offside positions constantly after losing the ball.
Anyways tonight was immense, my throat is raw and Clattenberg is still a biased redside.

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14 Dec 2016 11:58:48
Also noticed Rom walking off alone with virtually no acknowledgement to fans.
We saw the best and worst of him tonight. Finally chasing the ball down on a few occasions, won a few headers (though still not enough considering his size) and when he knocked it past Koscelny and just ran him was Rom at his awesome best.
However, his first touch yet again was poor and there were numerous occasions when he spent more energy on blaming those around him than fighting for the cause.
He is a great finisher when through on goal but average in other ways and clearly doesn't help with the team spirit.
Whether he goes in January or the summer (and he will) i just hope we replace him with someone who plays for the team rather than himself.
But that said and done it was a superb team performance and showed just what they are capable of. COYB.

14 Dec 2016 12:01:07
Or he could have just been shattered.

14 Dec 2016 15:02:23
Shattered is no excuse to not acknowledge supporters or join in with your team mates not buying that as an excuse the whole team put in a hard shift yet still managed it.

14 Dec 2016 17:10:30
I thoughts he clap the crowd. Is this a witch hunt. Some people eyes he can't do right whether he scored or not always looking for the negative. I believed you should just back anyone in a blue shirt who Koeman select. Replaced him with who? I think it a underlining agenda with certain people it must hurt you when he scored. I definitely know why you don't like him?

14 Dec 2016 22:55:36
Not a witch hunt at all. Its clear he doesn't want to be here and he makes no secret of that.
And whilst he is an Everton player yes i do support him, alls i was highlighting was the fact all the players including the ones that were subbed were celebrating and showing togetherness and yet he strolled off alone and no he didn't acknowledge the fans either.

Replace him with who you ask? Well that is not my decision but it will be a decision that will have to be made in the summer as he will be leaving that i can be sure of, and no I'm not claiming to be ITK i am just a realist.
Other than his goals which he needs putting on a plate for him he is not and never has been a team player and the Everton i have known and loved was always about unity and togetherness from front to back battling together, not standing with your finger on your lips telling your team mate to shush because he played a quick throw to initiate an attack.

So to sum it up yes i support him as an Everton player and cheer his goals but don't think much of him as a professional and whoever and wherever he ends up he will probably think he is to good for them too.

14 Dec 2016 22:59:25
Agree with you blue1959. Wish they would Stop witch hunting on players or we will only fuel a desire to leave. its a team game and he put in a fair shift like all the others. Mccarthy played great aswell and his hard in tackle aroused the fans and changed the game.

15 Dec 2016 09:37:15
Not sure it 'aroused' the fans always blue but it certainly got me excited!

And its not a witch hunt. How many times has Lukaku or his father come out and talked about how good he is, moving on etc.? He is a decent player but certainly not the world star he would have you believe. It was nice to see the effort he put in on Monday but surely that is the least we should expect every game. Unfortunately he often uses more energy pointing and complaining than actually chasing - though maybe you don't see that on the telly!

15 Dec 2016 23:17:32
Agree his father and agent are a pain in the arse but he's still our player and from were i sit he will get my support and not the crap that those around me give him. yep he's lazy at time but with support up front let's reap the benifitd before he probably does go. don't think anyone can assess a player on motd highlights.

16 Dec 2016 11:01:56
I made this assessment from a very nice viewpoint in the upper bullens so could see both ends of the field very clearly, and never rely on motd highlights be it home or away.

I don't give stick out at the game i was merely pointing out the unity shown by the lads at the end of a very hard fought win to which a certain player isolated himself from.

I have never questioned his goalscoring record, but his commitment and its clear by his body language he ain't part of a team its him and 10 others.
That was the point i was making about unrest in the dressing room attitudes like this have caused in the past.



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