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14 Mar 2018 21:26:32
Answer these questions with a yes or no.

Do you like the football we play?

Do you think we will win a trophy if we play the way we do?

Would we break into the top four playing the way we do?

Forget the arguments and the constant effort to justify why he's there. Just be honest with yourself. It's not us being blinkered who don't want him there. We are the ones who are looking with eyes wide open.

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14 Mar 2018 21:57:20
If he is definitely going at the end of the season, does it really matter that others take a different point of view that differ from those of yourself BJU. If on the other hand you believe there is a chance he will stay then I can see why opposing views would rankle.

15 Mar 2018 00:02:17
Good post BJU and you are totally right
No one is saying that Martinez / Koeman haven't had a hand in where we are now but TODAY Big Sam is not the one to take us forward, have us playing good football and get us in the top 4 or win trophies.

15 Mar 2018 07:40:48
I have to say that I understaand what you are saying BJU, but your questions are a bit irrelevant. As my previous posts point out, I can answer no to all 3 questions and it be nothing to do with the current manager. He can only pick and choose the players available to him. If I aadded another question on top of your 3 questions (which incidently I do answer no to) . my final question to add would be. if you answer no to all 3 questions, would you rather have a manager who plays open expansive football for the rest of this season. but takes us down to the Championship or have a dull negative manager who keeps us in the Premiership and then gets sacked and replaced by a manager who can then look to the future?

15 Mar 2018 09:17:15
Do you like the football we play = Needs Must!
Do you think we will win a Trophy the way we play = Tighten up the defence, it only takes a 1-0 scoreline!
Do you think we will break into the top 4 playing the way we do = See second answer!

Comment:- I watch/ played football for the competitivness and 100 percent effort, from that I get entertainment. Capitulation and Appeasement (Corbyn like) does not sit well with my Psych. Hence if my Team wins 1-0 playing horrible football that will do for me.

15 Mar 2018 09:33:25
Take a look at the teams at the bottom of the league and tell me this Degsy. Do Stoke and West Ham even WBA play open expansive football?

At the top do Liverpool and Man City play open expansive football?

What would you rather have? A manager that creates an exciting attacking team that is challenging for trophies or a dull negative manager losing the fans and players that takes you down playing dull unattractive football?

The type of football we are playing Degsy is very irrelevant.

15 Mar 2018 09:56:05
Well degsy i'd rather have a manager who plays attractive football, gets shots at goal, gives fans value for money and stops playing out of form players, than the dross we currently have. don't get me wrong, Allardyce has steadied the the sinking ship, but if we continue with him, we will gradually take on water again. i'm not one for taking a premier league only manager with experience. You don't know how good someone is til you give them a go, hence why i'd go for Fonseca. Already has experience at winning cups and league and only just gone out of champions league.

15 Mar 2018 12:07:14
Sorry degsy but you're saying that if we would have appointed a manager that plays expansive football instead of Big Sam we would have been relegated? Where's the certainty in that?

15 Mar 2018 11:50:55
Just to add a bit of perspective on what Sam has achieved. Before the last game he was 7 points from the bottom three. When he took over we were 5 points off the bottom three. That's just two points further away and he was 2 places above from where he took over.

Also we had -11 GD at the time of him getting the job. It was -16 after the last game.

Granted he has just got another win and he is now 10 points clear with GD now -14 but it is hardly a miracle that he's performed.

15 Mar 2018 11:54:31
No need for a spout off. Simple No.

15 Mar 2018 12:51:29
Thumbs up MT. All I wanted to know.

15 Mar 2018 18:38:52
Not a bad point Blue John. Allardyce took over after 14 games and has managed 14 games barring the last 2 results. We were 7 clear of relegation at that point, so yes we were 2 pts better off than Koeman and Unsy combined.

In short. Coleman, Bolasie, Tosun and Walcott have been added to the squads and we are only 2 points better off. That has got to land at the feet of the manager.

16 Mar 2018 16:07:25
In regards to Unsworth, his first three games out of four were away games, a couple of those being dead rubber games in the Europa league where he gave fringe and youth players a run out, his last game in charge saw a much improved performance, once the Europa league was out of the way, Sam dropped on lucky early doors in the matches he had, add to that missed penalties, woodwork rattled more times than a brothals door against us and Sams record of being two points better off does not hold it for me, we panicked bringing Sam in and for me should have given Unsworth a little longer to turn it round, Unsworth record looks bad because of the Europa league losses going against him, when we were as good as out before he took charge. Praised the players when we performed and took the blame when we lost.



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