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22 Jan 2018 11:45:05
Ed and blues. Put yourself in Allerdyces shoes now. How is it fixed for us to crack a smile again. I agree that it's a terrible situation with whatever is going on behind the scenes. As much as I don't want Sam at the club I can see it's a hard job right now.

I'd personally shake it up as it's not working what so ever is it.

Formation for me I'd try 41212 (the diamond)

Pickford picks himself he's young an will make the odd parry but he's one of the best young goal keepers in the country.

Right back I'd stick with Kenny u til Coleman fully fit.

Centre backs. I'd go with Keane and holgate I know holgate and Keane haven't been great. However I think they are the future for next season. Also Sam is changing the centre back partners what seems to be every week. When we went 8 games unbeaten there was no changes to the centre backs. We need a settled defence as sharpish. Keane and holgate should be given a chance.

LB. just sign one anyone is better than martina. If not play a player who is left footed there! GARBUTT. If he plays him as he's poor then he can come out an say I tried. We all stop calling for garbutt to be played. But iseen a post regarding martina will go down as one of the worst to put on the shirt which is a bit harsh but see where they come from.

Holding midfield. Gana Gueye

Centre mid. Can Rooney play there I'd like to gamble and say he can with Davies alongside him for energy and gana Gueye behind him for protection.

Attack mid. Gylfi Sig - the bit of class we have on the ball someone who wants the ball someone who doesn't go hiding when the going gets tough and doesn't stop working. Build he team around him.

Strikers. Tosun and Walcott. If we can get the all there I think I can trust these two to get goals an cause danger.

I know a lot will disagree due to no width. But that's just the formation I start with. if it doesn't work you then sacafice any of the midfield for the likes of bolasie or Lookman and play with width.

Right not that's not working. Surely they have the tactical nouce to see that and change it but are only option is he goes 5 at he back an right now we don't have the full back to play that formation.

What's yas think? I'm not looking to be told I'm wrong I'm looking for everyone's opinion in what they would do.

Everton the gear.

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22 Jan 2018 12:04:37
Honestly don't think 41212 works too well. In my mind it plays out one of 2 ways:

1, the 2 cms play narrow meaning the only real width we have is from the full backs. This puts a lot of pressure on gana to help out the defence but ultimately we will be weak in the full back positions.

2, the 2 cms play wider which means there is a lot of space in the middle of the park.

22 Jan 2018 12:29:36
I get your point mate I do. But us playing with width lately hasn't worked. I think we need the 2 up front and also allows Rooney an sig on the pitch.

Got to be worth a go?

22 Jan 2018 13:51:12
I'd be happy trying anything at the minute to be fair. We can't get too much worse.

22 Jan 2018 14:00:45
Our squad is so unbalanced it unbelievable really how we started the season like this.
To have one left footed player in the first team squad is not good. Baines is out for a few weeks still.
We can’t play 5 at the back as no LWB.
We can’t play 4-4-2 as this would not suit our No 10’s GS, WR and DK.
4-3-3 is probably the best suited to our squad.
But as every man and their dog knows we need a left back. We can then play with x2 CM Gueye and either Davies Banigime or Schneiderlein. The attacking Cm (no 19) GS, WR or DK. The problem we have had previously is that GS has played wide left for some strange reason. And Bolasie is only been back a few weeks. To add to this DCL is still learning and didn’t have the support in the final third from Bolasie and Walcott. He had GS on one side which one isn’t his position and two not quick enough to link up with him on counter attacks. AL was on the other side who works hard but probably better helping his fullback out than he is in the final third.
Maybe the signing of CT and the threat of Walcott and Bolasie can improve this and stop the pressure on DCL as he looks good but needs to be used at the right times.
Something must have happened with Garbutt to not be given the chance?
We have put to much on our youngsters this year Kenny Holgate and DCL are all quality players but are all in need of a rest or out of the firing line when we are playing in this manner. Davies and Lookman have been protected more as we have had cover in these positions I guess. But they have all been managed wrong. We should have played cuca at RB and give Kenny a run of games then take him out. (Obviously a signing of a LB) .
Holgate has been used to much due to Mori injury and Keane being injured. Therefore we can’t play Jags and Williams together.
DCL was player to much as we haven’t had anyone else as Niasse is a hard worker. Sandro? Answers on a post card please.
We have good players some excellent young players but some changes to the balance of the squad. I don’t believe for a second what Sam said about no more signings. Because if he leaves LB position as it is he leaves himself wide open and with the injury to JM will this force him to go for Nzonzi?

22 Jan 2018 14:43:40
Said for ages that Rooney and Siguurdson cannot operate in the same space. But when Rooney had a blinder, covering at LB and everywhere in fact, he did indeed start out and play much deeper under Sam. Certainly agree with JimBob. Always liked a single DM just in front of the back four, he breaks up play or disrupts long enough for the defence to make their move. Indeed Rooney and Davis. Then Bolasie, Tosun, Walcott, Walcott will play as second striker anyway with his movement.

22 Jan 2018 14:43:43
go 4-4-2 then old fashioned yes but


kenny holgate keane me nan/ anyone

walcott sig gana bolasie

tosun niasse

might score a few with that team.

22 Jan 2018 17:09:28
Whatever system we play we need s left back.
But if we play 4-4-2 which some games maybe needed you would be asking Bolasie and Walcott to defend more plus asking one of our no 10’s to play in midfield and defend more too which is not their strength for the sake of Niasse. I would also like DCL and Tosun.

22 Jan 2018 17:52:33
If you play a flat 4 midfield which I feel we should then it has to be Sigs and Davies, Davies is your box to box midfielder and Sigs is your playmaker, defence is the problem especially the left back who is not even a footballer let alone a LB.
Get Luke registered and play him, Kenny RB for now, with Holgate and Keane given time to forge an understanding. Niasse and Tosun up top.

22 Jan 2018 17:14:04
Swap Niasse for Davis and play 1 up top. with Sig in behind.

22 Jan 2018 20:44:42

Kenny Keane Jagielka U11s left back

Gueye Davies

Walcott Rooney Bolasie


Bench: Joel, Holgate, Baningime, Sigurdsson, Lookman, Niasse, DCL.

Rooney scores more than Sigurdsson, and his lack of pace is offset by Davies' running as he would be more of a box-to-box while Gana protects the back 4. Get Lookman and Baningime on the bench every game and if they impress let them start a few games. Put Klaassen and Vlasic in the U23's until they are up to speed with the English game. Schneiderlin can hand out the oranges at half time.

22 Jan 2018 21:41:16
cropper we can quite easily play that system once Coleman and Baines (or someone of Baines ilk but with the legs) are back.



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