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26 May 2018 23:38:05
Sorry all - I don’t get this anti-Liverpool sentiment.

No matter what comment is made about the defeat to Real Madrid, they still got to the champions league final and finished well above us in the league.

Fair play to them for achieving what they have but my focus will be on the blue side of the Mersey.

It makes the ‘bitter-blue’ tag stick and we look foolish.

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27 May 2018 00:36:01
Are you kidding me. I work with 4 Liverpool supporters and the amount of stick I cop from them is incredible. All week I have heard dribble about them. This is glorious. It's called schadenfreude.

27 May 2018 05:57:52
Sort of agree with he op, but like Aussie toffee said they were unbearable, if we ever make it to a final then I will look back on this and remind myself to keep quiet till the final whistle and don’t make a stupid banner 😀.

27 May 2018 07:59:14
I am 61 and most Evertonians I know have always been gracious to Liverpool FC fans with maybe a little bit of ribbing with close friends. However, whenever I have had a Blue shirt on, I have at times had some total stranger Red come up to me with abuse, rudeness and behaviour that would make you think I was an inferior species! I even had one come swearing at me in a pub in Gloucestershire when I had my young children with me. Obnoxious! So I say yes get some mirth in now. after many years of being on the recieving end. but do it in good humour!

27 May 2018 09:27:17
Blue reason 3 that's the worst post av ever seen they have give me stick for the most part of my life bout time the luck was against them viva madrid am
In a happy place just to see how quick them flags have gone out the windows makes me smile so much
Thank you bale thank you madrid an most of all. Thank you karius 👍🏻👍🏻.

27 May 2018 11:30:21
You reap what you sow in my opinion. I've kept a dignified silence myself so far but, if blues or even mancs decide to take the proverbial then so be it. The majority of reds that I encounter are obnoxious, self-entitled and dismissive of any other club. This season just gone, every goal we have conceded has been met with a text message from two of my red 'mates', every defeat the same. That was a lot of messages considering the season we had!
When I send them a meme or joke that rips their club, I'm told I'm jealous and bitter! If you dish it out then you have to take it on the chin when people are ribbing you but these clowns can't handle that.
The amount of posts on social media from reds that mentioned both us and MU that I've seen have been hilarious. Name checking two clubs in their defeat rather than congratulating themselves on getting to the final of the champs league. They think we are all obsessed with them but, in reality, they are obsessed with thinking we are obsessed with them.
Put the shoe on the other foot, if we got to a final and lost then they would be loving it, especially them two 'mates' of mine!
I genuinely feel for those who are true fans, those that can see the bigger picture. The red fans who talk sense when chatting football, believe it or not there are a few still out there. That said, I'm happy that those gobsh*tes who would crow for the next 10 years haven't got the result they wanted or expected. If that makes me bitter then so be it.

27 May 2018 12:08:20
Bang on blue potato. showed last night without mo they are average come on blues we have a duty to rub it in big time. still got texts on my phone from the Derby games etc. now take down your flags you fools. sky still saying how unlucky they are . forgot real Madrid's part in the final . oh yeah that's 6 times baby . well done klipperty.

27 May 2018 15:32:25
So I’d be lambasted to suggest we could rise above it.?

I agree that there are Liverpool supporters as above and they are tools but doesn’t that make some of us as bad for doing the same? Two wrongs etc.

Like Ed stated elsewhere, I also had friends and family who paid a fair bit to head out to Keiv and I won’t be one to join in the slating.

I’ve no problem with a bit of banter when we are involved but otherwise I don’t feel it concerns me. If I’m in the minority, then that’s something I’m happy to accept.



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