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04 Oct 2019 09:18:35
Just my opinion
I think most of you know how I feel over our top young talent, many heated debates but all ending in a nice way
This is my take on Everton
We have a wonderful new owner of the club to which we have been crying out for, for a long time.
He has invested in new players at a drop of a hat that has been recommended by whoever at the time and in many cases been forced to pay over the odds especially under Koeman and Alardyce time.
I am sure all Everton fans give him 10 out ten in trying to bring success to our club.
We all know now that even with a multi Billionaire owner like we now have it's still extremely difficult to recruit the top players for what ever reason.
The appointment of Brands by the owner is an excellent move in my opinion, everything seems in place to make Everton a force again.
The type of football we are playing currently is 100% better than ever before but we are just not happy when we are still a middle of the road Premiership team.
I can see this in quite a few teams at this moment like us determined too break into the top 6!
I am sure the owner has brought in Brands for many reasons but I think the main reason has to be the development of our youth players and also the purchasing of the best young talent available ( just like in the thoroughbred racehorses purchased at a yearling stage for high money but cheaper than buying the finished article)
It is my opinion that Everton have some of the best young talent in the country at this moment and they will continue every year to make sure this stays this way
These youngsters will eventually come through too the first team squad that's for sure, we have in David Unsworth the best man in Europe for this job he is grooming them all in a way only he can do and we are so lucky to have him in this position.
Everton will become great again but only when our home grow talent are being consistently been introduced when Unsworth, Brands and Silva think they are ready
We have at this moment in time around in my opinion 4 or 5 knocking on the door, in a few months they will be banging the Manager's door down with the help of Unsworth and Brands
The good thing in this, is that all Evertonians love their home grow young talents, once they are given their chance our supports will take them into their hearts and support them, like no other supporters do.
The atmosphere will rise and this support will help them develop even quicker.
Remember the most successful Manchester United team, it was mainly the team made up from the successful youth era, Ferguson sold most of his high profile senior professionals and went with his young exciting talents
The future must surely be to develop our local youngsters and when the opportunity arises play them.
This way we will save the Chairman's money on buying over priced players that are probably not as good as our own up and coming talents.
Having saved this money, then a large amount of money would be available to buy once a year the one off mega super star player! That we all dream over!
That's my take on the Everton situation, I hope it hasn't offended anyone, just my thoughts.

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04 Oct 2019 10:48:20
Great post mate I do see one snag though and that is that Silva is under pressure to get results now. If we as fans were happy if we finished between 15-7 in the league then I could see him blooding more youngsters throughout the season unfortunately we don't have the patience and expect to be challenging top 6 now. This means its very difficult to experiment as his job is on the line. So IMO he will go for the players he thinks will get him there or there abouts his target. This is probably why you see very little home grown talent coming through at pretty much every club in the PL.

04 Oct 2019 10:50:58
To my way of thinking mate, these 'top top' quality players may elude us atm because of our standing in the PL .
We are not a CL team and nor do we look like one.
I agree up to a point with you on our nurtured lads coming through if they show promise . However surely it has to be measured in terms of their mental capacity to cope and cherry picking matches to suit. they are impressionable and not hardened pro's and we as fans perhaps in the heat of everything sadly forget that.

04 Oct 2019 12:34:57
Agree with you both blue247 and sa90.

04 Oct 2019 12:37:25
Good post, Uran. I think we all want to see home grown players make the squad on a regular basis and to see them do well. Without going over old ground, it's at the manager's discretion and when he feels he can blood them in. Blue247's post at the end sums up perfectly how I feel about the situation!
I apologise to you if you feel in any way that I was having a go the other day, I was just trying to get a point across, that was all!

04 Oct 2019 13:23:33
No problem, appreciate your honesty.

04 Oct 2019 19:34:30
That was a great post Uran. No criticism, just honesty. Excellent read. And you speak for all of us I’m sure when we wish to see our home grown lads come good and possibly take us to the next level. But it is I’m afraid a very long shot indeed. Silva will need to show improvement this season and blooding the young ones will be too big a risk in my opinion. I’ll gladly accept any improvement at this stage. If we get it when blooding our youngsters then that’s football utopia.

04 Oct 2019 21:25:35
uran sorry I disagree with most of what you have written, please take off the blue tinted specs.

05 Oct 2019 00:38:55
It’s ok Dark clouds at least you have read my post which is much appreciated, your comments are correct I always wear blue tinted glasses when it comes too Everton.



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