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15 Dec 2017 08:08:54
Everton boss Sam Allardyce will not argue if the club decide to offload Ross Barkley, 24, in January, with the midfielder yet to sign a new contract. (Daily Mirror) . In know lot if people like him but he justvreminds me of a more attacking Jack Rodwell. Young English lad so he must be good, right? Wrong! Get a good price an ship him on.

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15 Dec 2017 08:40:53
And Roswell was rubbish too.

15 Dec 2017 08:47:32
He was our 2nd highest scorer after Lukaku. so I think a bit better than Rodwell. with assists too. In reality I don't know if he will get over his injury? Does he want to sign a new deal? If there is any doubt on either of those questions. that is the reason to ship him on. Not for lack of ability. I think you are being harsh on him.

15 Dec 2017 10:14:55
Typical, this attitude to our best young player is what's also driving them out of the club!

15 Dec 2017 10:34:36
Having got this close to reaping the benefits of being a free agent Barkley would need to be insane to sign. He would be signing for someon who may or may not like him, public pronouncements should not be relied on. Even if this manager did rate him there is a strong chance that he will be gone a year into Barklays contract and he might find himself managed into oblivion by Koeman Mark 2.

15 Dec 2017 11:18:01
wakka Barkley isn't our best young player anymore.

15 Dec 2017 11:29:53
I feel the people who rate Barkley so highly are the people who were hurt most when Rooney left and they are desperately clinging on to another like him.

Reality is, Barkley is nowhere near the talent Rooney was and is in fact bang average.

15 Dec 2017 11:56:56
I think he’s a good player. But not the player the media give him credit for. My biggest problem is that he’s hardly improved since he broke through. He was exciting when he came on the scene but was full of error too. Now usually this goes after a few years but with Barkley the errors are still there.

Anyway, this is all pointless as he’s def going.

15 Dec 2017 12:18:38
Regardless of what's going on with his contract etc, on ability the lad is Raw. He's going to be a top player and I will hate to see him go. As I think he could be a big part in a team with other young blues.

Big miss for me.

15 Dec 2017 12:31:53
My goodness. Give the (Evertonian) lad a break. and the supporters who are behind him. to say Rooney supporters follow him because he is one of us might be partly true but here are some facts: Yes he is an Evertonia. Yes he is still 24 so has potentially 10 more years or near about. Yes he was our most creative player under Martinez. Yes he was our 2nd highest scorer. Yes he suffered a terrible injury and recovered. Yes Tim Cahill saaid he was the most talented youngster he had ever worked with. Yes rumours are Chelsea and Spurs both want him. why on earth would we want to "get rid"? Yes if he does not sign a new deal and states he wants to go. but not for any other reason. Tell me which other youngster we can replace his talent with that wants to come to us and is within our budget? Come on Blues I know it hurts that maybe he wants to go but let's not doubt his ability. When he was playing we qualified for Europe and were 6th in the league. and we looked better than we do now going forwards. He may not be perfect. but assuming he recovers from this injury, I would love him to sign a new deal with us. Get back in the team. Then give us an additional attacking threat.

15 Dec 2017 12:43:58
SA it was meant to say players as an overview, similar attitude to Stones now see what a difference a good coach has made to him. How long before people turn on Davies if his lack of form continues?
Barkley had issues with Koeman and it seems he was not the only one, I would like to see him work with Allardyce, but think he has made his mind up to go.

15 Dec 2017 12:54:10
Yes Degsyp, all that’s fair enough, but he has rejected the contract extension and is running his current deal down. Fans in the main don’t like that especially if the player has come from the start of his career.

You’re asking for fans to show loyalty to the player but the reality is next season the fans will still be in the stands but Barkley won’t be in the team.

If fans get the ‘ump with him then they have my sympathy.

15 Dec 2017 13:16:45
The fact you mentioned him being an Evertonian so he should get a break is part of the problem. He is the exact same player he was at 17 except he’s slower because of all the muscle he has put on.

I don’t buy into the whole he must be good or why else would Spurs and Chelsea want him.

Spurs wanted Janssen (and got him) and Barcelona wanted Glen Johnson, who the good teams want, doesn’t make them a good player.

The reason we should sell in January is because we could still get a good fee for him, he simply isn’t as good as Sigurdsson or Rooney and he won’t improve.

People go on about how Poch improves all these players, which is very overrated.

