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21 Dec 2016 10:57:55
I am in the Koeman out camp if there is one. how can he say we were outstanding in the derby - playing at home we had one header on target. not good enough.

Koeman must have had a say in the recent contract renewals - Barry has a one year extension - the man has a good football brain but his legs are gone hence the reason he picks up so many yellow cards - the wages etc should be used elsewhere.

I also believe Niasse should be given a run - he has played minutes in the first eleven but Koeman says he is free to leave, the man has scored 7 goals this year in our reserves team but is deemed not worthy enough - I don't care what he has done of the field I just want goals for the team.

My last point is about Moshiri - after taking a quick look at the financials I see the 80 mill loan - he has EFC over a barrell now as at any time he can call the loan in - this is what smart business people do - we may be debt free due to this loan but when we have to by players where is the money coming from.

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21 Dec 2016 11:13:54
Blimey give the guy a chance, what a load of old tosh, GuernseyBlue.

21 Dec 2016 11:23:13
So let me get this right Intel.

You are unhappy with Koeman.

You are unhappy with the team.

You are unhappy with the contract renewals.

You are unhappy the club has Moshri.

You are unhappy we are now debt free.

I bet you are a right bag of laughs on christmas day.

21 Dec 2016 11:26:12
There is certainly a Koeman Out camp. Just one member though. Turn the lights out in the way out.

21 Dec 2016 11:27:20
Unfortunately I have to agree with Intel, not about Niassi though.
With any new manager it takes time but there should be signs of progress and with Koeman I see none.

I feel we need a young dynamic manager at this time and British as overseas coaches tend to only be good with teams that are pretty good anyway and have loads of money for players.

We have a very bad team and there is not that much money for players, we are on a downward cycle that is getting worse under this manager.
Martinez destroyed our team we need a special manager to correct this and Koeman is clearly not this man.

21 Dec 2016 12:35:54
Hi folks as said before give the guy a chance we have a new manager new owner, and a new stadium in the pipeline it is ridiculous to say RK out, it's already been stated up to eight players need to be moved on in the next two windows, I think Having a new owner is our best Christmas present we have had in years Give It Time, I won't be replying to any more of this rubbish, seasons greetings to you all, Sunday week here we go again Ho, Ho, Ho, GuernseyBlue.

21 Dec 2016 12:44:47
prize for biggest load of tosh spouted in 2016 goes to milom for "overseas coaches tend to only be good with teams that are pretty good anyway"

Apparently in a world of 200+ countries and 7 billion+ people, a small island in Europe with.

21 Dec 2016 13:15:51
Intel, here's a quick summary of your concerns.
1) The first half, without creating an awful lot, we played pretty well. A blind man could see that the game v Arsenal was a mass improvement on previous fixtures and the first 45 mins of the derby was also a step in the right direction.
2) Barry has been picking up cards throughout his career, sure he is up there with the most yellow's in the premiership era. It's not as if they have all come since he joined us. At the minute, he is better than most in his position at the club. We need his experience in and around the squad. He won't play every game but he has a season in him.
3) Niasse? Even the man who bought him couldn't justify playing him. The rumours are that he is not up to the standard required in this league. Sure, he hasn't been given many opportunities but they must see in training that there is something missing. The lad has been here a year and not kicked on, time to cut our losses regardless of how many he has scored for the U23's. It's not so much what he has done off the field as it is what he hasn't shown on the pitch.
4) Moshiri has been here less than a year. He bought into a club that had lost direction on the pitch under the previous manager, to a certain degree we are still affected by that period. He has changed/ is changing the structure of the club from top to bottom, how long did you think this would take? Ed002 always tells us that we should steer clear of the finances and he is right. You have had a 'quick' look at the finances? Tell me what you understand about running a club financially. We can all look but it doesn't mean we understand. You're right, he is a business man so I expect him to make his 80m worth a lot more when the time comes for him to sell up. But, from what I've heard the man say in interviews, he is here for the long term. He has said there is money to spend so let the window open first and see what happens before second guessing whether we can spend or not.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, when a new manager comes in it is a transitional period. We were unlucky in the summer whereas the euro's hampered RK from assessing what he had inherited. Time is needed, plus a transfer window or two.
Milom, name one young dynamic and British manager. Don't mention Howe either, the man was homesick the last time he moved north. It is too early to dismiss RK so easily. We have seen improvement in the last two games, v Arsenal and then for 45 minutes of the derby. We just need a bit more creativity and to get rid of those who are on the fringes, obviously replacing them with better quality. The future is nowhere as near as bleak as you two make out. Patience boys.

21 Dec 2016 13:50:53
Amen spud.

21 Dec 2016 15:22:59
Good post spud. I agree with the taking time to change. Apart from a couple of signings, Koeman inherited a team that played a certain way. It takes more than 3 months to remove certain aspects of how a team plays. They will keep lapsing into the Martinez way of playing, but gradually that will go away. We have a window coming up and players will leave and others come in. You can't judge Koeman by using Martinez players. Judge him when he changes the team to his own.

22 Dec 2016 00:45:42
Martinez did do our club terrable damage, but the man who is ultimatley responsible for that, is Bill Kenwright. Firstley, a truley dredful appiontment, (but we all make mistakes) the real disgrace, was not haveing the guts to fess-up to the mistake and give him almost 3 years to almost destroy one of the worlds great football clubs.
Give him the time and the money, Koeman will turn it around, but it realey is time for Kenwright to step down.

22 Dec 2016 07:10:39
JCW, I don't think that Martinez was a 'terrible appointment' at first. He gave us one fantastic season. Kenwright's mistake was giving him a fat 5 year contract after that one good season. This meant that after an awful season BK was unwilling to let him go due to the cost (let's put into context the fact that we paid the fraud £10m when we sacked him) .

22 Dec 2016 09:02:04
The one great season he gave us was with Moyes' team and players with the addition of Lukaku's goals. All his other signings were inferiior players to what we had previously had. The league tables do noy lie!

22 Dec 2016 10:27:04
I agree that he deceived us with the good season. If he hadn't been given a bumper contract after the first season then I think he would have been sacked a lot earlier. I don't pine for Moyes the way you do Degsy but it would be interesting to see what Moyes would have done if he had a striker like Lukaku. Probably made him into a 10 goal a season striker by forcing him to work the flanks! But you never know. I think the age of the squad is a massive issue, Koeman certainly has his work cut out for him finding younger players and Walsh has a big task getting value out of the signings.

22 Dec 2016 11:26:41
I don't pine for Moyes. but I certainly appreciate that he took over at a very turbid time and left us in a much healthier state that RM managed to ruin in 3 short years. The rebuilding by Koeman is from the bottom up.

22 Dec 2016 12:34:29
To be fair I think short term he may have ruined us. It will be interesting to see how many of his young signings such as Holgate and Galloway progress. If we are working on potential alone they could both be our centre half pairing for many years. It will also be interesting to see what becomes of Lukaku and Deulofeu at this club (assuming either of them stick around) .

Another part which we may have to give Martinez credit for could be the changes he implemented at the training/ academy level (although I admit that for all I know all of that may have been scrapped! )

We are certainly in a season of great transition. By the end of next summer, I imagine the only diamond relics of Moyes' reign left in the squad will be Coleman and Baines. A year after that and apart from the youngsters I doubt that any trace of Bobby's cubic zirconia will still be here. Hopefully Koeman's reign will prove more fruitful that both of his predecessors!



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