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06 Jan 2020 00:51:55
Hi all! New to this but read some interesting stuff

I agree CA needs time and perhaps 2/ 3 windows to create a team worthy of challenging for a cup or high league finish.

For me a team is only as good as it’s foundation (GK-CB-CB)

Pickford is good and played ok today, but there a lot better options out there, and this for me is our main problem. do not accept mediocre!

Mina same as Pickford, Keane is too nervous and incapable of playing for a high quality team.
Holgate needs time and experience. has done very well stepping into this team, yes he’s had moments of madness of errors which come from inexperience. This will come and worth persevering but perhaps with a better partner or two for guidance.

I’d like to see us really try and go after some big names with real quality to improve this squad. Maybe try Donnarumma from Milan and Nacho Fernandez from Madrid; whom I believe are both willing to look at new challenges and projects (big money providing)

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06 Jan 2020 13:17:01
Good post 97.
I think that 1 truly top caliber CB would have the desired effect. I have enjoyed Mina at times this season, bit of a beast but no leader. A top CB would lift the other CB and Goalie.
I agree Pickford has made some mistakes and sometimes his attitude gets stuck in fans throats but he's still a few years away from his peak and clearly has some lessons to learn. I think he will come good. We certainly have inferior players In other positions that must be sorted before new GK.

It's certainly clear that we must start chasing players 2 or 3 levels above what the last few windows. Think it's going to be 3 or 4 big signings in the Summer (not. going to speculate about this window) and that's going to upset a few on here because I think Carlo will demand the clubs promises and back him fully, I'd not be surprised if we spend 200 mil. (don't shoot me! I'm not discounting many leaving) because Carlo isn't going to accept half measures. If he doesn't get the backing he surely demands and was promised, he'll be off faster than you can say "Liverpool reserves"

Last night I was gutted. The 1st 30 mins we looked in good shape for an away win. What happened was a shocking implosion as well as givi g credit to those kids who smashed us.

{Ed025's Note - im giving them no credit at all toffeeapple, we let them off the hook and should have been 3 up at the break, their win was nothing to do with how their kids played it was all about how astonishingly bad we were mate..

06 Jan 2020 13:38:03
No doubt ed25 I agree that we should have won 3 or 4 - 1 but we didn't.
And I think it's slightly too close to home for many of us to give them credit. That's your right.

{Ed025's Note - i got absoule pelters from my red mates yesterday toffeeapple and on the liverpool pages today, so forgive me for not bending over and joining the media circus in telling them how good their kids are mate..

06 Jan 2020 14:22:34
Hahaha fair enough ed25.

06 Jan 2020 15:20:17
These will be the same superstars who Villa battered. Ed’s correct, we were bloody awful even South Liverpool would have beaten us on that showing.

{Ed025's Note - south liverpool reserves woburn..

06 Jan 2020 15:43:59
Mina has had his best games when playing as the right sided cb but as with Keane and Holgate whoever plays the left sided cb struggle as they always have to come back inside for their favoured foot. This is one of our main issues at the back also non of them fills you with confidence when in possession.

06 Jan 2020 17:43:52
Yesterday was hard to take but we have to remember that we are Everton and we will get back up and fight as we have shown. So what positives can we take without getting overly optimistic or just papering over the cracks?

The game was a classic game of 2 halves and we should have sown it up by half time, could have been 2-3 ahead easy. But we didn't. We still don't have a proper finisher who just bags for fun.

Our tactics were spot on first half, they play a high pressing game leaving room at the back and time after time we got into that space by going down the flanks and over the top and created chances while they were unable to convert their possession into proper chances. So a proper CF is a must. DCL not there yet but he seems to be improving so he's worth sticking with.

So if we got our tactcs right first half what went wrong second half?

Basically 2 things: Firstly they got closer to use. Klopp got their forwards tighter on our defenders making it harder to pass out of defence or down the flanks so we were reduced to over the top and their players generally more aggressive for second balls thereby neutralising that threat too. And it worked, they stopped us creating chances but still hardly created chances themselves and the goal came from out of the blue. Secondly I think by 2nd half Everton looked tired, 7 games in 3 weeks started to take its toll: not winning as many second balls, not getting tight as much, not showing as much, not making as many runs, not tracking as much, all against a team that was fresh as daisies. That combined with a general lack of real pace throughout the side and the lack of finishing explains why Villa, who weren't on the end of a long run of games put 5 against them, but we didn't.

So the answer, we need strength in depth to rest players like other teams can (look at City's bench against us) and fill in for injured players eg CM. Fitness might also be an issue as I think it has been for a while with us fading late in games a lot. We also need better players including a proper finisher as has been true for how many seeasons now?, another CM and proper CB as a priority. And pace. We need more pace in the side. A lot of our first team should be our reserves or moved on. We have a great youth team too who won the Premier League 2 last season so maybe we should show some faith in them.

{Ed025's Note - i think you are making excuses for them bunnyman, your very well written piece has left out words like..composure..bottle..and desire mate, these are professional sportsmen and should be fit enough and stronger than the kindergarten side they had out, personally i think they should all be ashamed of themselves..

06 Jan 2020 20:08:08
We need a commanding CB, we need a GK with longer arms (son in law is a red and was at the game - longer arms, his comment but right) . We need a DM with an engine and alongside him a playmaker. Not going to happen in January. This is not a two or three window but at the very least a four window challenge and that with AC at the helm.

06 Jan 2020 20:50:33
Absolutely spot on Ed. Tranmere would have done us over yesterday. No credit for the young lads of Liverpool other than their focus and desire. They were poor at defending and didn't really trouble us at the back. We were just passing them the ball back. The finishing was woeful, seemed liem they were trying to hurt Adrian rather than Liverpool. There literally was no midfield. I'm sorry but the credit goes to how bad we werenot not how good their youngsters were. Worse performence I have seen form us and I'm 27. should have murdered them. Their goal was a good effort but should have been saved. If Pickford had better positioning or wasn't a midget for a goalie that would not have gone in as it did not have enough velocity on it. Sneiderlin and Sigurdson are a disgrace and should told to leave immediately and have to train with the under 23's. We could have strung a side together from the Everton page and put a better display in.

{Ed025's Note - well im knocking on 62 BT and could still put in a shift better than siggy or schneiderlin mate..

06 Jan 2020 23:49:23
I said they're not fit enough which is in fact a pretty serious indictment.

Just saying "they're all crap" doesn't explain the stark difference between the 2 halves.

The lack of fitness was a big part of why they were crap 2nd half. It's been a problem all season with them fading at the end of games. The fact that at this time of year games come thick and fast is just another reason why stamina is important.

As for composure, I agree which is why I said we need a proper finisher.

You're right about bottle. There were some tackles bottled and they rattled us 2nd half.

So we need new, better players, with pace, but how we sort the level of fitness out, which seems to me to be a perennial problem, that I don't know. Has it been a bit of a holiday camp there? Will Carlo sort it out? Let's see!

07 Jan 2020 09:21:01
I think you are all harsh about Pickford, made good saves during match came and claimed crosses against forwards, positioning could have been better for goal but think most premier league GK's would of struggled with that shot. Best GK I saw playing for blues Southall wasn't much taller it's about experience and commitment. Problem came with Schnieds not chasing back after losing the ball RM not tackling back when FB caught between 2 attackers CB covering attacking runs.



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