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16 Oct 2017 09:00:15
This is by no means a “Koeman out” post, I’m just interested to know, if he did go, who would people think would replace him? Who out there is even a viable option to replace him should the board run out of patience?

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16 Oct 2017 09:57:40
Moyes ;)

16 Oct 2017 10:04:10

16 Oct 2017 12:20:14
I agree just been having this convo at work and have whittled it down to 5 possible solutions in my mind they all have various pros and cons
1 stick with koeman scares me to hell this 1 yes it's a new team and new style and it will take time but how long there's no signs of any improvement and it can't carry on
2 anchelloti yes big name big reputation is he the right fit it's all well and good operating at the highest level but he would face numerous new challenges if we could get him that puts a question mark against him for me
3 moyes very controversial left a bad taste when he left guilty of setting a glass ceiling but after nearly 5 years i would kill for the passion he got the team playing with and the players he did bring in on a budget are considerably better than now and with money could he do the job
4 dyche doing a great job at Burnley big step up if he was to come can he do it
5 unsworth fantastic job with the kids can he make the step up would have massive support from fans but I think it's too soon
Now probably the option I'm leaning towards which is probably the hardest sell to the fans is
6 benitez yes there's an issue with his past and that lot and some stupid comments but his pedigree at top end is clearly there and he's done the dirty work at a lower level and proved he can do that controversial yes but I think from the viable options he has more positives than the rest.

16 Oct 2017 12:37:30
unsworth for me, or Rafa, not Moyes please.

16 Oct 2017 13:33:39
Ancelotti won't come
Moyes - are you having a laugh - sneaky way he left us, never ever in a million years would I accept him
Unsy - too inexperienced for me, maybe in a few years
Rafa - always said no way but completely about turned, i'd have him in a heart beat now
Dyche - marmite at minute
Koeman - dead man walking, gone within 7 days


16 Oct 2017 13:50:38
Ancelotti for me for 3 years and train up maybe unsworth. Ancelotti without a prodigy since Clements left for Swansea.

16 Oct 2017 15:32:37
Personally I think if RK were to leave/ get sacked, then I would be happy for Rafa to make History and become the first manager to of managed both sides of the park. I also think he would have a big point to prove to that lot and that would help with his self motivation.

{Ed001's Note - second, the first manager to manage both Everton and Liverpool was both clubs' first ever manager, William Edward Barclay.}

16 Oct 2017 16:03:24
Grumpy how did you not know that mate, your teenage years too, shame on you lad :)

Ed001 do you reckon Rafa would come mate, I was strictly in the no way to Rafa jus because he managed youse but completely changed my mind now, personally I don't think he would do it anyway.

{Ed001's Note - he would love to return to Merseyside mate. As he knows there is no chance of ever getting the job at Liverpool again, I think he would. This takeover at Newcastle is creating a lot of uncertainty right now.}

16 Oct 2017 17:03:32
You are indeed correct Ed001,
I didn't count him as he only "managed" us for 22 games whilst he was forming LFC.
That would be a great question for a pub quiz, shame I don't go to pubs any more.

{Ed001's Note - I know mate, it was a different era and the boards picked the team then, but still he has his place in the record books. To be honest, I never knew until I was doing the research for the series of articles I am doing on former Liverpool managers. Though I did not do much on him, as he was joint manager of Liverpool and I thought I would leave him until I am doing the Everton managers. Amazing how connected the two clubs are at their roots though.}

16 Oct 2017 17:15:00
I said Rafa when Martinez got sacked and I would still go for him now regardless of his small club comment. If we don't go for top managers/ coaches are we not just confirming what he said about being a small club? The man is a winner and a proper tactician and would bring the stability and respect back to the dressing room and pitch.

16 Oct 2017 17:28:57
For me, it would take a huge and dramatic up turn in out fortunes for Koeman to keep his job. There’s kind of an inevitability about him going. I maybe wrong, and hope I am.

I would love Benitez at Everton. I think the comments made about is being a small club were slightly lost in translation. He was making the point that because Liverpool were flying at the time, teams of lesser ability weee setting up to stifle them and spoil their play. We were streets behind them at the time and did what’s we had to do to try and scrap a result against better clubs. That is what I believe he was getting at.



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