But let’s say he can; what can he improve about Ross Barkley, he’s going to be the same player his whole career, he can’t get into our midfield because he can’t defend to save his life so he’s not getting in ahead of Gana, he’s not reliable enough on the ball to keep it and he’s not good enough to get in ahead of Rooney or Sigurdsson, yes he’s quicker than them but he’s also lazier and can’t pass or shoot even close to the level of them.

He’s a one trick pony who has been found out, if he can’t glide past someone and then shoot outside the box then he has no impact on the game.

15 Dec 2017 13:24:57
Wakka, Davies had has had a lack of form for a few games. Barkley's lack of form has lasted a few years.

15 Dec 2017 14:34:05
Sometimes I think people read other posts and then comment on mine? Firstly, I never once mentioned I expect loyalty. Nor should get a break because he is Evertonian. Actually I rate him. But yes he has had bad injuries. Secondy, to say he can't get into the team because he can't defend is just wrong. He can't get into the team because he is injured. How do you know he would not be playing if he was fit? Like I said in my previous post. when he was fit he was our 2nd highest scorer and I will add was starting to play for England. I know that does not make him worlds best. and I do take points like he is not the quickest and his defending is not great. but will add that all the John Stones haters and ex player haters who say players have no future after leaving Everton should look at the football Man City have been playing and see the stats on John Stones (ok yes I know he has been injured 3 or 4 games) and see what he is doing. See what Rooney did post Everton. Just because a player leaves us don't think they suddenly become crap. although I would love that to be the case.

15 Dec 2017 17:30:48
The major thing is we are already moaning that we have too many number 10s so another on in Barkley is going to be madness.
He may stay but then klassen (probably) would have to go but I feel Ross wants and needs to leave to progress.
Anyone with any sense would move from Everton to spurs or Chelsea (two of the best teams in the country) and receive a whopper signing on fee and wages, regardless of we had to sit on the bench.

15 Dec 2017 18:15:41
Unfortunately geoffjohno, I suspect you are right. I also hear he has personal problems in Liverpool and a change of area and club might do him good. And yes we do have too many number 10's and I would rate Barkley in form as the best of our bunch. I guess it depends on how he recovers from his injury.

15 Dec 2017 18:23:45
Like stones, Barkley is a decent player. Stones didn't fit our style of play and questions about whether Barkley could or not if Allardyce stays then I would have to say no. Who's place is he going to take? He's much better on the bench for Chelsea or Tottenham than for us. Let him go, let's get a few in january and we can all move on. Personally I thinker all miss him because of the way we were playing but when we are winning, what does he add to the squad apart from quality on the bench.

15 Dec 2017 19:17:41
Heard about his issues degsy, I like him but his inconsistency and decision making was his downfall with fans. How we need someone who runs at defences the way he did but with more end product.
We all know he probably won't get in spurs side ahead of alli or Chelsea ahead of hazard but good luck to him if he goes.
I suppose at the end of the day the decision lies with him alone. He can run his contract down and leave for free in the summer to wherever he wants to.

15 Dec 2017 17:22:51
But Stones has obvious talent and qualities, it was only people with an agenda who said he could never defend and was terrible. He was amazing in his first 2 seasons with us, it was the last season he struggled with so that’s not a good comparison because John Stones was obviously a special talent. As was Rooney, Ross was not.

I don’t know if Sam would pick him but I know he’s not as good as Gueye, Sigurdsson or Rooney at any of their jobs, that’s just clear.

15 Dec 2017 22:50:47
Looks like that is what he is indeed doing Geoffjohno. But I would try and hold onto him if there was any chance. Even as a sub he gives something. And remember he is still quite inexperienced. He was out a long time in his younger days with a bad injury and although he had bad games at times he was still very inexperienced. Was it 2/ 3 seasons. that's not much for a young player. I can see him developing and maturing into a good footballer. Stones had loads of critics and look how he has matured. 23/ 24 is still very young after such a long time out. But I guess he won't sign anyway?

15 Dec 2017 23:44:14
Replace him with Dowell.

16 Dec 2017 09:16:48
Swan, I accept your view. but I think Barkley was a talent and hopefully will be again. even if not with us. But I would agree that he has underperformed if that is what you are saying? I think he has far more potential than he has shown. Particularly with consistency. He was very inconsistent. One minute a world beater, the next a dunce!



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