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04 Nov 2018 13:57:58
My assessment of yesterdays game now that I have had time to watch it again is that we are definitely improving as a whole, defensively and attacking wise, but there is still areas of improvement and I don't think it's time to start getting carried away. I've read through the posts from the past 24 hours and it seems after a good win, a lot of our fans are getting way ahead of themselves, i. e. "We'll be playing champions league football in 2 seasons". Why are you looking so far ahead when we are still very raw and a developing team at the minute? Appreciate the development now and stop heaping unwarranted pressure on the players and manager because it just sets us up for a fall when inflated expectations aren't met. I think that's the problem with our fans, last week Coleman was finished and it was same old Everton, now after beating Brighton he's back to his best and we're suddenly European contenders again. Manage your expectations. There's no denying there's been a lot to cheer about this season and what a relief that is after the abomination last season but we are still a bit away from being a top team in the league.

Having said that, we're going in the right direction. Pickford impressed again yesterday and proved his worth although i do think he had a part to play in Brighton's goal. I don't know whether it's just me because I had this debate with the fella who sits next to me at Goodison, but if a ball gets crossed into the six yard box, the keeper has to either come and punch it or catch it, and I felt Jordan was rooted to his line. Pickford can't be above criticism. Although I do think Zouma should have been stronger in the air and shared just as much accountability for the goal.

Keane looks a much improved player alongside Zouma, thought he was immense yesterday, and we look far more solid at the back than last season. Digne and Coleman gave their usual decent performances. Loved Coleman's celebration, there was so much passion and it showed that he listens to the criticism (unwarranted imo) and turns it into motivation.

Gana and Gomes seem to be forming a good relationship, with Gueye being the engine breaking up play and not giving opponents any time or space on the ball and Gomes keeps things ticking over whilst also carrying the team up the pich with his forward runs through the middle. Although once again our fans seem to be exaggerating his performances and labelling him as the messiah after 3 (what I would call) tidy performances, i. e. good on the ball, few mistakes but rarely any risks taken.

I can't praise Sigurdsson highly enough, he really is the main man in this team. I think everything we do well starts with him. His ability to find space, link up play and pick a killer ball is so refreshing to watch, he seems to make the right decision 95% of the time. Another pivotal part of his game yesterday was his hounding of the opponent, something which he seems to be doing a lot more of this season.

I thought Bernard and Walcott both had decent performances. Bernie had a lot of joy down his wing and seemed to combine well with Digne and Siggy, I believe with more games and fitness his best is still to come. Theo was very busy and put some lovely balls in the box that noone got on the end of frustratingly. My problem with him is that he only ever seems to perform well every 6 or so games and never seems to be able turn it on against the better teams, also he shirks his defensive duties which again showed yesterday as he didn't pick up the Brighton player who played the ball over for their goal from the short corner.

What more needs to be said about Richarlison that hasn't already? He's proving all the doubters wrong and giving his all for our club which is all you can ask for. Two excellently taken goals and a tireless performance meant he got my MOTM.

Overall, a great performance and signs of significant improvement. We have a great spine to this team now and some great characters within our setup. Clearly areas to improve on which i'm in no doubt Silva would have identified. I'm not expecting much from Stamford Bridge but if we go there with no fear and create chances like we have done for every game this season there's no reason why we can't get a shock result.

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04 Nov 2018 15:14:07
Bitter you ask why our fans getting so far ahead of themselves and then answer the question yourself. We at last have something to cheer about. The club IS going in the right direction. We have been is despair and depression for a few seasons and now its just like the sun has come out after 3 years of rain. Then you go on about all the positives that we are also cheering about. Yes we are getting ahead of ourselves. because isn't that what being a supporter is? We want that Champions League spot or a trophy of some sorts but last season that was out of sight. Now we have the basis of a half decent team. The manager brought in 5 players that have improved our expectations beyond belief. Compare that with Koeman's and Martinez's signings. first five or last 5. I even agree with you about Pickford. His height is definately a problem. We need a big center half. One about 6ft 5inch should do it. that would compensate for Pickfords lack of height and also add to our attacking options at set pieces. Oh what abot Mina? Perhaps he is here for that (I say sarcasticly) . enjoy mate. Its an upwards curve on the graph now!

04 Nov 2018 16:00:22
Yes there has been positives degsy but it's not like we're pulling up trees this season. We're beating teams you'd expect us to and have faltered at the top 6 yet again, we're just back in the same position we were 2 seasons ago under Koeman's first year. This isn't me being negative because it's clear to see the path we're going down and are continually improving, but to say we'll be in the Champions League in 2 seasons is a bit much. Just enjoy the now and stop piling unnecessary expectations on the team, it's unhealthy, they will progress in their own time.

04 Nov 2018 18:45:28
It must be where we sit Bitter. I thought (first half) Bernard's ball control (when receiving) was a bit loose, granted he warmed up. Walcot improved but as you say no consistency, a confidence issue I think, when he first came he was a bigger fish but now he finds he has even bigger fish around him. That said I don't think people are getting carried away either. Most comments I have read and debated over 'refreshments', are that we have definitely improved and surprisingly quickly but we will have to wait two seasons before we see if we hold consistency and that for me means top 6. One thing is certain though this fella (Silva) knows his stuff.

04 Nov 2018 19:06:07
Pickford is exactly the same height as Neville Southall!

We should absolutely want to be in the Champions league EVERY season, in fact we should want to win EVERY trophy we are involved in. However, if we don't make it, accept it and recognise that the players have given their all.

It's this part we get wrong. Nothing is wrong with having high, even unrealistic expectations just don't be blind when we are trying all we can to achieve it.

The negativity last year was nothing to do with where we finished it was because we played bloody awful football.

This year we are playing like the Everton I know and as long as we give our all, like we are doing, then wherever we finish will be enough.

But I still want to win the league😁.

05 Nov 2018 09:06:31
I was being a bit sarcastic in my post above. BitterBlue, all I was saying is that we were on a downwards trend. We are now on an upwards trend. Last season I was so negative because I could honestly see us slipping into the Championship just like many other great clubs have dones so in recent years. Yet now I am looking up the league and not down. I am seeing we are only 3 points off 6th. And all this has happened with a weakened team through injuries and suspensions. Earlier in the season we were drawing with Wolves with Jags at cemter back. Baines was getting caught out. We never had Zouma, Gomez and Digne to consider because of injury. Mina and Bernard were also out. The 4 that have come into the team have played in the 4 wins out of 5 that we have just done. Mina will add height to the defence. something that was brought up re Pickfords vilnerablity on crosses. Even when we lost to Utd last week, we put up a great fight. To actually bring 3 or 4 players into a team is difficult. This manager has changed the team round in an amazing way in my view. Yes I may be getting ahead of myself, but I believe I know a bit about football. And I think we are closer to that top lot now than when we were under Martinez or Koeman. All his signings have looked quality. I could see Richarlison was quality before he joined us. but to pay 40 mill? He was lambasted by many for that. What a snip that deal was now in retrospect! This manager has it for me. He is calm. He knows his stuff. He wants to play football the Everton way. Sheesh guys. Enjoy the ride! He is taking us upwards. Champions League or trophy? maybe? But upwards is the way we are going. Luck and ref decisions will play a part. Injuries and suspensions too. But this squad is a million times better than what we have had the last 3 or 4 season. No disrespect meant to Jags, Baines, Bolasie, Lennon, Alcaraz, Kone, Barry, Eto, Williams, Martina and many others, but they are either people on their last legs or just don't have it. This manager has rejuvenated the squad with left sided players in their prime. Central players in their prime. Defenders in their prime. These were all things that I moaned and moaned about last season. Ask BJU how I moaned and moaned about it. Because I am a passionate Blue who wants the best. Nothing but the best. And I believe we are on the way to getting it again. Richarlison will be taken off us next season for £120 mill by Barcelona or Real. Of that I am sure. But we also now have breathing space to bring in some other kids rather than squeezing a last few games out of Jags and Barry and Baines. This is all stuff that should have happened 3 years ago. I moaned and moaned at the time. so please excuse me for now shouting and smiling and cheering all the time now. Thank you Everton FC for giving me expectations again. Champions League? Maybe? Hopes? definately!



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